What AMD has in store for us?

What AMD has in store for us?

Summary: What does AMD have in store for us over the next three months? According to slides leaked by the German site Planet3DNow it seems that we can expect a number of Athlon CPUs based on both 90nm and 65nm architecture.

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What does AMD have in store for us over the next three months?  According to slides leaked by the German site Planet3DNow it seems that we can expect a number of Athlon CPUs based on both 90nm and 65nm architecture.

There's some interesting stuff.  This month we can expect AMD to ship two new AM2-based, 90nm Sempron CPUs.

CPUClock Speed (GHz)L2 Cache (KB) TDP (W)

November will see the release of the Athlon 64 X2 5400+, 5600+ and 6000+.  These dual-core Socket AM2 CPUs will be based on the 90nm "Windsor" architecture.  Here's the low-down on the CPUs:

CPUClock Speed (GHz)L2 Cache (MB) TDP (W)

At some time in December, AMD will ship Athlon 64 X2's based on the "Brisbane" 65nm architecture. 

CPUClock Speed (GHz)L2 Cache (MB) TDP (W)
6000+3.0    3.6165

On paper, some of these CPUs look good, but until we start to see some serious benchmarks done, it's hard to know if anything here comes close to the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs.

Over the course of 2007 AMD expects Socket 754 and Socket 939 to be slowly superceded by the newer Socket AM2.  Here are the CPUs that AMD have slated for the chop, along with the last orders date:

CPULast Order Date
FX-62End of Q4 06
FX-60End of Q4 06
X2 4600+ (S 939)End of Q4 06
X2 4200+ (S 939)End of Q4 06
3800+ (S 939)End of Q3 06
3500+ (S 939)End of Q3 06
3200+ (AM2)End of Q4 06
3000+ (AM2)End of Q4 06
Sempron 3400+ (S 754)End of Q4 06

Also, the end of the single-core Socket 939 CPUs is also close.

Topic: Processors

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  • I didn't see this anywhere

    An AMD X2 6000+ @ 3.6 GHz? Is that a typo? There is no way they will only call it a "6000+" if it's actually at 3.6 GHz especially when the 90 nm 6000+ runs at 3.0. That's just hard to believe and it makes no sense in terms of numbering and I didn't see that reported on Planet3DNow. If it is 3.6 GHz, it's hard to believe they can get it to run at 65 watt TDP. If they get it at 85 watt TDP at 3.6 GHz, they might compete will a 2.93 GHz Core 2 at stock speeds but they still have no answer for quad core. 4x4 will require dual socket which is too expensive and at that point you can get eight cores with an Intel 2 socket system.
  • Any of these faster than the slowest Core2 Duo?

    This is a nice list of warmed over old technology but are any of these faster or as power efficient as the cheapest Core 2 Duo?

    This is great news for those invested in an AMD motherboard but not much more.
    • 3.6 might but I think that may be a typo

      I doubt AMD will have a 3.6 GHz version let alone at 65 watts. If it's true, the 3.6 will be competitive with the Core 2 dual cores but I really doubt it exists. I could be wrong on that, but it sounds too good to believe and it wouldn't be called a "6000+" like the 90 nm 3 GHz 6000+.

      But even then, that's not taking Intel Quad Cores in to consideration. Those things are just sick at 3.8 GHz.
  • i do not care

    i do not care if they are faster or not AMD i by far more reliable when pushed to there limits
    push a intel chip to its limit for a year and it will burn out
    AMD chips will not
    • Based on what facts? AMD chips were the ones going up in flames

      Last time I checked, Intel was the first to have a temperature guard in the Pentium 3 that caused it to auto shut off if the heatsink/fan was missing or malfunctioned. The Pentium 4 went a step further and auto throttled to sub-GHz speeds and kept operating even when the cooling system was completely removed. The AMD CPUs would go in flames if the cooling malfunctioned and Tomshardware had that famous video of the AMD CPU burning up. Within one week of that video, AMD put in an emergency design change in to the motherboard that would allow it to detect over heating and shut off the CPU.

      Furthermore, I've cranked Intel CPUs for years and years and I've never had one "burn out" on me yet. From an overclocking perspective, the Intel Core 2 dual and quad CPUs can go 40% higher than stock speed. AMD Athlon FX-62 dual core CPUs can only be over clocked 20% and even then it only matches Intel?s stock speed.

      The fact that you claim ?i do not care if they are faster? yet you say you?re the kind of person that will ?push a intel chip to its limit? is hypocritical.
  • Dates have been changed

    last word ive heard is that the 6000CPU and a couple of outhers have been pused back untill the next year.So sad!!!
  • CPU`s delayed

    some of the cpu`s listed have been delayed till next year.i have heard at least the 6000 till next year.some one know any new release dates?