Ubuntu - Direct from Dell

Ubuntu - Direct from Dell

Summary: Ubuntu-powered Dell rigs are finally here and by 4pm CST today you'll be able to place an order. Will you be placing an order?

TOPICS: Dell, Linux, Open Source

Ubuntu-powered Dell rigs are finally here and by 4pm CST today you'll be able to place an order.

Dell logoThe three systems on offer are:

  • XPS 410n desktops
  • Dimension E520n desktops
  • Inspiron E1505n notebooks

Prices start at $599 for the E520n desktop and the E1505n notebook (an E520 with Windows Vista Home Basic on it starts at $369 [Updated: May 24, 2007 @ 7.40 am] Ooops, that price excludes the monitor, so the Ubuntu PC is $50 cheaper) while the XPS 410n kicks off at $849 ($50 less than a Home Premium XPS 410).

The systems are no surprise as these details were leaked earlier this week.  What I'm waiting for is a look at what peripherals are on offer from Dell.

I must admit  that I'm not that thrilled by the support package on offer.  Hardware support will be from Dell but when it comes to software support users will have to serve themselves at the Dell Community Forum or pay Canonical for a support package.  Great for existing Linux users but sucks for newbies.  Seems to me that Dell is more interested in catering for existing Linux users that encouraging adoption of Linux to newbies.

So, who's going to be ordering one?

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Topics: Dell, Linux, Open Source

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  • Well, I was wrong

    Dell isn't charging a $100 premium for Ubuntu.

    It's only $60

    In a few months they'll be able to cancel the program with the "there's no demand for Linux" excuse again.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • That's likely because

      Their Windows OEM agreement kicks into tier 2 pricing for machines shipped without
      a Windows OS and they have to recover the additional money they need to pay to MS.
    • to early to tell

      Dell is not the only game in town. Other PC makers, including Hewlett-Packard Co. and Lenovo Group Ltd. also sell PCs that run Linux.

      If Dell doesn't succeed. Than there is always the Chinese companies waiting in the wings. Dell would have done the heavy lifting by putting Linux on store shelves where folks can and see it and touch it. --Linux running Beryl--

      A chinese company Sinomanic launched production of a series of low-end computers for the less developed regions in China. Priced as low as $130, these computers will include a Linux operating system, MIPS processor, multimedia and network supports. Internet browsing and document processing software will also be packaged into these systems.

      Dell won't fail and Linux won't fail.
      Is it a perfect marriage? Who knows, to early to tell.

    • Other sites list different ...

      Other sites list the Ubuntu machines as $50.00 cheaper then a Windows machine:

      [i]Dell's Ubuntu Linux offerings include the Dimension E520 (starting at $599) and Dimension XPS 410n ($849 and up) desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook ($599 and up). The computers appear to offer about a [b]$50 price reduction[/b] over otherwise identical models running Windows Vista.[/i]


      I think it's disingenuous that Adrian states that an E520 with Vista start at $369 because that price [b]does not include a monitor[/b] and he fails to mention that.
      • Dell Ubuntu PC is 50 dollar cheaper!

        According to PCworld, a Dell PC with Ubuntu is 50 dollars cheaper then the same machine preloaded with Windows.
        • No Microsoft tax !!!

          Great news for me since I can just throw my XP WMware image on for the occasional Windows only app and save $50.00 in the process. :)
        • I think that Windows now costs OEMs close to $100, so, you are only getting

          $50 back, but, probably fair, since it is low volume for now.
          • You forgot the offset ...

            You forgot the offset of the "crapware" that comes with Windows installs plus advertising incentives, [i]cough ... kick-backs ... cough[/i], MS gives to vendors.
        • That's without support

          Add in $125 for a year's support (which, and correct me if I'm wrong, is what you get standard when buying a Windows PC from Dell) and that's $75 more for Ubuntu.
          Michael Kelly
          • You get hardware support ...

            According to Dell with the standard limited warranty you get hardware support, but not software support:

            [i]There is no limit and no charge on calls to the Technical Support line to receive troubleshooting assistance and diagnosis of Dell hardware for length of limited warranty. You can also access free online assistance, self-diagnostic tools, and other system-specific resources at Dell Support (www.support.dell.com).[/i]


            If you want software support then you would use "Dell on Call" services:


            On the phone software support will cost you $129 per incident.

            Dell provides hardware support on the same terms with the Ubuntu installs. If you want software support then you need to buy that with Canoncial. So the only difference is where you buy the software support.
      • The Ubuntu E520 has a better CPU

        The Ubuntu E520 comes with a Core 2 Duo. The Windows one for $369 has a CELERON. The Ubuntu E520 with a Core 2 Duo is [b]$829[/b]
        • I meant Windows E520 with same CPU as Ubuntu one is $829

          Ubuntu E520 has Core 2 Duo for $749
          Windows E520 with Core 2 Duo is $829
          Windows box for $369 just has a piece-of-crap Celeron.
    • Supply...

      ...and demand
      D T Schmitz
    • Check again, 50 smackers off with Ubuntu. And, the publicity of all this is

      good for Dell and Ubuntu. Really a smart move by Michael Dell.
    • Can you do math?

      The Dimension E520 with Core 2 Duo is $749 with Ubuntu and $829 with Windows. The Inspiron E1505 is $799 with Ubuntu and $948 with Windows. The XPS 410 is $849 with Ubuntu and $899 with Windows.

      On the Dimension, you save $80.
      On the Inspiron, you save $149.
      On the XPS, you save $50.
  • FYI

    The PCs will be available in the U.S. after 4 p.m. Central Time from Dell's Web site at http://www.dell.com/open. The laptop starts at US$599, while the two desktops, the Dimension E520 and XPS 410n, start from $599 and $849 each, respectively. A comparable XPS 410 with Windows Vista Premium costs $899.
  • Yup -- SSDD

    Also noted, as before, that unless you know the magic URL to type in you'll never know that the Ubuntu option exists. At one point on the last round, $EMPLOYER was buying engineering workstations (Linux required) and even the Dell corporate sales staff couldn't find the Red Hat preloads that Dell had announced.

    Heaven forbid that someone going to buy a 520 should be confronted with "Ubuntu Linux" as one of the options on the system software menu.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • Actually SSSD

      Same Stuff (or whatever s word) Same Dell.
      • I was going to be polite

        [i]Same Stuff (or whatever s word) Same Dell.[/i]

        And write it as, "Same Script."
        Yagotta B. Kidding
  • dumb poll