Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!

Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!

Summary: Following the horrible death of the HD DVD high definition format, many had predicted (me included) that Microsoft would pretty soon be offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. Seems like Xbox 360 owners waiting for a Blu-ray player are out of luck.


Following the horrible death of the HD DVD high definition format, many had predicted (me included) that Microsoft would pretty soon be offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360.  Seems like Xbox 360 owners waiting for a Blu-ray player are out of luck.

Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!The news was broken by Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360:

"Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience."

So what does this mean for Xbox 360 owners?  It means that Microsoft has decided not to pursue a physical player and instead concentrate resources on Xbox Live online service which allow Xbox owners rent movies.  Rather than be seen to be abandoning HD DVD and leaping onto the Blu-ray wagon, Microsoft wants to go it alone and break free from physical media.  Perhaps Microsoft has lost faith in physical high-definition distribution and feels that a digital distribution method is better (for the company).  From an anti-piracy standpoint a digital distribution system at least allows Microsoft to engage in a war with the pirates (as futile as that might be in the long run). 

Maybe Microsoft hopes that Xbox Live could be the road to profit for the Xbox console.


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  • XBox is not selling

    and Blu-ray movies are over priced.

    Why should anybody want to buy two useless electronics??
    • U must be kidding...

      XBOX was the #1 selling gaming system until Wii took over at Christmas. What planet are you on.....
      Go into any gaming store and XBOX games are the most sold....
      • Go to a store and you will see TONS of XBox360 collecting dust

        They aren't selling. That is a fact that can't be denied.

        BTW: The Wii is being #1 seller since before X-mas 2006. The XBox360 was only on top the 1st two weeks after release in 2005.
        • It is number two .....

          .... and selling a lot better then PS3.
          • In the US

            Apparently in Europe, Microsoft has to be a bit more aggressive.
        • Compared to what, pray tell?


          Well ok, the Wii sells more. But those are targeted at a different demographic.

          Out of the high-end gaming platforms, targeted at bona fide gamers, Xbox has the top spot.

          I also see TONS of iPods at the store and you don't hear anyone saying those don't sell. Seeing inventory at a store is not proof that a product is not selling.
      • 360 WAS number 1, because it was the ONLY one of it's gen.

        the Wii outdoes it for fun and affordability, and the PS3 outdoes it for muscle/price...

        the XBox USED to sell... it's no longer moving at half the rate it enjoyed.
  • I KNEW this was going to happen...

    I always felt MS had this "You know, releasing that HDDVD Player might not have been such a good idea" thinking about it. It takes revenue away from their download service, which started AFTER this drive was released.

    Now that they are free and clear of the HDDVD anchor, they can now push people into downloading HD material instead.

    Well, MS, not gonna work with me.

    I won't be buying BluRay either. Sony can stick BluRay.

    No, I'll continue to expand my now 700 disc and growing DVD library the way I always have. Buy the first week when it's on sale.

    The only thing that would change this is if MS rents movies for FAR less than the typical $5 a pop, or lets you watch all-you-want for $10 a month.

    Otherwise, my plans ain't changing. Not for MS, and sure as hell not for Sony.
  • Poor losers?

    Unless Microsoft can strong arm Comcast and other ISPs
    into providing the required bandwidth at reasonable
    prices (without blocks or other restrictions) this
    business model is just going to struggle for years.
    Low resolution HD is not worth paying for.
    The current DVDs are superior in this arena.
    • Agree

    • Not everyone can even get Hi-Speed

      I agree totally plus, this download 'model' doesn't take into account that not everyone has access to the kind of high-speed, high bandwidth Interent connections required to download this content! In fact, in the USA and Canada alone, unless you live in a densly populated area (>250,000 people) you may never have high-speed Interent access. This leaves out A LOT of people who would possibly purchase HD content for download. This fact alone will insure that people will be buying the actual disc and hardware to play it on, for a long time to come!

      You also make a valid point about the ISP's having to remove 'blocks' and other restrictions in order for this download model to work. Most ISP's have a maximum download limit per month and I can see downloading of HD movies (even at lower resolutions) causing many people to exceed their account limits and being saddled with "surprise" overlimit charges being applied - this won't make for happy times!
  • RE: Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!

    Crap, looks like I'm going to have to shelve my 360 or put it in the office with the PC's and get a PlayStation 3 for home entertainment. Too bad, the 360 had a superior interface.

    Alas, XBOX 360, poor choices let you down. Upside, they have COD4 for the PS3 too.
    • MS will come around eventually

      Xbox sales have been slipping. Eventually they will have to offer blu-ray. It would have been less embarrassing for them to have done it now.
  • no hardware has limits

    someone with to much time on their hands will come out with some type of interface to connect a blu ray to the xbox.
    • I'm pretty sure

      I can't hop on an Xbox and go to the Moon.

      I'm sure there are SOME limits ;)
  • Isn't it about time for Combo HDTV and Unlimited online fun using Cable ?"

    There is such a huge shift to make fuel a purchase and away with the cost,that entertainment packages,terms of use allowing unlimited access to XBOX online games fits right with our cable company having MSN as it's homepage. I don't known who is the ISP homepage for Direct TV or other sattelite providers; though they too could post set service fees for the NEW! evolution of home media in the USA. I hear the 8x guys in a Parent Country like South Korea bundle for less than $80 for the extra products. This shouls be the universal normal in the next year. Remember these lame-O organizations lean heavy on grocery stores and open markets might put a smile on anyone's face but David Bowie in Concert at the Orphium."God is not American tour".<praying hands-in my casket lable of quiante'>
  • RE: Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!

    Besides - why get a one-time hardware sale of a Blu Ray player (with negligable profit) rather than sell "services" which keep on giving and giving? Sell a Blu ray player and you have a customer once - they go elsewhere for the movies. Sell a rental service and you'll see them back again and again.

    I gave up on Xbox live media once they regionalized it. I live in this backwater country (with one of the highest per-capita incomes) called Bermuda.
  • No, that's not it

    "So what does this mean for Xbox 360 owners? It means that Microsoft has decided not to pursue a physical player"

    Not really. It could also mean that Sony has told Microsoft that they will not license their Bluray technology to MS for use with an Xbox player. How could we forget Sony's hard-headed refusals to agree to anything that isn't proprietary? And they could have decided that the death of HD-DVD is going to be the thing that actually makes people want to start buying PS3s. Allow MS to add-on a Bluray player to the 360 and they've lost part of that advantage.

    Why would you assume that this is Microsoft's decision?
    • The first post...

      ...that actually looks at the issue.

      It is obvious that Sony would be reluctant to license Blu-ray to MS and its Xpox. One of the main selling points of the PS3 is its Blu-ray drive and subsequent integration in a home theatre system. The next-gen drive is icing on the cake for many and the clincher for its sale.

      Sony would be crazy to help a direct competitor to its PS3 without lumping huge licensing fees on each unit. Therefore, maybe MS and Sony have discussed this and Sony priced themselves out. Who knows?

      But a one off sale of a Blu-ray drive to an Xpox owner - potentially scuttling the sale of a PS3 and many future sales of games - would be a very stupid business proposition.
      Big Scoddie
  • It would probably fail after a little while anyway

    Considering my luck with the Xbox 360 an add-on Blue-ray player would probably fail after watching a couple of movies anyways.

    Finally, Microsoft thought of the consumers first and saved my wallet $200 of wasted spending on Microsoft's poor quality hardware.

    Being on my third 360, I'm not overly pleased with their console and will buy a PS3 to get my Blu-ray.