Windows 7 Release Candidate (build 7100) leaked

Windows 7 Release Candidate (build 7100) leaked

Summary: As I had expected, the Windows 7 Release Candidate build (build 7100) has been leaked ahead of an official release by Microsoft.


As I had expected, the Windows 7 Release Candidate build (build 7100) has been leaked ahead of an official release by Microsoft.

I received confirmation early on Wednesday that build 7100 had been finalized and noticed early this morning that both the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors had been leaked to various P2P networks. Fake downloads had appeared yesterday but these were quickly removed. The latest downloads appear to be genuine.

A quick FAQ based on my Hardware 2.0 mailbag this morning:

Q: Are these latest leaked builds genuine? A: They appear to be. I can only be 100% certain when I compare them to an official .ISO of the RC build from Microsoft.

Q: Is the leaked build 32-bit or 64-bit? A: Both have been leaked.

Q: What are the build strings? A: 7100.0.090421-1700

Q: Can you point me to the downloads? A: No.

Q: Can you give me a copy? A: No.

Q: Can you give me the hashes of the builds? A: No, not until I am 100% sure than these are genuine.

Q: How big are the .ISO files? A: 32-bit: 2.36GB | 64-bit: 3.05GB

Q: Should I download/trust these leaked builds? A: My advice is that if you have to ask that question, you should wait for the official release from Microsoft. Do as I say, not as I do!

Q: Do you have an official release date for the RC? A: Everyone seems to be saying May 5th.

Q: Is the RC build on TechNet or MSDN yet? A: No.

Q: Does this new build have the new user interface that some were claiming it would have? A: Nope. All talk of a new "last minute" UI was nothing but unsubstantiated nonsense.

Q: Will you be publishing details/screenshots/information on the RC build? A: That's a tricky question, but it's worth answering in a little detail. Working in this business is a balancing act. While my main loyalty is to you, Constant Reader, I do have to juggle a number of other factors. I received access to the RC build code late last night via a contact but I didn't make any announcement about it because I knew that many of my colleagues are under NDAs and couldn't talk about Windows 7 RC (I'm not under any NDA). While it's "cool" to be the first to break a bit of news, it's not cool to just trample over the efforts of others who can't say anything because of an NDA. I made the decision to sit on the info I had as there was still a slim chance that the RC code wouldn't be leaked to the public for a while. It was leaked (and quickly), which is why I'm talking to you now. So the short answer to the question is yes, I will be publishing details ... but I'll keep my coverage to specific areas (which suits me fine since I have a lot of work to do and there's only so much a person can do!).

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  • Hmmm

    I still think I will opt for the official download. That way I can get a key.... I'm assuming the beta keys will not be working anymore?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Beta keys should still work...

      At least, the Vista Beta 2 keys worked with the Vista RC's back in the day. I don't see Microsoft rolling out another set of keys for Win 7 RC... Too much hassle.
  • RE: Windows 7 Release Candidate (build 7100) leaked

    I find that the leak of this RC will be a good thing. For those of us in the tech industry we can get a first hand glimpse at what to expect with Microsoft Windows 7. I imagine this RC is going to be a superior stable build like previous leaks. Anyway you look at it this has to be good news for Microsoft because the word is out about how badly people want Windows 7.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Get your pwn early!

      How better to line up early for your pwning than to snag some code of unknown origin from P2P.

      Yeesh - no wonder most Windows users are FTL...

      Seriously, just wait for the official downloads/CDs.
      • Well you could wait

        but those of us in IT know enough about systems and leaked iso's to run it in a virtual machine, or just load it on the PC and use it long enough to see if anything is wrong. Really no harm done. Chances of this containing anything bad is very slim.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Chances of this containing anything bad is very HIGH!

          Just had to correct your latter sentence.

          Nobody knows what's in these "leaked" ISO's. Nobody knows what's included, what's been modified, what happens during installation, what it could do to your machine, network and data.

          If you enjoy the OS installation process THAT much, you should install Vista and your typical library of apps etc., now and then upgrade to Win7 RC when it's formally released. At least this way you'd be helping Microsoft collect the telemetry that validates their upgrade mechanism (and/or identifies any last remaining unknown issues).
          • You obviously know nothing about torrent sites

            There are many controls to prevent this,
            especially in something this high-profile. I do
            know that several torrents for 7100 have already
            been pulled, and the comments section is there for
            a reason. Couple this with reputation settings,
            and you would have to be a n00b to download
            something virulent.
          • There will still be risks with the "official" RC

            Don't forget that the "official" RC will only be released to a few selected testers and [u]maybe[/u] to TechNet/MSDN subscribers (which most of us are not). The rest of us will have to rely on leaked copies anyway, if we want to test it, get familiar with it, learn what it's all about. We will depend on torrents and shady download sites anyway, now or on May 5.

            A just curious common user should be very careful, even though the indirect safeguards zenotek talked about do exist and do work. But I believe most of us in this forum know the appropriate measures to be taken in order to be careful - not the least of which is having complete, thorough backups of everything, if one can't have a dedicated PC for testing (and many can't).
          • Not so

            Technet/MSDN gets it next week, then it's open the to general public on the 5th. As well, I'd bet many here have technet subscriptions through their employers or professional organizations.

          • BZZT! Wrong!

            Technet and MSDN subscribers get it starting April 30th - that's TWO DAYS from now. The rest of the unwashed masses get a crack at the download on May 5th.

            That would include YOU. No need to visit torrent sites. No need to download anything but the official ISO from an official source.

            Please get your misinformation straight before posting with both feet in your mouth...

          • I don't see the merit of waiting...

            ...if I can be reasonably comfortable with the download itself.

            The upgrade process will validate--and send feedback to MS--just as effectively now as it will after the release date.

            I honestly think that MS has sanctioned this leak on some level. It allows the most motivated (and the most savvy) users access to generate buzz, and it helps reduce the risk of a repeat of the server overload that happened when the Win7 beta was released in January.

            And, yes, I downloaded off a torrent over the weekend. It upgraded my x64 Vista install [i]beautifully.[/i]
      • Indeed... Didn't the Mac pirates learn this lesson not too long ago?

    • HAHAHA

      I love how MS is always "leaking" something to try to keep interest.

      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
      • Question

        The RC is being released to the public after Technet subscribers. Confirmed by download test page which was up for a day on MSDN, which is where the May 5th date came from, since it said public download would be available then. Only question is whether new keys will be issued so we don't use our old ones on 7100 leak and then find it requires new ones on May 5th or whenever.
        • re: Question

          Your beta keys continue to work, I've activated two RC installs with the beta key so far.
        • Answer

          Actually... While yes, it was "leaked" by that test page, it was also confirmed on the Windows Team Blog here:

          That's about as official a word as you're likely to get.

          And as RTK said, no, you won't need a new key. That would be too much hassle.
      • Public Release May 5th

        It will be released the public after TechNet subscribers get it, as confirmed by test download page put up there last week for a few hours, which is where the May 5 date came from. Said "public download will be available May 5"
    • Not as badly as... :-)

      RIGHT! Microsoft!!! ;-)
      Solid Water
  • I am going to try it

    I am going to try it. I have a newly built i7 DIY rig that I am using for testing only so there is no risk. After using WIn 7 Beta for a few months I am one of those that is anxious to convert all my Xp and then my Vista machines.
    I predict that the commercial version will be out in September.
    • Don't

      Unless you're willing to have any data and/or networked device attached to that machine potentially nuked.

      7100 is not the build you're looking for.

      Wait for the actual blessed build from MS - it's only a few days away now!