WGA Notifications update

WGA Notifications update

Summary: Microsoft has released an update to the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notification tool.

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Microsoft has released an update to the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notification tool.  This update introduces a new result category for results which are inconclusive.

Here's the scoop.

In addition to delivering the latest anti-piracy capabilities, this update incorporates customer feedback to improve the user installation and validation experience. There is a new wizard that improves the installation experience, and provides more information on how the program works, what the results mean and the benefits of using genuine Windows. There is also a new result category (in addition to genuine and non-genuine) that lets users know if the validation result was indeterminate and provides them with resources to troubleshoot the problem and learn more about the results.

This update will initially be available for download on www.microsoft.com/genuine, www.microsoft.com/downloads, and through Automatic Updates for a limited set of four known compromised product keys. The opt-in update will be rolled out worldwide through Automatic Updates over the next several weeks and months. Microsoft plans to update the Windows XP WGA Notifications tool every 90-120 days as part of its commitment to continually evaluating and adapting to changes in software piracy.

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If you want to see this update in action, you can download it from the Microsoft web site and take it for a spin.  If you are currently having WGA issues and you think that your key is genuine, then this update might be helpful.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • Utterly Fantastic!

    The new Windows Genuine Advantage Tool positively confirms both my Windows XP and Office 2003 licenses are both genuine and legal. Of course, they have alsways been genuine since the day I installed the software. The WGA Tool gives me peace of mind and continued assurance that the licenses I purchased are indeed legal and genuine. Great job Microsoft!
    • Good point

      Putting the people who have been falsly accused of running pirate software aside (hopefully this update will be more robust), WGA is a good system in that it does give the user confidence in the software they've bought.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Are you being serious?

        [i]WGA is a good system in that it does give the user confidence in the software they've bought.[/i]

        I'd venture to say 98% of Windows users out there bought their systems from the likes of Dell, HP, Gateway, etc. [b]If[/b] it didn't come with Office preinstalled, they probably picked it up at Staples or OfficeMax. I seriously doubt there's any question in their minds if their software is pirated.

        WGA is intended to give Microsoft confidence that you bought the software, not the other way around.

        I'd be curious to see the numbers, though I know we never will, showing just what fraction of a percent of the WGA verifications actually fail (legitimately).
        • I'm betting...

          ...that the number of times WGA fails on legitimate systems is small. VERY small.
  • Hoorah! Hoooooorrrraaaaaa....H!

    More slop for the hogs. I can hardly wait to get to the trough. I'm sure this will make my Microslop expurience sooooo much better.
    Good example here:
    Ole Man
    • Soooooeeeeeeyyy!!!

      Nice analogy. And in the corporate world, you've nailed it...because that's just how it works: keep eating from the trough, don't look for a better dining experience at a better price.
  • Tried it and got....


    A problem has been encountered during the Microsoft Genuine Advantage validation process. Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to determine whether your operating system is genuine at this time. Please return later to complete the validation process.