How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

Summary: The new business model is based on services and support contracts, as well as licenses for clinical groupware products that will plug into its portal.

TOPICS: Health, Open Source

Having shed its stake in Allscripts and pocketed $1 billion for its British owners, Misys is recommitting itself to open source.

You can see this at its site. The site now features links to several bloggers focused on open source in healthcare, including this blogger.

The strategy outlined by CEO Mike Lawrie (right) at his sales meeting in Ft. Lauderdale is to let companies like Medsphere fight it out for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) business and instead focus on moving such records through Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) has proven to be a leader in the creation of the world's first IHE standards-based, open source health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure and plays an important independent role connecting healthcare communities.

General manager Bob Barthelmes, a former sales manager at IBM,said the new business model is based on services and support contracts, as well as licenses for clinical groupware products that will plug into its portal. Allscripts will continue to handle data transfers but that contract won't be exclusive.

"The exchange must remain agnostic to the source systems and the core platform must be open. Blackbox solutions for interoperability is an oxymoron and doesn't work any longer."

Maybe. But it appears the government is going to establish the open platform for health data transfers through NHIN Connect, which already has an open source commitment. Plugging open source into open source doesn't give you double the open source.

Misys has been extremely successful in the finance area the last few years, and while their new-found commitment to open source is admirable, I have to ask whether this is a long term customer strategy or a short-term M&A strategy?

Time will tell.

Topics: Health, Open Source

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  • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

    Not sure the commitment is 'new found' as Misys has been in the open source business for nearly three years now. On the issue of NHIN, MOSS is doing exactly what the Feds want....commercializing open source projects and supporting them. The good news is that the MOSS platform and the NHIN are based on the IHE profiles which supports interoperability across communities and up to the NHIN.
    • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

      @tim.elwell@... Open source was a minimal part of Misys' time and attention while it owned part of Allscripts, as I believe you know.
      • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

        @DanaBlankenhorn ... the Open Source Division at Misys would probably disagree with your statement Dana. But from an absolute number of internally dedicated folks, you are correct. However, I'd guess that MOSS has many more external folks working our project than Allscripts has working on their proprietary products. Over 50% of the OHT downloads are for MOSS projects. Go figure! Collaboration works!
  • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

    When successful, open source makes software infrastructure a commodity. That is, it drives widespread adoption of a software component while simultaneously reducing costs for customers. The MOSS team has rightly identified Health IT infrastructure as ripe for this kind of commoditization. To complement MOSS's work, MuleSoft and Axial contributed an interoperability platform to the open source landscape this week. Why does it matter?
  • A marketing gimmick

    If anyone ever finds the source code of anything Misys is selling commercially, I'll me a monkeys uncle.
    John Fosters
    • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

      @John Fosters -- Here's a link to the projects that have been developed over the last few years. Where have you been?

      BTW...May we call you Uncle John?
      • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

        Te saluto Mr. Tim Elwell:

        Thank you for the link. You guys were pretty late and I was worried.

        Also, I don't mind you calling my boy "Uncle John" but know, last night, your momma rolled over and whispered, "If Tim calls Johnny--Uncle--then what does that make me?"

        All tomorrow's apologies,

        John Fosters, Sr. Esq

        BTW...Say HI to your wife and my kids for me.
      • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

        You guys are worthy of the worst show on TV.

        John, Sr. John, Tim and Bob Fart: I would love to have you guys on the show for "Open Source Secrets."

        Please call 1-800-96-JERRY

        BTW...Click on "View All" to see all comments.
  • Misys Open Source Solutions ( Misys MOSS ) was rigged from the start.

    There is no "open source" in Misys Open Source Solutions ( Misys MOSS Solutions ).

    They abused the "open source" tag for marketing and the game was rigged from the start.

    It's a scam unless you find the code, even for Open Carbon World, a kindergarten application, specifically manufactured for exploiting the "open source" tag.
    • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

      @TheMorningPapers - The projects began a few years ago my friend. Anyone who builds IHE solutions knows about them. But here's a link to all the projects.

      You can download to your heart's content but if you have anything meaningful to say, add your contributions in the form of good code contributions.
      • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?


        Where is Carbon? Maybe, Mr. Bob Barthelmes can answer this question--after feeding time--by throwing around semi-colons; like a maverick.
    • Ramakrishna Srinivasan

      @TheMorningPapers Twitter's RamTheSkiver is a spot-on parody of Misys.
      Ramesses II
  • RE: How big a place for Misys open source in healthcare?

    Bob Barthelmes / Robert Barthelmes, a junior IBM salesman, was hired to create a roadmap for Misys Open Source Solutions: Carbon. This was three years ago. We're still waiting; he's been busy with PR posts.

    Bob inherited what Donald Sunderland (now at ExerBlast) did to Misys Open Source Solutions.

    It would've been easy to recover if nothing was done and Mike Lawrie wasn't in line for his 3.2m dollar bonus.

    Under Bob Barthelmes, MOSS Carbon created three products but only one--MERS (Misys Environmental Registry System)--caught a glimpse of production.

    No sourcecode was ever released for any of the three products. Probably because the products were created by hacking the Liferay framework.

    The team and products fell apart due to management lackies, lack of direction and zero technical knowledge.

    Never involved with the team: Thought they were beneath him.

    Pro Tip: If you find a barthelmes in the wild, offer it fresh ham and keep your fingers clear of its mouth.
    Deep Throat
  • Misys Open Source Solutions and The Climate Registry

    I was with Misys Open Source Solutions.

    My job was to test MERS (Misys Environmental Registry System), but I didn't do crap. hehe

    Graham Sands made clients do all our testing and told us to hardcode data, hide or make bugs look like features.

    During meetings, Graham Sands and John Winn would make off-color jokes about The Climate Registry being a bunch of tree huggers and hippies.

    We only had two developers, for MERS, both in Bangalore, India. These two were worked twelve hours a day, seven days a week, for $5k/year. Their lives were dismal and their stay, short.

    Graham Sands and his drinking buddies, Rick Bernard and Catherine Foley, didn't do crap. They all ran to OptumInsight / Ingenix, last year, when they couldn't blame developers anymore.

    MERS fell apart because Mike Lawrie built Misys Open Source Solutions on lies and BS; smoke and mirrors. He didn't want to invest a penny in MOSS: Just wanted to milk MOSS for the holistic smell and make a quick buck to ensure his $3.2M bonus.

    Then Konda Mullapudi (Kondayya Mullapudi), from MOSS: Healthcare, was asked to fill Graham's shoes. I worked with Konda Mullapudi many years before and have seen him making progress in his career - from learning email to verbalizing thoughts.

    Konda Mullapudi either did not want this detail or he was unable to do anything. So, Bob Barthelmes, who thought of himself as a demigod, started getting involved in MERS.

    After three years, we finally heard Bob Barthelmes' voice in Bangalore. Like a military commander, he said a six word sentence, hung up and went back to his ham and cheese sandwich.

    To make matters worse, Raghava Kumar Molluru, a former phone repairman, now the director of resources at Misys (Bangalore), didn't want MOSS to succeed (maybe because of his rivalry with Manoj Kumar Bhatt). Raghava Molluru took it upon himself to frustrate key resources till they lost their sanity and left.

    Thanks to Raghavakumar Molluru, MERS was DOA and DOD (Dead on Delivery) and not even Robert Barthelmes speaking to us, during feeding time, could bring it back to life.

    And when crap hit the fan, they blamed their clients for being uncooperative and having no technical knowledge!

    I'm not saying Bob Barthelmes' job as CIO of Misys is just coming up with fake awards and posting them on sleazy PR sites. I'm also not saying Bob Barthelmes has a boasting problem but if he takes a dump, he's likely to come up an award stating that it was perfectly executed.
    Ramesses II
  • Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) has gone belly-up. Blame everywhere.

    I finally mustered the courage to post.

    Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) has gone belly-up and there's blame everywhere. Here's what happen:

    Hint: The IBM Global Services salesman was thin when he joined Misys.
    Misys Open Source Solutions Employee
  • It is impossible to help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

    I feel pity, more than anything else, for Bob Barthelmes. He was given so much, but managed to waste every bit of it.
    Ramesses II
  • Mike Lawrie's play was very clever and disgusting.

    The whole show was run in India.

    Mike Lawrie and his allies--Bob Barthelmes (Robert Barthelmes) and the guys who run the show in India, Manoj Kumar Bhatt, Raghava Kumar Molluru and Anil Shenoy--knew Misys Open Source Solutions was a farce. They hired young, inexperienced resources, milked them and threw them out, effectively destroying their lives.

    The resources were never told the truth. I didn't even know the external name of the product I was working on. Working twelve-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, with requirements changing everyday and salesmen justifying their lazy as "Agile," I was let go when the software wouldn't accept apostrophes in a person's name when they signed up. For example, it would not accept a name like "Nina D'Souza".

    The worse came after the resources were fired. When the resources talked among themselves, about what was going on in the organization, in social-media, like twitter and facebook, they were harassed by the Indian police. Yes, you can do this in India.

    Misys was monitoring social-media, specifically targeting resources they used.
  • A note to Bob Barthelmes.

    It ain't easy being sleazy, Bob.
    Ramesses II
  • OpenCrapSolutions

    I suffer from PTSD because of Graham Sands and John Winn calling at 2:00AM (my time) and asking me to do stuff. There's a lot more, but I cannot say it without identifying myself.
  • Hypocrite racist outsourcers

    I think they are the worst kind of racists. Hypocrite racists that outsource to India; but find India to be disgusting.