Misys-Allscripts deal is all about SaaS

Misys-Allscripts deal is all about SaaS

Summary: Misys CEO Mike Lawrie said his customers will be given a choice between continuing with Misys software or going with some of the "best of breed products" from Allscripts.

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Misys CEO Mike LawrieThe complex deal under which Misys Healthcare is acquiring 54% of Allscripts, which Allscripts executives will run, is all about Software as a Service, or Saas.

With SaaS, the software you use is hosted on a remote server, and you access it through a Web browser, with your data saved remotely as well.

You'll usually pay a monthly fee based on the amount of storage you need and the features you use, instead of buying the software up-front and paying for the computers and services needed to make it work.

The combined companies will target doctors' offices with a SaaS product and starts with one-third of the U.S. market. SaaS is a new acronym for what was called the ASP market a decade ago.

As a stand-alone company Misys had been struggling for market share, and last month it fulfilled its commitment to open source Misys Connect, hiring former IBM executive Tim Elwell as chief open source officer.

Elwell wrote ZDNet this morning to say that commitment remains in place, but with Misys using the Eclipse license, rather than the AGPL, it is under no obligation to share improvements in its SaaS offering with the community.

In an interview on the Allscripts site, Misys CEO Mike Lawrie (above) also said his customers will be given a choice between continuing with Misys software or going with some of the "best of breed products" from Allscripts.

That sure reads like Misys' software development efforts will be subsumed under the Allscripts label, with open source developers left to fend for themselves.

Time, of course, will tell.

Topics: Emerging Tech, Cloud

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  • Misys SaaS

    Dana -- First, the components that have been open sourced by Misys, also known as the Braid Project on Sourceforge, are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license not the EPL. Second, although Misys offers a hosted EMR product called MyWay (2007 CCHIT Certified) which is targeted at the <10 provider practice market, customers may also choose to host it themselves or license the code outright and run it locally. Alternatively, Misys also offers its customers yet another CCHIT certified EMR certifed product for larger practices. The open source code that we are working on with the open source community is focused on addressing interoperability issues between EMRs and clinical enterprises; not SaaS. Regardless if you are talking about SaaS or locally hosted applications, or in-office installed products, interoperability remains a key impediment to EMR adoption and needs to be solved. The Misys perspective on this is that the problem is best solved collaboratively and transparently.

    Tim Elwell -- VP, Open Source, Misys plc
    • Good thoughts. Care for a followup?

      Given Mike Lawrie's "best of breed" comments, is there really a Misys view anymore?

      After I wrote this I talked to an English reporter who said the British staff's morale stinks

      The interview reads like there's a strategy to move all customers to Allscripts over time.

      So where does that leave Misys' code? And where does that leave my good friend Tim Elwell?