Vista drivers for NVIDIA GPUs - ForceWare Release 100, version 100.65

Vista drivers for NVIDIA GPUs - ForceWare Release 100, version 100.65

Summary: New Vista drivers for NVIDIA GPUs - Are they any good?

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My ZDNet blogging colleague Ed Bott has found that NVIDIA has posted WHQL-certified Vista drivers for NVIDIA GPUs in both 32– and 64–bit flavors.  There are ForceWare Release 100, version 100.65.

Currently the download speeds are really slow - I guess a lot of people want them. 

I know a lot of people who had some shocking trouble with the older drivers under Vista – I wonder if these are any good?  Currently the PC Doc lab is 100% ATI (my last NVIDIA card blew three capacitors a while back ...) - anyone here want to try them out and report back on what you think?

Topic: Windows

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  • GEFORCE 7900GS

    i got a geforce7900gs...and got vista prem. i mean it works gret.but i cant run my COUNTER STRIKE @ 100fps ..cuz it will freeze...and i have to restart my work fine but only if i fun @ 60 fps and vsync is ON.. i mean on the website for geforce drivers said that ther working on making 3D or someshit like that better...SOMEONEHELPme!

    dos anyone wanna BUY vistaOFF me so i can get XP...dammitLOL
  • NVIDIA ForceWare driver version 100.65

    I have the NVIDIA 7300LE graphic card on my Dell XPS410 E6400, 2gb ddr2 sdram. 250gb SATA II hard drive. Dell 19 inch ultra sharp 1907FO Digital Flat Panel Monitor. Windows Vista Home Premium.
    The updated driver does not support Digital Variance and other settings. When you set them to your liking they revert back to the old settings whenever you reboot/startup agin. Have been in touch with Dell and NVIDIA. Both say that NVIDIA is working on new drivers to address these situations. What a bummer.I have to readjust my settings to get a clearer and better view each time, plus the monitor does not allow you to use contrast when you are connected via DVI.
    Lawrence R. Price