Flu shot controversy illustrates compliance problem

Flu shot controversy illustrates compliance problem

Summary: Research has shown that compliance rises with data, but there is also resistance to compliance. Little research has been done on where the "compliance ceiling" may exist, and what to do about people who ignore a doctor's advice.

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The present flu shot controversy illustrates a big problem health IT promises to deal with but that may prove intractable.

Compliance. (Image from CBS.)

MSNBC today has a comment from bioethics expert Arthur Kaplan telling health care workers they need to get the flu shot or find another line of work.

Many workers are complaining their rights are being infringed by such orders. What happens when your kid gets in the way of their righteous sneeze?

There is even more good news on the vaccine front, a study indicating that getting your seasonal flu shot may offer limited protection against H1N1.

Despite being told repeatedly that the H1N1 vaccine is safe and effective, only half of those surveyed say they want the shot.

If only half of us are willing to comply with a single shot, having been informed by government, ethicists and the media that it's necessary and good for us, how will we improve compliance with more complex directives?

One key to bending the cost curve is using data to communicate with patients what they need to do in order to stay well, to keep from having a chronic condition like diabetes, and to manage it once they have it.

The data will be delivered to doctors, nurses, and other health care workers, with whom we will supposedly stay in regular contact. It can even be delivered through Web sites. Are you eating your veggies? Are you exercising? Did you quit smoking? Really? The data says different.

Holy Nanny State, Batman!

Research has shown that compliance rises with data, but there is also resistance to compliance. Little research has been done on where the "compliance ceiling" may exist, and what to do about people who ignore a doctor's advice.

What if non-compliance replaces the pre-existing condition as a reason for denying coverage? We may be about to find out.

Topic: Health

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  • I refuse the flu shot every year...

    and definately will be refusing the H1N1. As a young adult with a healthy immune system I see no point. Sure I may get the sniffles - but diet, exercise, and such take care of most of it. Who knows what is ACTUALLY in that flu shot. Seemed like every year I got the flu shot (when the military forced me) I got sick twice - once from the shot, and once later in the year. Ever since separating from the military, I have not gotten the flu shot (its been 5 years) and I got the flu once.

    Its not the governments place to force you to get the flu shot - especially when there is little gain. This shot doesnt erradicate the flu virus, just causes it to morph.
    • That's just not true

      You're lucky. You haven't died. Maybe this year you will from H1N1. And then you can proudly go to your grave waving the flag of ignorance.

      • Lucky?

        Scare tactics, Dana? You are a credit to your liberalism.

        I haven't had the flu since I was a kid, and I have never had a flu shot. I do, however, know of many people, including my wife, who have had the flu shots and promptly got sick. Coincidence? Yes, yes, I know. I have seen the reports expounding about how safe the flu shots are. Perhaps it is just the deep seated distrust that I have for the government, but I just don't believe it when my own observations tell me otherwise. For people like me, and there are many, the more the government pushes, the more we will dig in our heels.
        • I'm right there with ya buddy

          the more they want to turn the US into a Nanny-state, the more the informed will resist.
        • Not scare tactics...simply the truth.

          And this from the World Health Organization:

          "Vulnerable groups

          An increased risk during pregnancy is now consistently well-documented across countries. This risk takes on added significance for a virus, like this one, that preferentially infects younger people.

          Data continue to show that certain medical conditions increase the risk of severe and fatal illness. These include respiratory disease, notably asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and immunosuppression.

          When anticipating the impact of the pandemic as more people become infected, health officials need to be aware that many of these predisposing conditions have become much more widespread in recent decades, thus increasing the pool of vulnerable people.

          Obesity, which is frequently present in severe and fatal cases, is now a global epidemic. WHO estimates that, worldwide, more than 230 million people suffer from asthma, and more than 220 million people have diabetes.

          Moreover, conditions such as asthma and diabetes are not usually considered killer diseases, especially in children and young adults. Young deaths from such conditions, precipitated by infection with the H1N1 virus, can be another dimension of the pandemic?s impact."


          So Sparky...if you fall into ANY of these aforementioned groups...better make sure your WILL is in order.

          I am a Net Admin in a major East Coast University Health Science Center/Hospital, and everyone in the building has been required to get BOTH shots. What's the big deal? Oh that's right...your RIGHTS are being violated...poor babies.

          So just exactly what gives you the right to get sick...come to work...and then infect your co-workers?

          If you think it is your right, then do all of the people you work with a favor...STAY HOME IF YOU START FEELING SICK.
          • I do actually..

            However, since I havent felt sick in 2 years (I was out for a week in 2007) - I have had no reason to. That goes for any [b]responsible[/b] person if they were getting sick, flu shot or not. So I fail to see your point other than spewing the rhetoric and fear tactics from the WHO (haha exactly, who?). They claimed this H1N1 deal was a pandamic - when IN FACT - the [b]regular flu[/b] kills more per year than H1N1.

            I refuse to give in to the fear mongering and be the governments lab rat. You presented no truth. Requiring to get the flu shot DOES violate the law and violates the rights of the individual.
          • Another one who goes into a battle of wits unarmed. (nt)

          • Actually he is more informed than you.

            IT Guy, you don't come with any facts. JT82 does.

            Just putting a blurb out that someone's 'not informed' doesn't cut it.

            Come up with facts. Until then, you lost the argument.
          • Look - he refers to the World Health Organization as 'source'!

            Oh. That O So Trustworthy organization..

            "For some time, it was known that the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) was present in final vaccine solutions. RT has been used to this day as an indicator that there is a presence of a retrovirus. During the meeting?s proceedings, the WHO decided to withhold public announcement of such genetic contamination"

          • IT Guy works in a hospital but is no doctor.

            Working in a hospital makes ITGuy no more medically qualified than sitting in a garage and going vroooom makes one a car. Hospitals ARE dangerous places to work. Very strong pathogens have been spawned inside a place where one organizm survives the antibiotics and leads to more. Certainly those in that environment would be wise to consider vaccination because they will be exposed to the strongest of the strong virus and often at the peak of their contageon. But for the rest of us there is avoidance, common sense and a Government that wants to sell us FREE HEALTH CARE.
      • Nice fear tactics..

        but no. Again I said (allow me to bold this so ya dont miss it) [b]as a healthy, active, young adult (27 to be exact)[/b] why do I need this? I eat decently, exercise, and do what I need to keep myself healthy. I dont need some artificial substance injected or snorted to achieve the goal.

        Normal people (those who are healthy and regular immune systems) dont die from the flu. Children, the elderly, and those with comprimised immune systems do.

        I trust my observations (IE> getting sick ONCE in 5 years) a lot more than some government sactioned survey. Also [b]IF[/b] I would die from it - guess whos fault it'd be? My own. So yes I would proudly go to my grave waiving the "flag of ignornace" (albiet you are confusing ignorance for personal responsibility, something liberals know little about) because its what I truely believe.
      • Dana, you seem to have lost something.

        The ability to reason normally with someone who disagrees with your ideas.

        Kind of sad, really.
        • The Limbaugh-ites are out early

          After writing this I stopped for lunch. Nancy Snyderman was on my TV making the same complaints I have made about non-compliance with flu shots, quoting Rush Limbaugh and calling him out.

          So I don't mind being on the same side of an argument as a doctor.
          • Good for you then.

            It's painful to be shown wrong eh? Now you have to refer to a 'doctor' for your opinion.

            My advice is to use your own mind.

          • Who has a vested interest in getting the sheeple in line..

            She will get paid by Big Pharma to spew that rhetoric while the viruses mutate and we dont develop a natural immunity to it.

            I think I will keep thinking for myself and keep presenting a cetain "danger" to the government and question authority when duely justified.

            Oh and Dana, that Limbaugh-ites name really wasnt very nice. I dont really listen to that windbag and the gross generalization was insulting.
      • Truth about H1N1

        1) It's far less dangerous than normal flu.
        2) Very few people get it.
        3) Those who get it, have in general very mild consequences.

        So compared to normal flu the current hype is BS.

        But what happened:
        - some swine flu cases
        - health corps got excited --> new market
        - health institutions got on the bandwagon --> need to justify existence and grant money!
        - scare in media; politics followed
        - mass scare, but OOPS: NOTHING HAPPENED
        - then of course the fall back scenario was 'the second wave' scare
        - debunked by people with critical minds (as the 'second wave' referral was bs; the spanish flu wave of 100 years ago was NOT a 2nd wave, the preceding small flu outbreak was a totally different string);
        - bummer of course; solution by the pharma-corps: more hype! and the health institutions followed of course (no way back!)
        - so there we are, now we have the Dana's of this world implying that people who do not get that filth in their body are wrong and pose a danger to others.

        That, is the same Dana who idolizes Statin drugs here, not even aware of the fact that
        - Statin drugs lead to HIGHER morbidity
        - Statin drugs have serious side effects

        Yep Dana, you So Come Across as an Informed Man. Oops - more like a lemming perhaps?

        Here's one for you to break open that dark cloud up there:
        • ''Tis the season of Universal Health Care

          Remember with all that rhetoric and Government posturing to tell us what is good for us that there is a National debate on what we will get for that very expensive piece of legislation. The Administration NEEDS a "poster child" for why massive Government intervention in Health Care is absolutely necessary. The claims of preventing "national catastrophy at the hands of H1N1 (if the virus has hands)" will bolster the argument that the sheeple just gotta have Doctor Obama's magic elixer of longevety (at the expense of Medicare, of course). I think I'll pass on the lemming thing!
      • The sickest I have ever been.

        Are the years where I had the flu shot. You can call it coincidence if you want, but I will avoid it. The biggest ? I have is where is the pandemic and why do kids get live nasal twice while adults get one dead shot? A serious question, more people are dying from the regular flu than the hyped H1N1. The big "argument" out there is "if it mutates, you will be thanking your lucky stars you got the shot". I always scratch my head and wonder "can't the plain old more serious flu mutuate?".

        In this case, I believe it is pure economics driving the "pandemic" this go round, with many billions in revenue being exploited.

        Yes, all of the above is pure anecdote, my own personal reaction to getting a flu shot, but for myself, that really is all I care about, lol.

        I believe, also, from your reply, you have bought hook line and sinker into the hype surrounding H1N1. Why not be more worried about a more serious problem re: the regular flu?

        [B]Seasonal flu has a death rate of less than 0.1 percent -- but still manages to kill 250,000 to 500,000 people globally every year.
        He came up with a range of mortality from swine flu ranging from 0.007 percent to 0.045 percent.

        Either way, having new information about how many people were infected and did not become severely ill or die makes the pandemic look very mild, he said.[/B]

        See, people have forgotten and the media is not reporting that when generally unhealthy people get sick, some die.

  • THIS LINK: Truth about vaccines

    EVERYONE should see this.
    (and yes, even you Dana, but I think you actually have lost the ability to process information that doesn't fit your prejudices).


    Essence: Vaccines are dangerous, and ineffective.

    • Lies about vaccines

      Nonsense like this is peddled regularly, by people who feel ignorance by others brings power to themselves.

      This is not a political argument. It's a scientific one. And what's behind that link above is politics, not science.

      Vaccines good. Ignorance bad.