The iPhone is one tough cookie

The iPhone is one tough cookie

Summary: Early testing seems to indicate that the iPhone is a tough bit of kit.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

When you spend up to $600 on a bit of kit and expect to have it around for two years (that's the duration of the AT&T contract you'd be signing up to if you buy an iPhone) it's important that the bit of kit can take a fair bit of wear and tear.  Testing carried out by PC World seems to indicate that the iPhone is a pretty robust bit of kit.

Two tests were carried out:

  • Scratch test
  • Drop test

The drops tests were particularly harsh - three drops, ranging from waist height onto carpeted flooring to head height onto concrete.  The phone survived all the tests and not only continued to work but still looked good.

Check out the video of the test here.

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • No comment

    Let's see how the Apple fudists spin this one.
    • I drop my phone all the time.

      My old Bell Princess phone must have had over a thousand drops in the last 35 years.
      Other than the backlight failure 15 years ago it still works fine. It's a phone darn it.
      Come back when you can show me something new like talking to my dead relatives
      or a keypad that feels like an IBM Selectric II.
  • Thanks for the link...

    If I give you a hard time about some things, I should also thank you for passing
    along real information.

    A side effect of having switched from Windows to Mac is the amount of money I've
    saved, not buying all of the PC magazines. I'd never have read this.
    • Glad it's of use to you

      ... keep on givig me a hard time ;-)
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
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