Windows 8 on ARM won't include some business manageability features

Windows 8 on ARM won't include some business manageability features

Summary: No word as to what the missing features are.


Microsoft has finally come out and admitted that the ARM version of Windows 8 won't include some business manageability features.

Microsoft acknowledged this in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business PDF document released earlier today.

Here's how Microsoft worded it in the document:

‘ARM-based tablets use less power than 32-bit and 64-bit devices and workers can rely on the extended up-time of these devices. Although the ARM-based version of Windows does not include the same manageability features that are in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, businesses can use these power-saving devices in unmanaged environments.'

Based on this it is unclear as to what features will be missing from the platform. No clarification has yet been received from Microsoft as to what the missing features are. However, this statement is a clear warning to enterprise users that Windows on ARM hardware might not fit in with their needs.

Microsoft is eager not to dwell on these limitations though. The paragraph following the one above details an alternative workplace scenario using Windows To Go:

'Windows To Go enables alternative workplace scenarios. Offsite temporary workers can be given a Windows To Go drive for the duration of their employment so that no corporate data is stored on their personal device. Remote and work-at-home employees can be issued a Windows To Go drive for regular work done outside of the office. In these scenarios, the Windows To Go drive enables remote worker productivity while helping keep corporate data safe.'

It looks as though Windows 8 might not be completely ready for the post-PC era after all.


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  • Let the fail begin

    And it starts...
  • Oooops!

    Seriously bad move by MS. More info is needed, but the fear, uncertainty, and doubt are starting to set in now...
  • There was little chance

    businesses would have jumped on board this early anyway, especially on a new hardware platform. However, if they cannot even test management features at this stage, that will only delay business adoption further. That means MS will sink or swim with the consumer market, which means Windows 8 had better be DAMN good, especially with regards to integration with other products.
    Michael Kelly
  • Windows 8 on ARM won't include some business manageability features

    Whatever the features were are probably minor features not really required for the business. Not to worry because Microsoft already has another solution for your remote workers. There is no problem here, Microsoft has you covered.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • "Microsoft has you covered" That would be a first:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • Drive it off the lot today!

      Most IT people are immune to the blather of salesmen. They've heard it all a million times. But here you come anyway, in a herringbone tweed and striped tie, to tell us that loading up a thumb drive with the corporate-standard software set is the "solution" for those pesky management issues.

      Hey, did you hear where the Pentagon banned those things throughout DOD because when they weren't walking out the door, they were walking back in loaded with malware.
      Robert Hahn
  • Windows on ARM equivalent to the consumer version of Windows. That means no support of AD.

    I wonder what will happen with Windows Intune after Windows 8's launch though, especially relating to WOA. Intune doesn't require AD, after all, so a lack of AD support on WOA may not be a big deal for cloud-managed WOA devices.
  • Seems obvious, WOA is targeted at consumers not enterprise.

    Businesses will go the x64 tablet route if they want tablets so theyre fine. Non low end consumers (beyond email/facebook) should go x64 too. 10x perf, same everything else.
    Johnny Vegas