Torture Testing - Coming next ...

Torture Testing - Coming next ...

Summary: Breaking stuff so you don't have to!

TOPICS: Hardware

Breaking stuff so you don't have to!

My first Hardware 2.0 Torture Test of the Corsair Flash Voyager GT was so much fun and such a hit with the readers that I have more Torture Tests planned.  Given the feedback that I received from readers as to added tests that I could have carried out on the Voyager GT I thought I'd give you a heads-up as to what I've got lined up and see if you have some suggestions as to how I can break these gadgets.

  • Cases I have a load of cases from Stormcase, Otterbox, Peli and Seahorse for testing.  The claims made by the manufacturers are that these cases are waterproof, dustproof, impact-resistant and highly durable.  I've got a whole load of harsh tests ideas but I'm open to cruel and unusual suggestions!
  • USB Flash Memory After the harsh test I Corsair Flash Voyager GT I was surprised that Corsair offered to send me Flash Survivor for testing.  This is an 8GB USB flash memory stick wrapped in a CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and is water-resistant to 200M thanks to an O-ring.  This is a seriously tough nut!

Ideas?  :-)

Topic: Hardware

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  • Drop it in a blender :) NT

  • Smash a few iPlods...

    Get a bunch of iPlods and torture them with blow torches and sledge hammers. Now, THAT'S what I would like to see.
    Big Scoddie
    • OK

      ... someone want to donate an iPod?
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • For the cases

    Attach a cord that screws in, and yank it off a 6 ft high table, let it bounce around onto a concrete floor. kick it a few times. see if it is LAN proof. Roll it down a flight of cement stairs.
    I had an all steel case that (accidentally) did that, and it only lost a little paint. It was empty. but hey most cases are now made with plastic.
  • Cases

    Water proof?? Yeah right. How can something that MUST have air-flow be water proof. Splash proof maybe.
    The Boy Lard