Zune is dead ...again!

Zune is dead ...again!

Summary: It's dead Jim ... again!

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Zune was dead. Then it came back to life. Now it's dead again.

Last week Microsoft updated the Zune support page to add that it would no longer be building or selling any more Zune hardware and that it would instead focus on Windows Phone.

Makes sense. right?

But then Microsoft comes out with a statement saying that the statement was a mistake, and the note was pulled.

OK ...

But now the 'Zune is dead' page is back up again.

Is Zune dead now? Well, to be honest I think it's been dead for a long time, it's just that Microsoft hasn't been willing to admit it.

Interestingly, some 59% of you think that Zune didn't deserve to die.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    the poll results reveal that 59% of your responders - and some bloggers in this site - are Redmonians
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

      Or just that Zune HD was a really good MP3 player that couldn't compete against the iPod Touch due to weak marketing and lack of apps....
      • RE: Zune is dead ...again!


        It's a PMP! It didn't need apps. People are too damn app crazy. I'm glad I bought one though. I love it to death, and haven't let it out of my sight since this started. In fact, it's sitting in my safe now.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

        @Cylon Centurion

        While I appreciate that you're keeping your Zune safe, I'm listening to mine and find that to be quite enjoyable as well. :)
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

      [i]the poll results reveal that 59% of your responders - and some bloggers in this site - are Redmonians[/i]

      And they get paid very well for it too. ;)
    • Flagged by a Redmonian

      LOL... :D
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    They probably wanted to pull this off on Halloween.. spooky!
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    The hardware may be dead but the service lives on in Windows Phone, XBOX Live, and in Windows.
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    Zune: it's the mummified mother in a rocking chair of MP3 players.
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

      @dsf3g - with its feet propped on the footstool that is iPod. :-)
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    Too bad, but yes has been dead for some time but...

    Some years ago I won a Zune 30Gb and it has been an excellent player. Microsoft did not market the model well enough to compete with Apple but the unit was and remains rock solid. Unfortunately this is another example of Microsoft coming to the game just a little late and not really committed.
    I fear Windows phone may be in the same state, too little - too late.
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    My daughter and I both have Zune HD's. We had the orignals also, which I sold for a good amount on Ebay a few months ago. Neither of us really care if it's from Microsoft or somebody else, it is irrelevant. If you don't get into the 'app' thing, and desire a really nice music or video player, this device is superior to most. I know market forces killed it, but I've always been an underdog fan so I have a soft spot for the Zune players. I like 'bashing' M$ as much as the next guy when talking about the money part, but I really have to admit I think they had a good product here that was poorly marketed. Kind of the opposite of what you'd expect from Microsoft :-)
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!


      I wish I had an "original". The Halo one was particularly nice looking.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    What a butthead, you all are hook into itunes which is the MOST expensive of the services. Screw ITUNEs, I have been using Zune for over a year with NO issues. Get off the apple wagon and see what life has to offer, jobs is not GOD
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

      No Jobs is not GOD.... yet, however I expect the Pearly "GATES" to be renamed soon.
    • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

      @GreatWhite iTunes is not the most expensive. It is a completely different business model. Microsoft is all about unearned revenue, and subscriptions. Apple chose to go the way of purchases over subscriptions, so the two are not even competing against each other, other than both producing a PMP. Apple just figured out what people wanted, and Microsoft did their best to copy it.
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    Why would ANYONE buy a Micr0$uck$ device in the first place (LoseDoze O/S based phone or media)? With their history of screw the customer, hasn't anyone learned anything?
  • So this is Microsoft's problem

    This is what I do not like about Microsoft. They come to game late with a product as they did with the Zune. They they failed to market it correctly and yet they continued to work on the hardware until it was actually pretty good. Then they still failed to market it and then they just kill it. So its no wonder Microsoft cannot get any respect. They do not even try themselves.
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    Been using my 8GB Zune for about 2 years now. Never had a problem, sounds great, handles podcasts and audio books excellently. Microsoft bashers beware. Its a fine line between what becoming what you criticize.
  • RE: Zune is dead ...again!

    These things have one huge advantage - no iTunes! I hate iTunes with a passion.