Tech regrets

Tech regrets

Summary: Since the week is coming to a close I thought that it would be interesting to reminisce about tech regrets. Maybe something you bought, something you didn't buy, something you upgraded or just something that you wish you had.

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Since the week is coming to a close I thought that it would be interesting to reminisce about tech regrets.  Maybe something you bought, something you didn't buy, something you upgraded or just something that you wish you had.

I'll start, just top get the ball rolling.  The odd thing is, the more I think about this, the more tech related regrets that I have.  Here are a couple:

Over the years I've chucked too much money at HP in the hope that the next iPAQ will be so much better than my last one.  Each iteration seems to be nothing more than a minor upgrade (little more storage, WiFi, that kind of thing) and a different version of Windows Mobile.  Why can't HP just stick a decent amount of memory into an iPAQ (4GB say) so I don't have to juggle memory cards.

Liquid-cooled PC
I like the idea of a liquid-cooled PC because it offers better cooling that's more responsive to temperature changes.  But it's a hassle and parts are unreliable.  Over a period of four and a half months I went through two pumps by two separate companies.  The first pump died after emitting a flash of light and a lot of smoke (that was a Thermaltake pump) and the other pump (a Danger Den) suffered a cracked case.  I attempted a fix with epoxy resin but a week or so later it broke some more.  Luckily I wasn't running water through the system but instead a non-conductive solution so the PC survived. 

What's been your biggest tech regret?

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • Well if this isn't an invitation for a flamefest

    I don't know what is.

    It's been a while since I've bought something i can honestly say I regret buying, but I suppose that's because I am a cautious buyer. The last thing I can remember regretting buying is McAfee's full blown suite (and this is about four years ago), because suites like that from McAfee and Symantec can take a brand spanking new top of the line computer and turn it into a 486 trying to run Windows 98.
    Michael Kelly
    • Flamefest ... on ZDNet ...

      ... nah ... :-)
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Well it wasnt so much as purchase of Tech stuff...

    but I sent 2 iPods out for repair to They claimed overnight service, which it wasn't (about 1 month). After their "detailed diagnoses" they stated I needed new batteries, They were replaced and returned to me. Both had the exact same issue's when they left.
    I ended up sending them to another repair service( and they both had bad logic boards, and when they returned them they both worked.

    I regret sending them out for service to !!!!!

    1) iPod mini displaying a SAD Face
    2) iPod 20gb battery wouldnt charge.
    • My regret...

      Buying into the PDA market. It has turned into an expensive dust collector.
  • Palm Tungsten T2

    Not a bad little dust collector as most PDAs are and become, however the release time between the T2 and the T3 was about 2 months. For all of us who jumped on the T2, we were greatly pissed at the amount of additional functionality that we missed out on.
    • PDA Regrets

      Well not so much the PDA, but I bought the Palm LifeDrive(which works great). But I wanted to use to hold PDF manuals and to read them on the palm. Well the Documents To Go pro claim to read native PDF's. Well the IBM PDF's would crash the program, I opened up a ticket, they were able to recreate it, but after a year they still hadnt fixed the issue. So the purchase of the pda didnt buy me what I wanted. With out the PDF's my old palm was fine.
  • Antiques

    One regret was having cleaned out my stash of old stuff. All the moving from apartment to apartment in younger years I just couldn't justify moving monochrome CRT's, 30 lbs. apple II+, 5.25 disk, 486's, etc. Sometimes I think how fun it would be to fire up some of those old machines, to see my first programs, play some games, or whatever. Atleast it would remind me just how far we've come.
    • The universal lament of all geeks and gearheads

      Tandy TRS-80, my lovely Trash-80, where hath you gone?

      Oh yeah, it eventually drove me to drink. I turned it in for a fifth of Jack Daniels and a basket of chicken wings (jumbo portion).
      • i'm working on an underground geek base

        I've started digging a tunnel. It's about 6 inches in to date.
        I've got an Apple II in the back of my wardrobe waiting (Lost).

        The monorail might take some time to build.

        Tech regrets.... worst wastes of money were original HP 320LX palmtop (the original Windows CE machine). I didn't sell it fast enough, so I lost all the value.

        For most stuff I keep it if it's useful, ebay it if it isn't.
        Quite often buy old stuff on ebay to see what it was like.

        I've noticed in work though that we spend a lot on computers and they are pretty unreliable over several years.
      • The pup I cut my teeth on

        Tandy's little gem certainly lived up to its well known "Trash-80" byline. Had one when I was a youngin' but it almost killed me. The damn thing eventually drove me to drink. Before I lost my mind I traded it for a fifth of Jack Daniels and a giant sized basket of chicken wings ... and never looked back.
    • I still got access to a lot of old junk ...

      ... dunno what to do with it though.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Printers

    Yep I think the biggest waste of money I've ever done is investing in a printer especially inkjets. I feel like I should just hand over my wallet on those purchases. Ink costs more than the printer, ink dries up if you don't use it, buy paper, buy photo paper, can't really fix 'em so buy a new printer, buy a printer cable because they don't come with, oh and buy new clothes if you ever dealt with refilling cartridges. I'd rather just pay to use a printer at kinkos or somewhere for how little I printer anyway. What ever happen to that paperless society everyone thought computers were going to bring?
    • Paperless is a Myth

      Anyone who thinks otherwise should go to work for a living.

      There are some systems which are really good at eliminating paper, but you still have that idiot who can't see as well on the computer, or he can't use a computer.

      Then there are those bad programs that just don't display things as well as if you were to print it.

      Ironically you have those programs that don't print as well as require adjustment of settings to print properly which requires several reprintings.
      • Maybe not

        I'm still on the original toner (only came half filled too) for my Samsung printer purchased about 5 years ago.

        But you're right, it comes down to those idiots who just need to print stuff no matter what.

        At work, there is a paperless system in place. Some staff print 10 pages a month, some 10 pages every hour.
        • Idiots in the work place...

          At work (health industry) we have an entire warehouse full of paper records even though everything comes in as scans and such. There's no reasoning with those old schoolers that grew up with typewriters in the office. Not only do we deforest a forest every day and pay to much to repair printers constantly but this to me is a medical record security nightmare atleast if they were only available on the network I could secure this and make backups but once something gets printed it could end-up anywhere, and I just keep fighting this losing battle.
    • Printers are like razors....

      give away the razor, make money on the blades. However, since two cartridges for inkjets can cost $70, and you can get a printer for less than that, just buy a new printer instead of new cartridges. Since the printer comes with ink anyway, just toss the printer when it's empty, and move on.
  • Adrian embodies the Scotty spirit, but on earth of all places

    Scotty would be too smart to bother fussing with gadgets while on earth. Fussing
    with gadgets is only really necessary when you're light years from earth and an Apple
    • I'm still trying to work out what you mean ...

      ... it's still funny though!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • I can remember one.


    Darn you GemStar. You shall never be forgiven.
  • Timex Sinclair 1000

    I regret I am feeling a bit confined now in what I can do with [url=]this rig.[/url]
    It has served me well though through the years.

    Well. Time to think about a replacement I guess.

    What to do...
    D T Schmitz