Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is out!

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is out!

Summary: After weeks of patient waiting, I'm finally downloading Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

TOPICS: Open Source

After weeks of patient waiting, I'm finally downloading Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

The download servers are obviously being hammered at this time and the file is coming in very slowly (and getting slower by the minute).  However, if you've got nothing better to do, you can always join the crowd and get yourself a copy - download available here.  Release notes for 7.04 can be found here.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a lot more to say about 7.04 soon ...

Topic: Open Source

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  • Mirrors

    Need more mirrors in seattle areas:) It's a joke guys. .Relax
  • Upgrading from 6.10 - very exciting :-)

    Upgrades are a bit slow, but to be expected considering Ubuntu's popularity.

    If you are upgrading from 6.10 (edgy) it could not be easier. The steps seem to be: 1. ensure that all your software is up to date in 6.10 using the upgrade manager; and 2. pick the upgrade to 7.04 button.

    I wish I could have shown this to one of my friends who struggled, cursed and swore as he upgraded from XP to Vista. LOL - the tale of two upgrades.
    • Coolness!! I'm on it!!

      Can't wait to use it!
    • Impressive

      I keep a Linux partition for testing purposes, usually working on windows xp. This morning I finally managed to connect to the upgrade servers and download the updates. I'm definitely impressed, never saw an OS upgrading from a major revision to another in such an easy and flawlessly way. Impressed to say the least.
  • Already done it

    It took about an hourt to do and everything works out of the box. very impressed so far.
  • Is there a Torrent for this download? [nt]

    • torrent

      here http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/feisty/

      just look for your favor version.
      But last time I checked there wasnt all that many seeds, so download from one of the mirrors is the best option
      • I've got over 4000 seed showing. (nt)

  • shipit CDs

    I also requested a bunch of CDs to give away from
  • Feisty's a good release.

    I've been running Feisty now from the Beta for about the last week and a half. Yes there is a torrent download, you just have to look a little. It's a definite cut above the previous ubuntu releases, and edgy was pretty good. It even runs my wifi card with its own preinstalled drivers, something which never happened before (broadcom 4318, you need to get the firmware, but it's available as a deb download, I found it on the Ubuntu forum). Also beryl and emerald seem to work seamlessly in it (I'm using an Intel i915 graphics card). All things considered, the best ubuntu yet!
  • Great, but I Hate the name!

    Fiesty Fawn, .... really!
    Why not:
    Hot Babe
    Let's go to my place
    Lucious Boobalahs
    Fine Momma
    etc ....
    Reverend MacFellow
  • I'll wait a day or two...

    before upgrading to Feisty, since the download servers are getting hammered pretty good. There's no immediate rush, I can stick with Edgy a little while longer :)
    Tony Agudo
    • I think I'll probably do the same.

      Like you said, there's no immediate rush, and the servers are getting slammed. I remember when I "upgraded" from WinME to XP, and it was a true pain in the tochis to finish. Not difficult, just annoying, popping in a disc, answering some questions, and bang my head against my desk as my sound card lost its functionality.
  • Adrian, Is this the one...

    Is this what you'll be using for your "Windows to Linux" chronicles? I was going to try to use what you were using, but one of my Linux friends uses Suse so I'm going to try that one. I figure if I get stuck on something I have someone local to help out. Looking forward to your experiences with this.
    • Good Question Techno...

      I am having trouble getting it at the moment so I'll wait...I want to hear what Adrian has to say about it.
  • I'd Like To See The Numbers When It's Over

    So we can compare Vista downloads to Ubuntu...
    • was Vista, other than BETA, available for download?

      I don't know that final Vista releases were available for download, were they? I've never bothered since 3.1 to download a Windows version.

      I know, when I buy my next PC, unless I'm totally rid of Windows, that I'll get whatever version of Windows is available then. Not much choice, but since I still rely on Windows-only software I'll go with the flow, but only on a new PC.

      I've got Dapper on my laptop and Edgy on my desktop. Going to upgrade the desktop to Feisty when demand slows down.
  • I thought you had beta already installed

    Adrian, I assume you've got the beta already installed. If so there's no need to download and reinstall as normally automagically Beta becomes final.

    (actually its not automagically because out of the repositories everything is updated to the last version and voila Beta becomes final)

    According to what I've seen in the last days, final was finished two days before as I haven't seen any new updates arriving. :)
    • It's better to do a fresh install or...

      upgrade directly from Edgy. If you're using the Feisty beta, when you update your packages you'll be left with a "close approximation" of the final release, given that a lot of parts of the system that won't get updated will still be beta quality.
      Tony Agudo
  • Ubuntu 7.04

    I have looked at many Linux releases over the years, and I have found them difficult to navigaate. Such as, the names of programs are cute but useless. I have used Microsoft offerings since I moved to an IBM from Apple II. No, I didn't use "Junior". The programs have mostly had discriptive names indicating what they do. Now when I try to work with Linux, which I really want to do, I find it hard to make sense of the offerings and their childish names. I think this is the most serious impediment to Linux becoming mainstream.