How pot may win the war against super-bacteria

How pot may win the war against super-bacteria

Summary: Pot may be our best weapon in the fight against bacterial infection. Yes, spleef, mary jane, reefer, wacky tobacky, the stuff that made Cheech & Chong famous. It could save your life.

TOPICS: Malware, Health, Security

marijuana leafThe previous story here featured important information relevant to your life, especially if you're ill. But I guarantee more of you will read this one.

Pot may be our best weapon in the fight against bacterial infection.

Yes, spleef, mary jane, reefer, wacky tobacky, the stuff that made Cheech & Chong famous. It could save your life.

Scientists working in Italy and England have found that all five cannabinoids -- the chemicals found in marijuana -- "showed potent activity against a variety of MRSA strains of current clinical relevance."

In other words, there's something in there that works against the nastiest of bacteria, those resistant to all current antibiotics, the skin-eating kind, but we're not quite sure what it is.

A press release on the finding says the substances could also provide a more "environmentally-friendly way" to add anti-bacterial properties to soaps and cosmetics.

Mr. Bubble, now with that extra-special something that gets your kids right to sleep. After some heavy snacking.

Of course, we assume, such marijuana would have to be "de-natured," rendered harmless or drug free, before it could be used. But what if the same chemicals that get you high are the chemicals that cure?

Here is where science will meet politics. After 10 years we are no closer to dealing with the issue of medical marijuana than we were before. Activists are still being tossed into jail despite some states' attempts to regulate it. (Alaska is one.)

By and large politicians have succeeded in scaring patients away from marijuana as a way to deal with the pain of cancer. Can they also succeed when the active ingredient becomes our best hope against super-germs?

I wouldn't bet against them.

Topics: Malware, Health, Security

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  • Well, this would be great news for...

    Lays potato chips!
    Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
    • that one took me a while...

      You mean potato chips for the "munchies."
      • LOL

        Yes I do...
        Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
    • RE: How pot may win the war against super-bacteria

      @Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
      This is only the beginning of the understanding of the benefits of the cannabis plant. Its good to see a site like zdnet giving space to this article. The medical marijuana science still has a lot more to yield and recent discoveries have found there to be hundreds of cannabinoids, each of which interacts differently. So the future benefits to be discovered and made available are huge.
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      Cannabis Seed
  • This explains alot!!

    I think we finally see why Mr. Blankenhorn's writing has been of such "quality"...seems to have an affinity towards the poor, oppressed illegal users of "medical marijuana". Oh...maybe he's got a headache today...why shouldn't that too be sufficient medical grounds for use? Etc., etc. Well then...maybe...why wait for a headache? You have to think maybe he's already riding the reefer, with the sloppy logic he pens, and the side he takes on this particular issue.

    Clue to Blankenhorn - there is *zero* medical need for marijuana for pain management. We have palliative care that can cover any situation without resort to marijuana.

    It's pretty backwards when the potheads try painting those who are trying to keep some societal order as preventing them from being able to deal with their illness.

    Get off your reefer and write some *tech*!!
    • You lack of knowledge is evident.

      [url=]So please read up[/url] before you sound off.

      [url=]More reading...[/url]

      [url=]And one more...[/url]

      The bottom line is any drug can be abused and generally the more lethal and dangerous barbiturates are what is abused. The drug companies do not have all the answers, there are some holistic and natural remedies that work better in many cases with fewer side effects than what is pumped out by pharmas.

      One other thing, we are starting to wake up and realize that using pills to fix everything is not the answer either. But a balance of holistic, homeopathic and chemical solutions is the more correct and effective method of treating illness and pain.
      Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
      • Right, because

        inhaling smoke with massive tar levels and carcinogens is the true
        exercise of overall health holistic treatment.

        I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for you. It requires a great deal of
        insight and judgement to appreciate. I suggest you smoke a few
        tokes and then we can talk. Bring your credit cards.
        • There are other routes to taking it in

          As I think you know. Whether an anti-biotic should be
          administered in a cream, or through a needle, or
          through the stomach, is always an issue.

          I doubt smoking marijuana is the way to clear a skin
        • So you didn't make an effort

          to even read up on how medicinal marijuana is used did you? Made an assumption based on some hollywood movies I presume.

          You may want to take that arrogance and put a round turn on it. It will help you not look so foolish in public.

          Now go back read the post, read the links, understand there are more than one way, as pointed out by Mr. Blankenhorn, to apply the properties contained within the cannabis plant.
          Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
        • Wow..why the anger

          One person writes about potential benefits of of a naturally growing weed and the "cons" are angry. Why? Do any of those against the use of marijuana (notice I said use - not medical use)ever ask yourself why you have so much angst on this issue?

          Could it be that the US gov't has done such a great job of demonizing something natural and more harmelss than alcohol (for which great amounts of taxes are received) that you can't even consider the potential benefits? No wonder we live in such a polarized world now. Man, if you smoked a doob once in awhile I'll bet you might not be so angry. Lighten up (pun intended).
          • Marijuana Has Some Very Useful Benefits

            Hemp makes an excellent natural rope.

            Hemp also makes better quality paper than trees at lower cost with far less adverse impact on the environment.

            Marijuana eases the nausea of chemotherapy. Marijuana may now provide new hope for actually saving lives of people infected with antibiotic-immune strains of bacteria.

            But escaping reality is not a useful property to us.
      • Thanks Jim

        I commend the links to everyone, to get an idea of
        what Jim is talking about. Just right-click over them
        and open them in a new tab or window so you can stay
        in the discussion here.
        • You are welcome. <NT>

          Jim Blaine - Bellingham WA.
      • "Mother Nature's Kitchen"

        is a line in the movie "Medicine Man" starring Sean Connery.

        Mother Nature's Kitchen is an incredibly wondrous thing, producing cures for our ills in some of the most unlikely places. "The Lord provides."

        Marijuana offers several benefits: Hemp rope, hemp paper, easing chemotherapy nausea, and now maybe a new hope for people infected with antibiotic-immune bacteria.

        Lovenox is another example - a very useful short-term anticoagulant that saves lives. Lovenox comes from the mucus scraped from pig intestines.
    • OK to report on the research

      If a legitimate medical use for marijuana is found, people (including lawmakers and their constituents) deserve the opportunity to change their minds. In any event, I think your response is dogmatic and uncalled for.
      John L. Ries
    • That explains a lot!!

      "[i]Get off your reefer and write some *tech*!![/i]"

      Maybe you should get off your tech and try some reefer.

    • My Wife Died Due To "Pain Management"...

      At the hands of "Experts in the field" from pharmacuetical pain medications.

      Don't dismiss something before you have been through it. The current methods of pain management are to dope people up so they can't think about the pain.

      In my wife's case the physician increased her meds at night because she was having problems sleeping.

      May she rest in peace (God Willing) she went to bed and never woke up.

      Next time you go criticizing something you know nothing about think about having to wake up and having the closest person to you lifeless.

      I don't think Medical Marijuana would have done that but I'm not in a state that allows it so I guess I'll never know.

      I'll think about your comments the next time I go to visit her at the cemetery.
    • Not true, I'm sorry to say...

      [i]"We have palliative care that can cover any situation without resort to marijuana."[/i]

      How much experience do you have personally with chronic, severe pain? For example, the pain that results from multiple, inoperable, untreatable cysts inside the spinal column that constantly compress the spinal nerve roots? I assure you, from personal experience over the last four years, that the medical community does *NOT* have palliative pain care that can cover every situation. Not and leave you functional.

      My partner's father died screaming in agony because the drugs that might have helped have been outlawed because they are too addictive. What difference can that possibly make to someone who is terminal?

      One of my best friends, who developed liver cancer as a result of his service in Viet Nam spent two years in agony - the legal pain killers were not potent enough to handle the pain.

      I belong to a support group with over 1,600 members, most of whom suffer from levels of pain that are equal to mine or higher. Every last one of us will tell you - the medical community is unable to effectively treat chronic pain. Talk to the veterans of the Iraq war who have suffered severe nerve damage as a result of IEDs - they will tell you the same. I pray *you* never have to find out first-hand; I wouldn't wish this on anybody. But do not believe the hype the medical community pumps out - they can't deal with pain effectively.

      MRSA is a horror. If researchers have found something that can effectively combat it, then it *must* be made available to patients.

      BTW - I can't use pot - I *HATE* the effect (anterograde amnesia) it has on me.
    • techboy_z

      I have chronic pain. I am in various degrees of pain at all time and have been for 7 much so that I have faced down the suicide demon once.

      I am not going to die of this pain, as it is a nerve disorder and does not affect my organs. I cannot take many of the medications you would use for a broken foot or for recovery of an operation. I am not a 'pot-head', but am a former executive who has lost much due to this pain.

      The majority of pain-killers that I have used sparingly over the past 7 years had horrible side-effect. I no longer take them except in extreme situations (christmas morning, I cannot walk due to the vicodin can allow me to make it down the stairs and to the couch to share with my family). For my home? This was once a beautifully kept bastion of peace but is now an ongoing struggle to keep the counters clear, the laundry done, the floors less than covered in grime.

      I smoke pot once or twice a week, and use the pain reduced time to clean.

      You get off your religion-based high horse. You have no understanding of, and i hope you never TRULY understand, chronic pain.
  • Hilarious

    Pot has tar levels that are off the roof compared to cigarettes,
    causes immediate impairment in judgement and reflexes, and yet
    tobacco is the evil product that should be regulated and
    marijuana the new miracle drug?