Windows share as seen by Leopard

Windows share as seen by Leopard

Summary: Mac OS X Leopard easter egg.

TOPICS: Windows

A reader just sent me a link to an image which shows how Windows shares are seen by Mac OS X Leopard:

Mac OS X Leopard easter egg

See it?  Look closely.  :-) 

I can't confirm this Leopard easter egg because I don't have the OS, but either way it's pretty funny! 

I bet it'll be gone come final release.

Topic: Windows

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  • *yawn*

  • LOL

    Now that is truly funny
  • Why not?

    Microsoft put the BSOD into Halo 2
  • Maybe Apple should concentrate on their own gaping holes

    like the ones that are found daily in Safari? I swear, I've never seen once company so [b]obsessed[/b] by another that they feel the need to badmouth it in every commercial, in every presentation, and now in every icon that Apple makes. Anyone who buys any Apple products should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a pathetically childish company.
    • Sun was a badmouther too

      And look where it got them! At least Apple is making money. But I agree they are childish.

      Remember the days of Scott McNealy and all his trash talk? He spent more time criticizing and clowning around than talking about what Sun offers. Jonathan stopped the trash talk and instead uses touchy-feely open-source rhetoric to say nothing.
    • Apple's only way

      When you have such inferior product as such a inflated price the only way to stand out is by badmouth the competition. When your are a pathetic looser and you business model is based on HYPE and nothing else you need to badmouth the competition to keep the hype alive. It is not because you got lucky with a lousy product (iPod) and think that a bug ridden/DRM infested/overprice phone will sell well that you are making a better computer.

      1. Keep your computer isolated in a bubble (never worked)
      2. Finaly built an OS (bad linux ripoff) that work on standard hardware (but booby trap the hardware)
      3. Give what user want (bootcamp, Windows)
      4. near future unlock Gr@P OS X so it work on any x86 machine
      5. Gr@p OS is esaten alive by the competition
      6. Apple become just another PC maker.
      • Wow, you're so prophetic.

        Except for the part where OSX is based on FreeBSD, not Linux, and that's loser with one o. Oh, and everything from 4 onwards is never going to happen. In fact, you're not very clever, are you.
    • Agreed... except for when I'm doing xplatform dev :) NT

    • Safari is a beta...

      What's the excuse for vista? Oh wait vista is still in beta, just the testers had to pay
      for the beta. Speaking of childish, how about the MS advertisement claiming that
      vista is the most secure? Seems they left a few (1 to possibly 1,000) flaws out of the
      list, only counted the windows core OS and then used every shipping app for the
      competition. So maybe they (your heroes) are no better. Take into account that you're
      a windows [b]Zealot[/b] it's no wonder you had to rant like a fool again.
    • Maybe YOU should concentrate you OWN gaping holes

      as a contributor to society....

      Geeez, you cry more than my newborn baby daughter.

      Whaaaa, WHHHHAAAAAHHHH,...time to change the diaper again...uuuugkh!
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • HaHaHa...

    It's funny cause it's true!
  • Hey...Non-Zealot...It's funny....and I'm a PC guy

    Ok. I'm both. I like PC and Mac. Now-a-days you have to know both, but you have to admit it. Their commercials are funny as heck and now this. That's pretty funny too. Hey, Mac has a screen of death too, but it's black and in multiple languages. Want to read about another Mac vs. PC guy story? Check this out...

    - Marcelo
    "The Digital Media Dude"
    The Digital Media Dude
  • Beta....but....Steve made a claim...

    Ok, I'm not a zealot about either platform (I use both extensively), however, Safari 3 beta had a lot of bugs and that's ok, because it's beta, HOWEVER, Steve Jobs made claims that Safari would not have any issues (security wise) because it was "built right from the start". Well, it doesn't seem like that was the case, so I think what people are "pissed off about" is not that there is issues with it (expected for a beta), but that the media does not report those issues with as much "hatred" because it's Apple as they do about Microsoft issues.

    That's all. Personally, I'm not a Microsoft fan myself, however, you have to call it when the media (and blogs) are being unfair (or more biased) to another company.

    - Marcelo Lewin
    The Digital Media Dude
    The Digital Media Dude
  • RE: Windows share as seen by Leopard

    I think this is bogus... at least on my two Macs and on our AD network...