Vista SP1 "tries to hide the Ultimate Extras shame"

Vista SP1 "tries to hide the Ultimate Extras shame"

Summary: While many are waiting on Windows Vista SP1 to come along to knock off some of Vista's rough corners, it seems that some at Microsoft will welcome the release too - specifically Microsoft’s Windows Ultimate group.


While many are waiting on Windows Vista SP1 to come along to knock off some of Vista's rough corners, it seems that some at Microsoft will welcome the release too - specifically Microsoft’s Windows Ultimate group.

Long Zheng explains why:

On a related note, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 even tries to hide the Ultimate Extras shame by removing much of the information in the Control Panel applet. This is what you see in the current RTM version about Ultimate Extras.


This is what you see in Service Pack 1.


This dramatic change to the wording is basically Microsoft's way of trying to pull the curtain on the cornucopia of Windows Ultimate Extras that were initially promised to customers.  Forget the "cutting-edge programs," the "innovative services" and "unique publications" because there aren't any.  If you're still holding out hope for any exciting Extras, you might as well give up now because it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any.  Face up to it, if you bought Windows Vista Ultimate because you hoped to get your hands on cool Extras, you were conned, and being conned sucks.

So far the Extras that we have seen have been dismal and the ones that are allegedly still in the pipeline (a final release of DreamScenes and a handful of language packs) are even more dreary and uninspiring, and that's if we ever see them (actually, not seeing them might be better).  The unofficial Powertoys that Microsoft made available for previous versions of Windows were a lot more exciting (and useful). 

Anyone else feel conned?

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  • Conned twice, shame on me

    Adrian writes: "you were conned, and being conned sucks"

    That's twice. The first time by releasing the most insecure operating system in
    history, Windows, and then conning consumer's into thinking that they too could
    use Windows at home just like they do at work. Only problem is, unlike the
    enterprise, consumer's can't have their own personal IT to administrate Windows

    But ease of use and good engineering from the get-go doesn't matter to Microsoft
    and its allies. They're basking in the money that their industrial complex has
    created and now defends at any cost, even if it means lying.
    • Interesting point. Lets keep track

      You have an interesting point though. I consider Windows screwups to be mostly amusements, but then I am a senior Windows administrator and Software Engineer. Failures to start after every automatic update is no big deal to me. The Nvidia network manager causing blue screens every day was only a minor annoyance until I looked it up. It goes on. I should log all these events and see what it would be like for a non-technical person. I could rate them for fixable by a good user or probably not.
      What if we were all using OS2? What would it be like by now?
      • Heaven. OS/2 Warp was heaven.

        Until Microsoft used their predatory monopoly to force OEM's to not sell OS/2 and only sell Windows 95.
    • sick of it too......

      I think bill gates is just a plain old bully. If I were him, I'd be embarassed by Vista....but heck, patch, patch, patch, doesn't matter to him, does it? I swear I'm about ready to go to Linux just to get rid of the 'shadow of his ego' if we could just do the same with Bush.......
  • When's "Everything you've read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 86)" coming?

    Opps, wrong thread. Nice work, Adrian, it's good to know at least SOME of the ZDnet bloggers are keeping Microsoft's feet in the fire when they do things like this (WGA failures. Stealth Windows Updates, etc), instead of whitewashing MS's abuses.

    I'm not going to say everything MS has done is evil, but when they do abuse users, it needs to be pointed out. Thanks again for a great job!
    • Marshmallows

      Don't bring marshmallows to gun fights, and don't try to "change" Microsoft with
      some harsh words and righteous indignation.

      I find this open codependency really alarming. Toothless complaints are simply
      calls for forbearance. I you really wanted change?you'd do something about it. I
      don't mean talk. No, what you folks want is a platform for commiseration. You're
      getting it. It's pathetic.

      The way you do something consequential, is to stop writing cheques to Redmond.
      Until you can do that, whine away.
      Harry Bardal
      • *AMEN*

        Microsoft Windows user since waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, and now at 41, running my own business and having finally learned, no more checks to MS. Surely we all know that there are some software titles that we simply have to have, but uninspired OS's are not one of them.

        As Harry said, "stop writing cheques to Redmond."
        • I started with whatever DOS came with the first PC

          I think the called it PC-DOS. It did not have a release number on the floppy. I started with Unix in the 70s. I gave up on Microsoft after XP came out. The linux programs got good enought to stop fighting Windows and get back to getting work done on my desktop.
          • Amen Amen

            My Clients are comming to me now asking what to do about the machines their teenagers are using. Those computers are having to get cleaned every six months now. Even with updates and antivirus/spyware program subscriptions and all, the machines are getting so trashed by this stuff that they can't do their homework any more!

            So, What I'm doing is putting Linux on those machines. Guess what! The kids LOVE it! They can IM on ALL protocols at the same time. They can play their music and videos. They can still do their homework, and the machine runs just as well today as it did last month!

            Surprise! The last place I expected to find a use for Linux turns out to be the BEST place for it!

            5 teenage systems and counting....
          • I did this...

            with neighbours who could not seem to avoid the crap that hits windows, and just
            wanted to do the basics. Once I got them up and running, they are running with very
            few glitches, mainly drivers for cutting edge printers. I did have to go into one ladies
            computer and take out a lot of the options, meaning keeping only 1 video player,
            instead of the 12, number may be incorrect, but you get the point, that may come
            with Linux. Once they are up and running, I was left alone for long periods of time.
          • Linux just won't run the garbage

            If you took Windows PCs and prevented the users from installing a dozen toolbars, a dozen screensavers, a dozen taskbar utilities (mostly weather), a dozen other utilities, several P2P programs, and several dozen "free" games, you wouldn't have as many problems with them.

            And we have problems with users [b][u]turning off[/b][/u] the security software because some program they have doesn't work right with it... (One popular one is html-based and uses popups internally, but the security software blocks uninitiated popups by default - all I had to do was add an exception to popup blocker.)
          • RE: PC-DOS

            I switched to DRDOS because it was more stable and faster than MSDOS. Later, Windows 3.x refused to install on a PC running DRDOS. The installer threw up a dialog claiming that Win3.x wouldn't run as well on a different DOS, and then it would quit.

            Dr. Dobbs Journal published an article showing how if just a few lines the Win3.x binary were overwritten with NOOPS then Win3.x installed just fine and had no problems running on top of DRDOS. But, most ill informed Windows users assumed that that Microsoft's LIE was true and switched away from the better DOS. Most have continued assuming Microsoft's honesty every since. Gullible is the word.
        • I'm there

          seems the only thing MS cares about is $$$, and well, I'm sick of putting up with crap and paying for it. No more MS products for me. When MS transforms into an 'honest corporation'(is there such a thing?), I'll consider buying MS products again.
          • MS Alternatives

            Ubuntu 7.04 one of many Linux distros works great on my new dual core laptop. I have less out of box problems with Ubuntu than with Windows Vista Home Premium. I can?t reply or write new e-mails for my work e-mail account on my home laptop under Vista with IE 7 (MS undocumented feature), but Firefox works great under Vista or Ubuntu.
    • Just the truth is all we ask.

      I agree with johnf76.

      I was distressed recently to see that Jim Louderback waited until he had resigned as editor of PC Mag to criticize Vista. Prior to his resignation, virtually everything Louderback wrote about Vista was positive or at worst dismissive of any faults as minor and sure to be fixed at any moment. Louderback's farewell piece as editor made it sound as though he had suddenly had a change of heart, coincidentally at the very same time he was moving on to endeavors other than editor-in-chief of PC Mag. It left many of us with the impression that Louderback had not felt free to tell us the truth over the past few months and years. It left many of us with the impression that we had, in fact, essentially been lied to.

      We who read about and care about the computer industry do not look for unjustified or inappropriate or unfair attacks on Microsoft, just because we enjoy watching the monopolists squirm. But we do want the truth, and we do want honest opinion, not paid advertisements masquerading as "opinion". Perhaps it is unfair of me to judge them this way, but several ZDNet bloggers come across as simply Microsoft's hired guns. It is hard to accept that some of these people can honestly be so single-minded in their opinions about anything in their lives, let alone their computer's OS! I have never felt this way about Mr. Kingsley-Hughes, however.

      Mr. Kingsley-Hughes' writings consistently give an impression of honesty that I think it impossible to fake. Thanks for telling it the way you see it, Adrian. You are a treasure.
      • Well Put...

        poor Adrian will always get slings and arrows when he comments positively has well. There are group of individuals that just bristle when they hear positives with MS. It cracks me up. While I thought ...Extras was a joke I bought Ultimate because I got 64 and 32 versions, and the other bells and whistles. Adrian does a good job..."Fair and Balanced"...
      • RE:Truth,1895,2170276,00.asp
        [i]I could go on and on about the lack of drivers, the bizarre wake-up rituals, the strange and nonreproducible system quirks, and more. But I won't bore you with the details. The upshot is that even after nine months, Vista just ain't cutting it. I definitely gave Microsoft too much of a free pass on this operating system: I expected it to get the kinks worked out more quickly. Boy, was I fooled! If Microsoft can't get Vista working, I might just do the unthinkable: I might move to Linux.[/I] - Jim Louderback
  • RE: Vista SP1

    What, you don't think the Hold 'em game is worth paying
    extra for? ;)
    • Only ...

      ... if Microsoft sends me a check for my winnings!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Take Some Responsibility

        Take some responsibility for this. You've been griping about Vista for months
        now. What's your solution? Spending 3k on Vista, and hardware to run it. The
        complaints say no and the cheques say yes.

        As much as complaining about Vista has become a thriving cottage industry in
        itself, it may be time to put your money where your mouth is and support
        something else. I don't mean idle tourism either.

        Will you buy a Mac? No, that budget's been blown on gaming rigs that don't game
        very well. To earn the medal for platform independence, it will be Lunux. The poor
        man's Windows. In this way, you continue to support a culture of computer repair
        and fiddling, and you don't betray a 10 year career in the repair of second rate

        For the right to troll with Apple blogs, it will be the iPod Touch. Best of all worlds
        really. iPod stays Apple pigeon-holed as a maker of fashion accessories. Linux
        gives you cross platform street cred. And the largest investment (Windows),
        supports the career. It's all about as bold as granny's sunday frock.

        So, didn't get Windows ultimate? Tough.

        What do you want? Sympathy?

        Just please stop the crocodile tears. Windows doesn't make you angry. Every new
        problem extends your career. Thats why you continue to throw money at them - it
        comes back to you.

        No the real anger is directed towards Apple. You know Apple, those are the guys
        who's gear you DON'T use. Somehow they are able to reach though this veil of
        "non-use" and strike at your very soul with their totalitarian business practices.

        Do let us know... on that bright and shining day... when you finally get a clue.
        Harry Bardal