The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

Summary: Proof that only Apple really knew what the next iPhone was going to be like, and additional proof (as if we needed any) that 'sources' are stupid!


You might have noticed in the run up to the new iPhone release (which turned out to be the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5) that certain tech outlets spent a lot of time telling you what Apple's next iPhone was going to be like.

Turns out only Apple knew what the next iPhone was going to look like.

Let's take a look at some of the bold statements made in the run up to Apple's iPhone event yesterday that turned out to be pure nonsense.

Sprint scores iPhone 5 exclusive thanks to $20 billion deal with Apple? - BGR

'I have been told that Sprint will be getting the iPhone 5 - yes the real iPhone 5, not the iPhone 4S - as an exclusive.'

Get ready for another iPhone 'big bang' says J.P. Morgan - CNN Money

'We now expect two new iPhones. Our research indicates that there will be an iPhone 5 based on a lighter, thinner form factor that is GSM + CDMA capable, i.e., a "world-mode" smartphone. A second device (4-plus) based on the current iPhone 4 but with some minor improvements could target the midrange and focus on China. As for the current iPhone 4, we expect it to subsume 3GS as the lower-end offering.'

Facebook to Launch iPad App at Apple's iPhone 5 Event [EXCLUSIVE] - Mashable

'Facebook will launch its long-awaited iPad app at Apple's iPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4, Mashable has learned.'

iPhone 5 Cases Suggest a Much Larger Device with a 4" Screen - MacRumors

'If you believe these cases represent the final iPhone 5 design, then you also have to believe that the iPhone 5 will be much larger than the iPhone 4 and is certain to have at least a 4" screen. We still can't reconcile this data with the extrapolated dimensions from our designer that suggested a much smaller phone. Those dimensions match up more closely with the circulating rumors of a screen closer to 3.5"-3.7".'

NFC payment systems coming to Apple Store locations? - BGR

'We have a feeling Apple's 10th anniversary plans might put a few pieces of the puzzle in place, but one of our sources also believes that NFC payment processing capabilities are among the enhancements that will be brought about by the new gear.'

Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like? - This Is My Next

'For starters - as I reported back in January on Engadget - the design of the phone is set to radically change ("a completely redesigned handset"). Our sources say the new model (or at least one of the new designs in testing) looks "more like the iPod touch than the iPhone 4." The phone will be thinner than the iPhone 4, and may have a "teardrop" shape which goes from thick to thin (something along the lines of the MacBook Air profile).'

Why Wait? The World's First iPhone 5* Review - Gizmodo

'The iPhone 5 isn't much of a departure from the 4, but it's just skinnier enough to make a fat difference. Not skinny for its own sake, like some 3G Megan Fox-it's hand friendlier. With its slimmed form and tapered back, the iPhone 5 just fits better. It feels better on your palm, against your face, and in your pocket than its predecessor. Its subtle curved edges evoke a warmer feel than its predecessor.'

Apple board member Al Gore, speaking at conference, ‘confirms' new iPhones in October - that's PLURAL - TNW

'Former Vice President and Apple board member Al Gore has confirmed that new iPhones will be released in October. He specifically stated that ‘the new iPhones would be out next month' at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit today.'

There's more ... a lot more. But you get the idea.

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  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    Thanks AKH for being sane over the past year, when everybody else was all over the place with iPhone 5 predictions. It tells you why 80% of the new you read on the Techmeme headlines is just so f***ing wrong. Most of us are wasting at least about an hour or two of our days reading what is totally false. It's embarrassing even though I am faceless when commenting on such posts.
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    So true. It sad seeing all the people upset and bashing apple because they didn't deliver the rumors. I think craziest one was people believing the laser keyboard from a concept that was released. Lol I kept reading that one on Facebook.

    Apple dissappointed all iphone lovers.Iphone 4s may be a great tool for FIRSTIME iphone buyers but not for some one who uses iphone since 2007.Atleast apple could have bring out the iphone 4s with a bigger screen, a major hardware upgrade.When most of the smartphone manufacturers come out with DUAL CORE, MORE POWERFULL CAMERAS, HIGH RESOLUTION BIG SCREEN, I dont know why APPLE stuck to its old design. It was a big dissapointment for all of us.I am definitely going for GALAXYnote when it is available in the USA.
    • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

      @jaytom so replacing all the internal components is not a major hardware update? Adding a 64 GB model is nothing new? How many other phones have 64 GB of storage? I did not think so. Just a little FYI: the A5 chip is in fact dual core. But I forget, never let facts get in the way of an Anti-Apple rant.
      • It is all in the perception Apple made.

        A 64GB model is indeed something new but, is it really 'new'? Most of the devices allows you to moderate your RAM to your needs. Apple always took a different approach when it came to 'narrowing' consumers freedom to choose. You have to choose a 'closed' 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB model. HTC has already phones you may use that amount of storage. The BIG difference is that you may add RAM as much as you like. So, if there will be a 256GB of storage - you may be able to add that to your phone. What about the A5 chip? Today, Samsung is already working on a quad core CPU enabled phones (in its Galaxy III models), suppose to be released soon. Apple may have some nice features but it missed a very important issue; innovation. Steve Jobs absence is clearly noticeable. iPhone 4S is a nice device (and nothing more) compared to the other devices out there.

        George P.
      • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!


        I don't understand the premise that something has to look radically different in order to be good. Which competitor has a better form factor than the 1+ year old iPhone 4? The iPhone 4 is still the slimmest phone overall and has great battery life. Essentially everything inside the iPhone 4s has been improved, yet that's not good enough for some.... why? Are you expecting Unicorns or something?

        Also, what's with comparing things in fantasy land. Which phone allows you to store a 256GB card in it? Why are you comparing future CPUs to the A5? You do realize Apple is working on an A6 also, right? You do realize that nothing touches the GPU performance on the A5, right? Which other phone has a built in image processor onboard? You mention the lack of innovation, yet you neglect to mention Siri. Why? Products are not compared by spec sheets. Rather, it's the sum of their parts (the hardware, the OS, the integration, the ecosystem, etc.) that provides an overall user experience. By that measure the iPhone 4s really has no peer and won't for some time to come.
      • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

        @geoplankton The iPhone 4S isn't nescient; you are, ass.
    • Wow did you even look at what was presented ?


      I'm dissapointed that Apple didn't present a phone with an updated form factor and NFC, but in the end the 4S in a good refresh and similar to what Apple did with the 3GS.

      But to get back to you... you want :
      -DUAL CORE --> done (Apple A5, in case you weren't looking)
      -MORE POWERFUL CAMERAS --> done (8Mpix, 1080p video, better optics, stabilizer... oh, did you miss that part too?)
      - HIGH RESOLUTION BIG SCREEN --> ok , I grant it, the screen isn't bigger. But it's still pretty big (3.5"), super high quality (IPS), huge resolution (highest density available on any screen of any manufacturer) (so i guess you just commented without researching at all right, since you also missed this part)

      I guess you're allowed to be dissapointed, but please, try at least to be dissapointed by something actually not there.

      Apple had 2-4 years advance in phone hardware, now they're just very slightly ahead vs the competition (based on performance, included features, quality of build vs battery capacity, weight, and size), but you seem to have missed that, and everything else...
      Julien Collot
      • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

        @Julien Collot While I agree with your comments that the 4S is a good refresh, I question your assesment that Apple is slightly ahead of everything else.<br><br>I have used iPhone and Android side by side for a while and the iPhone 4S has nothing the Droid Bionic doesn't and the Bionic has LTE, a 4 inch screen, the ability to add SD cards and removeable battery.<br><br>One significant addition to the 4S has that everyone seems to be minimizing and that none of the LTE Android phones have is World Phone capability. I think that this is probably one of the bigger features added in the 4S.
    • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

      @jaytom This is exactly what I really wanted -- a 64GB iPhone. I'm upgrading for that alone, since I've run out of space in 32GB. I really don't care about any of the other features.
      Mike Cohen
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    iDiots are as iDiots do.
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    The funny thing is... half the people complaining about no iPhone 5 would be perfectly content if they had just called the 4S a 5 .... whats in a number?
    • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!


      I tend to agree. But only if they changed the design "ever so slightly" by, oh let's say, by a larger home button shape.
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    And to what point? What value is there as a consumer to knowing this stuff in advance?
  • Iphone 4S

    Look at those quotes above from so called sources are a joke
    "Get ready for another iPhone ???big bang'" Our research indicates are these the same gossip sites the regular joe used.
    Al Gore was very correct new iphones coming he did not say it was an "Iphone 5"
    • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

      @jelayne Exactly. What's with this nonsense about Al Gore being wrong? There are six new iPhones. Three difference memory sizes, and two different colors. Like him or hate him, at least have the decency to be right before lumping him in with the people at fault with so many people's disappointment. (No doubt many are now buying Apple stock.)
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    But there were some rumors that were essentially correct.

    Makes me wonder if, perhaps, Apple runs a little disinformation campaign in the run-up to big announcements where production lead times and supply chains offer an opportunity for deductions to be attempted. Putting out competing design concepts brings Apple back to controlling when its message is revealed.

    As to the deflation when there are no ponies behind the curtain. I ask you: the most popular smartphone model now does more for the same cost. I think the "4s" vs. "5" thing isn't going to hurt.

    Keeping the same form factor means the accessories on the shelf are still viable as retail products and factory production lines do not need re-tooling. Only the people who bet on the rumors get hurt. The ones who stay in the channels are rewarded.
    • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

      @DannyO_0x98 More likely it's the well-known phenomenon of even a broken clock being right twice a day. There were so many rumors some of them had to be close to the truth. So here are my two predictions for the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next gen iPhone will be):
      1. The phone will have the same form factor as the 4S
      2. The phone will have a different form factor as the 4S

      Here, I've guaranteed that I will be 50% correct!
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    For a richer, deeper, more meaningful personal device experience, I prefer to do my facebooking in person.
  • RE: The iPhone 5 stupid, it burns!

    I actually think there may well have been an iPhone 5 until a couple of weeks ago.

    My reasoning? It's no more speculative than the people who thought there would be an iPhone yesterday to be honest, but I think there may well have been a fair few Samsung parts in it. Samsung made an offer to patch things up. Apple refused. Samsung denied parts for the 5.

    Just a thought...