Thanksgiving fun: Crysis ... on the Titanic!

Thanksgiving fun: Crysis ... on the Titanic!

Summary: Put that turkey leg down, throw your Nanosuit on and take a tour of the Titanic!

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This is one of the most impressive Crysis mods I've seen!

ORMEntertainment has uploaded a video showing off a mod of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 where we are taken on a tour through the Titanic. While it is still a work in progress, it is nonetheless absolutely stunning.

Take a look (Jack and Rose don't appear on this Titanic ... I promise!):

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Nah ..

    ... actually a better (more logical) mod' would have been to show the 'point man' kitted out with the ancillary weapons and ammo' mowing down all the "ill-fated" passengers and crew leading up to the ship hitting the iceberg. <br><br>It makes perfect sense: the upshot being, as point man you obviously get to be a "hero" for having saved them from a slow, painful death ... No, not from the freezing, ice cold grip of the North Seas - but for having to be part of James Cameron's melodramatic, sappy, bile churning flick .. and the sheer agony and despair of having to work with the main characters of the movie. <br><br>... I think a nice touch at the end the epic saga would be that when you're rescued as the "only survivor" you're paraded through streets of heaving crowds screaming and yelling your praises in a ticker-tape parade as a national hero. <br><br>... Now that would be a mod [i]to die for[/i].
    • RE: Thanksgiving fun: Crysis ... on the Titanic!

      @thx-1138_@... Where do I sign up to buy!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • RE: Thanksgiving fun: Crysis ... on the Titanic!

    Is a tragedy more acceptable, if it happened before you were born?

    The next mod will involve running UP the stairs of the World Trade Centre - against a crowd going the other way. You have to reach the top before the building collapses and crushes you. Your reward - you get to BASE jump from the roof [don't forget your parachute].
  • Hopefully ...

    @Adrian Kingsley-Hughes ... at ID Games. ;)

    I figure the ID guys would have a better grasp of how to handle the story dynamics than ORM Entertainment ever could, alone. (They could probably incorporate the ghosts of the countless dead onboard into a horror-like storyline where point man is, say, sent through a worm-hole into a dark, parallel dimension .. or something along those lines).

    .. Oh, and did i mention i want (i'm sure anyone that is into PC gaming wants) DOOM 4!

    .. ahhh, dreams are free.

  • RE: Thanksgiving fun: Crysis ... on the Titanic!

    Superlative. The camera motion, perhaps, could have been slowed down a bit. Otherwise, a wonderful presentation. Thank you.