Your thoughts on Vista's performance and reliability updates

Your thoughts on Vista's performance and reliability updates

Summary: Microsoft has released two updates for Windows Vista that address performance, reliability and compatibility of the operating system. Do they fix YOUR issues?


Microsoft has released two updates for Windows Vista that address performance, reliability and compatibility of the operating system.  Do they fix YOUR issues?

These updates (KB938979 and KB938194) are available for immediate download of you can wait until they're pushed to system via Windows Update come next Patch Tuesday on August 14th.  I've bitten the bullet and downloaded and installed these updates to one system already and here's what I'm seeing:

  • The "estimated time remaining" but that you see when copying or moving large files has, as far as I can tell, been fixed.
  • The long delay in displaying the logon screen after resuming from hibernation is fixed.
  • I'm still seeing "visual appearance issues" when playing graphics intensive games.

Anyone else installed these updates?  If you have, are you seeing an improvement in your Vista experience?

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  • Completely messed up Broadcom NIC

    After installing these, the Broadcom adapter disappeared AND could not be installed. To fix I had to remove both packages AND broadcom suite (installed factory by Dell) and then reboot. After reboot the OS was finally able to see the hardware again.

    Beautiful, Microsoft. Love your quality products.
  • Vista hibernation issue

    We just got a new dual core 2.4 with 2 gig of memory PC with Vista on it. I was surprised that boot up and shutdown times along with coming out of hibernation were very slow. With all of the memory, CPU power and a clean install it is slower than our 6 year old bogged down old XP PC with 512MB or RAM.
    • Pre-Patch?

      Are these issues persisting after installing the patches?

      Any crapware loaded from the factory?
    • The more memory in a system the slowwer ...

      ... hibernation is. That is because hibernation takes the entire contents of memory and writes it to a file. When you resume from hibernate it must read the entire contents back into memory. In the scenario you described if the hard disks are similar the memory read or write operations should take 4x longer for the Vista machine.
  • I've Got Hibernation Hyperdrive

    We just got a system with AMD 4000 dual-core proc & 2Gs RAM. Having heard the horror stories about boot time, I wasn't surprised that it takes a little while to boot. I need to time it. But I was surprised by how quickly it escapes hibernation. That I did time: 6 seconds. Is anyone going to complain about that?
    No one special
    • Nobody complains about something good

      Wonder why one hears so many many complaints
      about Vista?

      Come back with your activation stories in
      about three years. Remember how easy
      Microsoft made XP activation for about that
      length of time? Until they came out with
      WGA, moved their support (activation center)
      to India, and started harassing their
      customers for more money because they
      claimed their copy of XP was NOT geniune? Or
      claiming it had been activated too many

      I was lulled into purchasing XP after I saw
      the ease of activation to begin with, but
      was rudely awakened when Microsoft came out
      with their WGA extortion campaign disguised
      as "anti-piracy".

      Wait until they "clamp down" on Vista, and
      see how many howls you hear then. Of course
      they use the method of bringing the frog to
      a boil slowly so he won't notice he's being
      cooked, so there will still be plenty of
      people who will take anything they shovel
      out (boiled frogs).
      Ole Man
      • i've never had any problems with xp activation even after WGA

        i've never had any problems with xp activation even after WGA.

        my favorite pass time if beta testing software so i format and reinstall a lot.

        on my copy of XP pro i have activated it well over 20 times.

        after activating a few times i have to call for a reset and then it's another 4 or 5 times before i have to call.

        and when i do call they are professional and it is a smooth process.

        and with vista i have had to call after 5 reinstalls. and i had the same experience as i did with XP.
        it only took about 10min and it will be another 5 format and installs before i have to call again.
        SO.CAL Guy
        • "Only . . . another 5 format and installs . . ."

          "Favorite Pass-time?"

          Are you connected with Mike Cox?

          Shouldn't you be having lunch or something at some posh restaurant - with your "rep?"
          brian ansorge
          • no brian ansorge some beta software will trash your system and installing

            no brian ansorge some beta software will trash your system and installing and removing software all the time has a way to muck up the system.

            why because developers can't seem to learn how to make an uninstall exe that cleans everything it puts on your system.

            so thats just the way it is i have a test system i play with it's what i do for fun i'm not knocking your pass time.
            SO.CAL Guy
        • That's a crock and I know it

          If the other good readers want to believe
          you, they're as fried as you are (fried or
          boiled, makes no difference, the
 is cooked).

          Me, I know better!

          If you are capable of thinking, wonder why
          Microsoft is so lax on activation right now?
          Because they are taking so much flak from
          Vista, and they're afraid to alienate more
          of their customers than they already have
          with Vista. Just wait until they get their
          Vista frogs fried.

          Ahhhh, not enough wrinkles in the old grey
          matter to contemplate anything beyond
          Microsoft propaganda, eh?
          Ole Man
          • just telling the truth sorry if you can't handle it old man (NT)

            SO.CAL Guy
          • Wouldn't touch it with a flag-pole

            Got to be too nasty for me to handle.

            I may be getting old and my sight getting
            dim, but I've seen enough to know a pile of
            garbage when I see it, even if I couldn't
            smell it.
            Ole Man
        • Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

          You paid for that copy of Windows yet you still have to keep going back to ask permission to use it.

          Salami Tactics - where will it all end? When the last slice of freedom is gone, you will have to give them your credit card details every time you re-boot.

          As you might have guessed, I am not a Windows user (Ubuntu Dapper actually) and I am getting too old to change now, so I will leave Vista to the youngsters who can cope with anti-adware, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and WGA and 'activation'.
  • Raw Sewage... all you can call it.

    This misfit of a company disables its own devices (Zune) for 5 months.

    This is an innovation leader? When you screw your newest customers, you know that mgmt has no clue about customer service.
    Jeremy W
    • Raw Sewage my zune was never disabled i just wonder where these mac trolls

      Raw Sewage my zune was never disabled i just wonder where these mac trolls get there information.
      SO.CAL Guy
      • Time to wake up Zplayer man!

        Just go here and read it:

        Still want to say that the MSFT crowd knows what it is doing?

        If you own a Zplayer, enjoy it! In a year or two, whem MSFT removes "support" as it did to itts previous MP3 players, you can donate it to the Smithsonian as part of an exhibit of obsolete computer devices. Can you say Osborne or Kaypro?

        Actually, some time in the future, there will be a whole exhibit devoted to a company that once controlled large sections of the information industry before it died suddendly from excess arrogance, management stupidity and incompetence. Its death will have been occasioned by the general realization that force feeding the world with more unreliable complexity based upon more obsolete technology is a poor strategy for success.
        Jeremy W
    • Um...

      Did you have some useful feedback, or just taking random potshots?
      • i thought i did what was his useful feed back the zune had nothing to do

        i thought i did what was his useful feed back the zune had nothing to do with this article. so i gave feed back to what he posted which was FUD :)
        SO.CAL Guy
    • DING DING DING --- We Have a Winner!

      "Ease of use and brilliant design are well-known and highly regarded weapons in the Apple arsenal (this is not news, folks). Microsoft's Vista was supposed to be the Redmond software giant's shot across the Apple bow, the one that would make the industry and consumers take notice and agree that Microsoft gets easy . . . but the more you dig, the less ease you find."

      -- Lance Ulanoff
      PC Magazine
      brian ansorge
      • No, just two ....

        ... losers! Trolling as usual.