Windows Vista Extras - what a rip off!

Windows Vista Extras - what a rip off!

Summary: Microsoft has broken silence over Windows Vista Extras and given us some vague ideas of what's in the pipeline - I feel ripped off.

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Microsoft has broken silence over Windows Vista Extras and given us some vague ideas of what's in the pipeline:

We intend to ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs by the end of the summer. We will not ship the last two Extras showcased in January (Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs) until they meet the high quality bar required by our enthusiastic customers—and we believe that we can achieve that bar by the end of this summer.

We also intend to deliver additional Extras in the future. In addition to Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs, we plan to ship a collection of additional Windows Ultimate Extras over the next couple years that we are confident will delight our passionate Windows Vista Ultimate customers. We cannot identify dates or provide details at this time—but once we ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs, we will provide more information about the next Extras.

Personally, I'm disgusted.  More language packs, DreamScene coming out of beta and the vague promise of more Extras over the next couple of years is not enough.  Not enough by a long shot.  What a rip off.

Robert McLaws is also displeased:

Usually, I'd be on Microsoft's side on stuff like this (I am a Microsoft shill, right?)... but not this time. This post is nothing but cover-your-a$$ PR doublespeak. Personally, I think the Extras team was disbanded, and only reconvened after people like Long stirred up enough of the hornets to force MS back into action. And nothing they say will convince me otherwise. Otherwise, the blog would have been far more active, and the issue wouldn't have gotten to this point.

I'm not even sure that this announcement counts as PR doublespeak - it's far too vague.  Sounds to me more like a desperate attempt to make us forget about Extras by putting a long , unspecific timeline on any further Extras. 

Topics: Microsoft, Windows

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  • Is this the first time you've felt taken by M$? (nt)

  • At least it wasn't a repackaged Bob. (nt)

    • re: M.$. Bob

      Its really more like Win ME ver 2 with NTFS support.
      • I wished it had Win ME terms and conditions

        I'd be somewhat content if I never had to verify, activate or reactivate any of MS products after buying them. ME worked to some extent and had a lot less problems with drivers and software than Vista does. No joke but hey, let's all break out the balloons and celebrate Vista's is giving us a lot of WoW with Ultimate's Extra's and OneCare, not to mention Defender. I wonder if I was to stand in a South Dakota cornfield and killed every flying insect in sight, could I sell it to the public if I told them I'd protect them from killer bees ? I bet I'd get a bite or two, Microsoft did.
  • You know not what you speak...

    The extras you speak of are embedded in the code. It is called "Ultimate" after all. After Ultimate, there can be nothing better. Vista Ultimate is the "ultimate computing experience", "the ultimate OS for all your needs". It is the ultimate release of the ultimate OS for the ultimate user base. To quote my rep "Vista Ultimate goes to 11".
    Mike Cox
    • Not so good. 5.0

      Though the question arises, does the name "Ultimate" imply that Vista is the end of the Windows NT line? Or is it simply the last version of Vista with which the public will ever have to suffer?
      John L. Ries
      • Oh come on!!!

        "Vista Ultimate goes to 11" deserves... an 11!!!
        Michael Kelly
      • Ultimate is an MS marketing word they use

        The word Ultimate has little or nothing to do with Vista, it has to do with MS's marketing strategy which simply means get the Ultimate price by telling them it's Ultimate. Vista is Vista, if you want to market it, do it by limiting how many legs and arms it has then charge for every arm and leg you put back. Simple, it works as their really isn't anything Ultimate about Vista aside from the price tag ........ is there ? Basic has no arms, no legs, the rest have some arms some legs and Vista Ultimate retains the arms and legs it had in the first place. Seems to me to be about right but then MS marketing had to come up with something else to fill in the blanks so how about upgrade or put whatever name you can on it to get a little more cash. Which part am I missing ? Oh yes, terms and conditions for upgrading, well, that's another marketing ploy to draw in a little more cash
        for the Good ol boys in Redmond. Now will that be cash or credit
    • 11!

      bloody hell, the rest wasn't so great, but you do get an 11 for the Spinal Tapp reference.
    • Keep baiting them Mike, you caught me once

      I truly enjoy reading your ploys as they sure draw in the gullible which you have developed a knack for but some of your stuff really lays me out. Ultimate goes 11 ? It can barely get off the ground.
  • Oh god, I always have to laugh

    when I hear of those fancy language pack extras you ultimate users have coming...

    and the fact that you haven't even got em' yet...

    Let's see, how would someone put that?...Oh Yeah!

    Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • Ouch. So that is what it must feel like to be bent over and tak....

    I can see the WOW now...

    BTW is WOW a goatse reference?
  • M$ embodies the term RSN

    From the New Hackers Dictionary:

    Real Soon Now /adv./

    [orig. from SF's fanzine community, popularized by Jerry Pournelle's column in "BYTE"] 1. Supposed to be available (or fixed, or cheap, or whatever) real soon now according to somebody, but the speaker is quite skeptical. 2. When one's gods, fates, or other time commitments permit one to get to it (in other words, don't hold your breath). Often abbreviated RSN. Compare copious free time.

    M$ has always made PR promises that they never met.

    M$ Vista Enterprise Edition:
    Old Timer 8080
  • how about this for an "extra"

    How about this for an "extra". Put the fax console which came with XP home edition back into Vista home versions. You shouldn't have to buy an upgrade, much less a DOUBLE upgrade to get the old basic fax software that worked fine and is now missing.
  • Late on add-ons; What now?

    We could be waiting on Vista, if life was easy in the tech world. I remember Windows 98 second edition. Quite a leap from the first Windows 98. This is America, where money rules. If Microsoft wants to "piece meal" this project, rather then continueing to perfect Vista, it satisfies many, including me.

    By releasing the first edition, we all know the direction of the mission, and where it is going.

    I can wait for the final follow up add ons, to complete my system, if there are any, for Premium Home Edition.

    My overview after several years of working on Windows Vista, the techs have to be paid, to move on to the final edition or add-ons. I can enjoy Vista as it is, if this is all there is? It is quite improvement over the last system; Windows XP Professional. Maybe Microsoft should take a poll?

    I'm not waiting in suspense and frustration for the release of the first menu.

    Quite satisfied with Microsoft and it's employees and their families for the work so far in Windows Vista, which I believed was the final cut. I didn't know there would be more. Hallalooya!

    • Snuffy Smith still peddlin that hooch?

      You'd better not get caught sippin that
      tax-free swill. The guvmint still frowns
      on such practices.

      Just cause you paid your Microsoft
      license don't mean you paid tax on that
      Ole Man
  • Ultimate rip off

    Bit Locker was a disappointment and the babbling brook sans sound desktop is scarcely worth the $160 upgrade from Premium. Multiple versions of the OS may initially add to MS already bulging stash of cash. But, some of us have had enough. Office 2007 bloatware? I don't think so and I just ordered my first Apple PC since a 2C 20 years ago.
    • I really feel sorry for your experience with MS

      I'm really no fan of MS but I do wish MS would do more than give us the double shuffle which is how they have grown to be for the past 5 years especially. Why can't MS develop their software so that they can verify their own product and have it automatically activated or reactivated. It's absolutely inexcusable as to why MS won't provide their own software management. It's not up to me to prove to them it's their software, really, I'm fed up with having to prove to them it's their product. I haven't bought Vista and doubt I'll have the same experiences as I can no longer agree to their license terms and conditions which are ridiculous.
      I still use XP occasionally but I'm using Xandros Professional 4.0 as my main OS with anticipation of Mac's new Leopard OSx which is coming out later this year. I'm willing to learn any OS
      and it's related software before accepting MS terms or conditions
  • Extra - extra - read all about it

    Let's consider this MS could have used OneCare or any number of it's other products as an extra add on for Vista but they don't want to give that away when they can fleece you for another $ 49 or whatever other price tags come with their other products or services. But hey, why not tell them that their pretty balloons will have helium and be able to carry them to far away lands. It doesn't matter really if you call something a balloon, even if it has no skin on it or anything inside. We can all do the double shuffle and tell them it's raining out but the sun will shine eventually. Maybe by the time SP1 shows up they will have found some developer to add some lame game or time waster to quiet the crowds buying Vista Ultimate and buying into the "EXTRA'S"

    We must get Congress to pass a law that requires any software product from a company (like Microsoft) that requires a verify, activate or reactivate from a company after buying them, to have a trust fund with enough money to cover this process for 10 years after there last sale of the product or there Bankruptcy.
    What will customers do when Microsoft or others pull the plug? The time is NOW to cover the customer, We paid for it and we must have the right to use it forever. The trust fund should also include a free forever Key to use the product to all customers.