Too Frickin' Cool - Dilbert style!

Too Frickin' Cool - Dilbert style!

Summary: Bit of fun by Dilbert creator Scott Adams:Now for an exciting round of what I call “too frickin’ cool.” The way this is played is that you describe some technology that is so futuristic, so Star Trekish, you can hardly believe that you are using it.

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Bit of fun by Dilbert creator Scott Adams:

Now for an exciting round of what I call “too frickin’ cool.” The way this is played is that you describe some technology that is so futuristic, so Star Trekish, you can hardly believe that you are using it. When you are done describing this technology, you must be so impressed with your own story that you pause and punctuate it be saying, “Too frickin’ cool.” Optionally, you can add a “dude” or a “seriously” to further elaborate your point.

For me, a technology that I find just too frickin' cool is GPS combined with digital mapping.  Billions of dollars spent on the ultimate, personal, "you are here" system. 

Your turn!

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • The Apple zealots will have one in June

    This iPhone lets me press buttons [b]that aren't really buttons!!![/b] Wow, I mean, thanks Apple for the innovation of a touchscreen that displays virtual buttons!

    Another amazing thing about the iPhone is that you will be able to [b]surf the web with it!!!![/b] I just have to laugh at all the w1NbL0\/\/$ luzer$$ who are completely unable to surf the web on anything more portable than a 6lb laptop!

    But wait, there's more: [b]IT PLAYS MUSIC AND IS ALSO A PHONE!!![/b] WOWOWOWOWOW!!!111!11one11!!! The ability to listen to music and then answer the phone will revolutionalize the way we listen to music and then answer the phone! I know you've been able to listen to music in the past and you've also been able to answer the phone but the ability to do both with the same device is just so incredibly mind blowing that I'm having difficulty standing up right now. Think about how revolutionary the iPod was (the first device ever to allow people to create their own personal mix of music...) and then multiply that revolutionary factor by 100X!

    Thanks Jobs for providing us with something that is completely new and also Too Frickin' Cool!!
    • Jealous much?

      It's pathetic how obsessed you are with Apple, posting your tripe everywhere. I feel
      sorry for you.
      • I doubt it's jealousy

        I understand what NonZealot is saying, in a somewhat roundabout way: anything that Apple produces seems to be blindly accepted as "groundbreaking" and "unique", or, in this case, "too frikin' cool". However, Apple really only ever refine what someone else has already produced. They then put it in a nice shiny case and call it "iPimple". Then we get a bunch of fanatics harping on about how Apple is the defining zeitgiest of our time! Not in my household.
        Big Scoddie
    • Man that was biting ;)

      I've had a Motorola A1000 with the UIQ port of OPL on it for over a year. It totally geeks out my friends when I write curly patterns programs that run while Dark Side of the Spoon is playing, for example. Now thats frickin cool.

      Granted it doesnt do that flicky thing with the albums that looks like a pub jukebox (well, its the market the dictates the cosmetics after all... Look at Vista.) but hey! I can answer the phone on it, IM and browse, listen to music, record and watch video...

      ... etc ...

      Jobs had better be careful or the revolution he's banging on about will be a lynch party. Like always he's borrowed and stolen all the stuff that the pioneers have on their PDAs and smartphones and put it on a - guess what - Motorola, in a white trash case.

      I rest mine. ;)
      • Oops!

        Winking in a subject isnt so cool, sorry.
    • I bloody hate Microsoft.

      However, the problem I have with this type of system is that I can type close to 100 wpm on a real keyboard, but I can't do that on a cell phone. Also, the screen's too small for me to really enjoy it. Some people may like this, and for them, I wish them plenty of enjoyment. However, I'm not exactly going to be rushing to a local cell phone service to grab it. Bah.
  • MY 2gig video watch

    Porn and music on an oled screen that's in glorious stereo and I can watch while riding an elevator on my way to work. Plus a digital recorder, an archive of pictures and all my documents right on my wrist because it also acts as a USB drive!

    Even with the cumbersome NXV conversion for video, the fact that I can take at least one hour-long TV with me is TOO FRICKIN' COOL!
  • RFID

    I think RFID technology is pretty cool (and scary). You can just load a basket full of items, walk out the door and be charged for exactly what you have in the basket.
    In addition the 3D finding of items in large spaces it pretty neat.
  • Isn't it hard to watch porn on a wristwatch

    ...with the screen shaking like that?