The Hardware 2.0 survey

The Hardware 2.0 survey

Summary: Make your views known and take part in the the Hardware 2.0 survey!

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For months now I've wanted to run a survey on Hardware 2.0 to get a better feel for the readers that come here regularly.  Some of you I know pretty well from the TalkBack comments that get left on posts but there's a much larger, silent readership here that I'd like to hear from.  In fact, I'd appreciate it if everyone took a stab at the questionnaire.

What follows are a bunch of tech-related questions.  The idea is simple - the answers should give me a clearer idea of the kind of readers I get on Hardware 2.0 and help me target posts at different types of reader.

Don't feel that you have to answer every question but I'd appreciate it if you could answer as many as possible.

Thanks for your time!

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Topic: Hardware

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  • I think I was a tad confused

    Here's a better set of answers:
    At work:
    - I use Vista to learn the system, has 2GB DDR, nVidia card, 160GB drive, dual display (17" crt) a Dell System
    - at work I have a dual boot system with Ubuntu and XP. I have used all three OSes as primary systems for extended periods of time. I am comfortable in each OS.

    At home, I have a XP box with 17" CRT, 1GB DDR, 80GB drive, no AV, do have a Firewall, CD/DVD burning, nVidia, and it is a medion system

    My secondary system (wife's primary) is a ThinkPad with XP.

    I can build and troubleshoot systems, but I find that it is cheaper to buy if I want a copy of windows on the system. (If I shop carefully.)
  • Intel GPU

    is probably the most common nowadays now that built-in GPUs are usually used to save costs. I'm surprised that isn't an option.
    Michael Kelly
    • The question doesn't specify add-on or integrated

      The question doesn't specify whether the GPU is an add-on card or integrated.

      ATI and nVidia both offer integrated GPUs, so the question is valid as worded, but Intel would be a good choice as an option rather than just Other.
  • Needs "secondary computer" details

    The survey really needs to ask about a secondary computer that gets at least 10% use. I have one "primary" computer at work and an entirely different "primary" computer at home. My work computer fell in the dominant groups (purchased, Dell, XP 32bit, 2GB RAM, WD ??100GB HD, etc.), but my home computer would not (built, Vista 64bit, 4GB RAM, Gigabit MB, Seagate 3.5TB)

    The ideal would be to have a single question with a two-column response:
    - Question
    Primary Secondary
    O O
    O O
    O O
    - Results
    Total xx% - Primary xx% - Secondary xx%

    The ZD survey options may not permit this. Another possibility would be to have the detail questions like they are now, but list each twice, then aggregate the results when reporting in a later update.
  • Additional questions?

    Do you work with computers:
    O Only for yourself/your job/your family
    O Also for friends
    O On the job informally
    O As a major part of your job
    O Both for friends and on the job informally
    O Both for friends and as a major part of your job

    Does your your computer have:
    O One processor
    O Two processors
    O More than two processors

    Does your your processor have:
    O One core
    O Two cores
    O Three or more cores

    Do you build / set up computers for others:
    O On the job
    O On your own

    How big is your main display?
    O 22"
    O 24" or greater
    (modification due to price reductions in 22" and sales increases of 24", 27" and 30" displays)

    How many computers do you own?
    (a counter with 1-9+, or a text field)

    Do you own a portable media player other than iPod or Zune?
    O Part of a cell phone
    O Separate device
    O Both

    Do you own a GPS?
    O Yes, part of or added to a laptop computer
    O Yes, part of or added to a cell phone
    (I had to select No, but I have a MS Streets USB GPS)

    Do you use your computer for making telephone calls?

    Do you use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)? (select multiple)
    O On my computer at work
    O On my computer at home
    O On other electronics at home

    Do you use a Smart Phone?
    O Palm based
    O Windows based
    O Blackberry based
    O Other
    • Maybe even larger displays...

      How big is your main display?
      O 22"
      O 24" or greater
      How big is your main display?
      O 22"
      O 24"-30"
      O Larger than 30"
      This reflects those who use larger displays, like a 54" LCD TV that handles 1080p, without throwing off those who "only" have 22" (I just got one of the Black Friday $130 units from Best Buy).
  • A couple of ambiguites

    1. It is possible to own multiple computers running any number of different OS'; thus, one could be running Windows, OSX, *and* Linux (and/or BSD, OS/2, etc). On question # 1, it probably would have been better to specify one's primary personal computer, with the choice being between Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and other.

    2. The early questions fail to distinguish between what one runs at work and one's own personal equipment. Thus, while I don't run Windows on my personal equipment, my primary employer-owned Windows box runs 2000 (which is what I put).
    John L. Ries
    • I agree . . .

      Ii have 2 systems at home, one being dual boot, and 2 office PC's, a Laptop with XP Pro, and An antique Compaq (P3) running 2000 (used as a training computer for my Drivers). I think that the first few questions need to be seriously expanded.

      I think they're aimed at normal home users, and that isn't who frequents these talkbacks . . .
  • Questions are badly structured

    - We have a PC running Vista, with Ubuntu in Virtual PC, a laptop running Tiger, and a laptop running XP. How do we account for them?
    - The gaming system question should have an option for "Don't own a gaming system"
  • What about creative zens

    My Zen would kick the S*** out of microcrud or apple trendware any day of the week