Thinking of getting a PS3 for the Holidays? I'll pass ...

Thinking of getting a PS3 for the Holidays? I'll pass ...

Summary: Three months to go. 2,000,000 consoles to manufacture - that works out at 15 a minute!

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There's less than three months to go until Sony launch the Sony is going to have to squeeze nearly 670,000 units a month off the production line, which works out at 15 a minutelong awaited PlayStation 3 games console, yet according to SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) president Kaz Hirai, manufacture hasn't even started.

Sony are hoping that the PS3 will help to turn around the run of bad luck and negative publicity that the company has experienced over the past few months, so I'm staggered to find out that not a single PS3 has rolled off the assembly line yet.  What this means is that over the next three months Sony is going to have to squeeze nearly 670,000 units a month off the production line, which works out at 925 an hour or 15 a minute, 24/7. 

That's a lot of consoles. 

Looking at these numbers, I see one of three things happening:

  • That Sony is going to push these consoles out of the door with minimal attention to quality control and they're going to be seeing a lot of them back for repair later on
  • Sony aren't going to hit anywhere near these kinds of numbers and there are going to be shortages
  • A combination of the two (shortages and quality shortcuts)

The problem is going to be made worse by the fact that the PS3 is crammed with cutting edge technology (Cell processor, Blu-ray drive, etc), and a kink anywhere in the parts supply pipeline could also be a disaster.  Also, it leaves very little room for testing.  Sony really can't afford to slip up here, which leaves me wondering why Sony is cutting it so fine.  Given Sony's recent track record, the PS3 will need a serious running in to make sure that it doesn't contain any exploding parts.

I know that pretty much every tech company operates by the principal of Just in Time manufacturing, but I still can't understand why Sony has held off production of the PS3 for so long and instead shifted attention onto creating pink versions of the PS2 and PSP.  Sounds like Sony's priorities are all messed up.

My advice would be to steer clear of the early PS3s (thus saving yourself some cash and avoiding a lot of Holiday hassles if the thing is a dud) ... or buy a few, sell em on eBay for a small fortune and wait for all the bugs to be ironed out!

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  • As I remember, last year

    the XBOX360 had many of the same issues. New processor, new OS, limited availability, etc. And yes, that's where you got your eBay idea from. M$ DID push them out the door too fast and had quality control problems later.

    All of that was hailed as a SUCCESS! Now what business MODEL does Sony need to look at?

    People LOVE to get the latest and greatest technology - for Christmas! I'm sure that the couple of games available will work for the Christmas season - which is all you can expect.
    Roger Ramjet
    • Problem is ...

      Christmas comes but once a year! As deadlines slip, more and more companies are then cutting corners to hit an the big day. It bit Microsoft and I predict that it's going to bite Sony.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • 2nd problem is...

        The Xbox 360 sucks.
  • I'll pass too.

    We have all 3 of the current gen consoles, none of the next gen. About 80% of our games are PS2, and we're still not interested in the PS3.

    As it is, there isn't anything that makes it worth the price. Heck, IMHO, there isn't anything that makes the 360 worth the price and that's cheaper.

    We'll stay with the current gen (and possibly Wii) until prices drop significantly.