What are you doing for 'World Backup Day'?

What are you doing for 'World Backup Day'?

Summary: It's World Backup Day 2011. Do you know where your backups are?


It's World Backup Day 2011. Do you know where your backups are?

What's your backup regime like? And remember, every day should be backup day!

Topics: Storage, Data Management

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  • RE: What are you doing for 'World Backup Day'?

    I've become a fan of hosted backup solutions like Mozy and Carbonite. I'm currently using Carbonite due to cheaper pricing for the 200+ GB I need to back up. It's automated, and offsite. Doesn't get much better than that! I also periodically backup to an external drive and place it in a safety deposit box. I'm a big fan of multi-level backup strategies.

    I have over 25,000 pictures and videos of my kids and other events that I would be heartbroken to loose.
  • No thumbs

    I use several tiers:<ul><li>IBM's Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for critical data files, plus anything in the Documents directory or its subs. The backups go to an external USB drive and a local Linux file server.</li><li>Nero Backitup for nightly copies of the Outlook .pst and another data file. Those copies go to an otherwise-unused local hard drive.</li><li>Norton Ghost for weekly disk images of the system drive and the apps drive, monthly images of the others. Those also go to the external USB drive. One per month get burned to DVD. No offsite. Oh well.</li></ul>
    Robert Hahn
  • RE: What are you doing for 'World Backup Day'?

    double post, sorry.
  • RE: What are you doing for 'World Backup Day'?

    1TB internal (about 1/3 full- OS, Apps, Aperture Library, iMovie Library)
    500GB external (mirrored from internal weekly via SuperDuper)
    1TB External (Time Machine (TM) Backup of Internal + iTunes library from Drobo)
    3.6TB Drobo (About 1/2 full- Plex Media Library, software ISOs, iTunes Library, Aperture Vault)

    200GB internal (about 60% full- OS, Apps, Win7 VM, no personal music/pictures)
    1TB External (TM Backup, local copies of installation ISOs, Virtual Machines)

    8GB Flash drive-(about 2/3 full- Truecrypt volume for all sensitive info/product keys and day-to-day installation packages, a few portable apps- backed up weekly to work laptop via SuperDuper)
    iPhone/iPad- backed up to home machine, remote access to all docs via Evernote/Simplenote/LogMeIn Ignition, Dropbox, 1Password, and Air Video iOS apps.

    All scanned docs (mail, receipts, etc) and rich media notes in Evernote
    All Text notes and copy/paste repository in Simplenote/Notational Velocity Free
    All other small docs in Dropbox (Free) or Google Docs
    Everything but VMs backed up by Backblaze (BB)- 50 or so a year x 2 machines- home and work
    All Netbooks set up to save to Dropbox by default

    All accounts archived offline in Thunderbird via pop3

    Protected Data:
    1Password- daily encrypted backups in addition to regular data backups to TM/BB/SuperDuper
    TrueCrypt- several encrypted virtual disks backed up along with regular data to TM/BB/SuperDuper

    TODO: Add an expandable NAS device to the home network (looking at Lime-Tech unRAID) for local backups of Plex Media Library
    Grab a pair of small external 1TB HDDs for additional bootable backups- a monthly home one to keep at work and vice-versa
  • Dropbox all the way

    Dropbox does all of my backing up. Most of my major folders are in Dropbox with symbolic links from their old locations. If a drive fails I wait for the sync to finish (on the new drive) and readd the links. Nothing was lost.

    My passwords are in Lastpass.

    There are some things that simply can't be backed up. The 3TB RAID array comes to mind. RAID3 provides me performance and a dedicated parity, so if a drive goes, pop in a new one and let it rebuild.
  • every day

    I backup every day. It's my job!
  • I have a two-tier backup

    It's ironic that the World Backup site cautions people against being a fool yet doesn't know the difference between a noun and a verb. "Back up" is a verb; "backup" is a noun--you wouldn't tell someone "I backupped my data". [/nitpick]<br><br>My wife and I have an external hard drive that I back up our data to every few weeks. That's our primary backup.<br><br>For my data, I also burn the important stuff to DVD+RW disks and store them in my desk drawer at the office, then bring them home and refresh them every few months.<br><br>My wife is more interested in having backups that are immediately up-to-date. She's been using Mozy, but we're migrating her off that. For now, I have an older external hard drive hooked up to her machine, set to run a batch file at 11:00PM that copies her data over to it. It's not elegant, but it gets the job done.