Will notebooks outsell desktops by 2011?

Will notebooks outsell desktops by 2011?

Summary: Are notebook PCs destined to outsell desktop PCs by 2011?

TOPICS: Laptops

According to a report by analysts IDC, notebook sales will outstrip desktop PCs by 2011.  The report goes on to predicts that the notebook market will grow by 16.1% year-on-year until 2011, compared to 3.8% for desktops.

The report also goes on to predict that Windows Vista will have only a small positive effect on desktop sales before the downward trend continues.

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I think that the predictions in the report are plausible.  But I think that there's a reason why - notebooks are less reliable, have a shorter lifespan, are harder to upgrade and expensive to repair compared to desktop PCs.  This translates into more being sold. 


Topic: Laptops

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  • Love My Desktop

    I understand the desire and even need for laptops, but I love having my desktop. The big screen, being able to change out parts whenever I want, having endless ports to plug new gadgets into...the list goes on. Maybe if I didn't upgrade parts so often and I had a docking station, then I could see the laptop as a replacement. But what fun would that be?!?
  • I though I read somewhere ...

    That Apple laptops were out selling their desktops ????
  • Desktops will be a thing of the past by 2011.

    In my opinion the question is not whether notebooks will outsell desktops by 2011 but whether there will be any desktops around by then. Yes, there will be external monitors and keyboards and mice and stuff, but my guess is that in most cases they'll all be hooked to a notebook type of pc that can be unhooked easily and function on its own. I understand that many people prefer desktops because they are usually more powerful and easier to upgrade. But don't forget that the big beige tower is mostly filled with air. A mobile and easily upgradeable powerhouse is a matter of good design and better engineering, so I guess it's just a matter of time before the industry responds to that reality.
  • Try 2009

    I predict a 60/40 split this year.