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Consumerization in 2012: Cloud and mobile blurs into other people's IT

We are not far from a tipping point in IT where the majority of business solutions come from workers and the lines of business via the cloud and newer mobile platforms. While this is a sea change in the way we look at software and data ownership and management, it's clearly under way. What will happen to the traditional IT department as consumerization takes place and what should organizations do to get ready?

January 24, 2012 by


Social business and enterprise usage: The lessons

The data keeps coming in: The sale of social business software continues to rise and is forecast to continue rising for years. But does that translate into adoption? New data shows that while adoption is slowing, it's indeed happening, with real benefits. If so, what are the most useful lessons we can take away from the early pioneers?

December 16, 2011 by

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Ten strategies for making the "Big Leap" to next-gen mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data

The "Big Five" IT trends are in the midst of making their impact felt in organizations around the world. Is this is a significant chance for IT to drive innovation and business agility at long last, or will the impact of these be the undoing of the classical era of IT? Here are some of the likely strategies that organizations will need to consider to make the "Big Leap" required to guide organizations into the 21st century with next-generation mobile, social business, cloud computing, consumerized IT, and big data.

October 16, 2011 by

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The "Big Five" IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data

In today's ever more technology-centric world, the stodgy IT department isn't considered the home of innovation and business leadership. Yet that might have to change as some of the biggest advances in the history of technology make their way into the front lines of service delivery. Here's an exploration of the top five IT trends in the next half decade, including some of the latest industry data, and what the major opportunities and challenges are.

October 2, 2011 by

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Adopting social media in 'difficult' businesses

Regulated industries often have a difficult time adopting social media beyond simple outbound marketing. Fortunately, engaging with the marketplace and getting into the more interesting and valuable scenarios, such as Social CRM, is getting easier as solutions and frameworks for dealing with the legal and compliance issues emerge. I examine the recent discussions from a major financial services conference and summarize potential solutions.

September 22, 2011 by


As customer engagement evolves, Social CRM poised for major growth

With the Social CRM industry expected to top $1 billion in revenue in 2012, it's growing faster that just about any other segment of social business. Yet the classic challenges of dealing with newly empowered customers but slow-evolving enterprise processes are likely to mean plenty of lost opportunity. To catch up, how can companies better re-conceive the way that they will engage with the customers?

September 9, 2011 by