Is a new Apple TV launching along with the iPad 3?

Is a new Apple TV launching along with the iPad 3?

Summary: Rumor has it that the new Apple TV will emerge this month with a faster processor to finally bring 1080p support to the device.


With Apple's event next week, presumably to launch the iPad 3, the usual swirl of rumors surrounding the announcement has picked up steam. One report that isn't iPad related: a new version of Apple TV will be announced at the same time as the new tablet.

According to 9to5Mac, those good old "sources" are saying that the new Apple TV will emerge this month with a faster processor to finally bring 1080p support to the device -- along with a 1080p section in the iTunes Store. Bluetooth 4.0 support is also expected, while less likely rumors include Siri voice-command capabilities.

Considering the rampant rumors of the Cupertino giant releasing a television set (or "iTV") sometime in the near future, a new Apple TV could be a hard sell among devotees waiting for the Apple television to drop -- those with deep enough pockets to pay whatever price the set will cost, of course. But for the masses willing to only pay $100 or so, will the new version of Apple TV be enough to push the device out of the realm of "hobby" into a real business for Apple? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section.

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  • That'll be Cook's

    "One more thing"
    William Farrel
    • And touch".

      The "And touch." on the much talked about photo seems a very odd thing to say about iPad.

      Perhaps the event is really about Apple TV G3 touchscreen and IOS'd up, with an iPad Jr as 'one more thing'.

      an Apple TV from 6 feet away would definitaly have a retina display :-)

      ZDNet pundits wrong, shurely not ;-)
      • One more thing...

        Unless, of course, it refers to an iPad without a physical home button. Or, a new camera/video with special touch controls. Or, a...

        Still, I like the idea of an ATV with a touchscreen... but, hey, that could be an iPad with Airplay!

        One more thing... iPad mini. Yes! That'd be fun.
  • I want THE Apple TV

    Not interested until the real Apple TV comes out...can't wait to see it in full HD on a screen made by Apple.
    • RE: screen made by Apple

      I am sure if that happens the screen will be made by one of Apple's 3rd party suppliers that make LED/LCD screens.
  • 1080p?

    Wait, Apple TV doesn't support 1080p... wow, just wow.
    • It is actually 1080p capable...

      Real Racing demoed an iPad 2 actaully wirelessly AirPlay streaming 1080p to an AppleTV.. so it's not a hardware limitation... there is just no iTunes content in 1080p...

      Also remember 1080p and 720p on average are going to pretty much look the same at a given data rate.. 720 will actually look better if there is lots of movement and 1080p will look better in scenes with little to no movement.. most streaming devices have 5-10 Mb/s (blueRay is 42Mb/s) so not going to see much difference at that data rate.. in ave. the 720p will likely look better.. 1080p without knowing the data rate, codec, frame rate
      Tells you NOTHING about the actual picture quality you're going to get..
      • Thanks for that!

        Informative, to the point, simple language.
    • RE: 1080P

      The current model does not support it but when Apple does it will be a magical and revolutionary leap forward in technology that Apple innovated.
      • Please read the comment from theFunkDoctorSpoc above

        Bob, you might be a little confused about Apple's hobby device. I believe our fellow talkback poster explained the capabilities of the current Apple TV rather well.

        Except that bit about the 1080p capability of Real Racing. I believe he might have left the impression that the demo regarded a prototype game not released to the public. Rest assured that is not the case. The actual driving simulation game does ship with 1080p streaming capability via the Apple TV bridge link to a HDTV screen.
  • Necessary to complete the ecosystem

    Whether you like Apple or not, the truth is that they are trying to create a complete ecosystem where all of the pieces work together.

    Ever since 1080p video on the iPhone became available, it was inevitable that 1080p video would see support in the rest of their devices (desktop, AppleTV). From there, it would just be a matter of time before 1080p content became available in iTunes.
  • will there be NAS support???

    really keen on this to stream music and photos but it only interests me if i can run it off a NAS drive.
    • Running an Apple TV with home content

      You can run the content off of a NAS drive but iTunes and home sharing will need to be going on one of your machines at home. I'd have to see if there is a function to look for content not associated with an iTunes library.

      I store all of my digital files on a networked machine and the files are all linked to my iTunes which needs to be running and needs to have home sharing on. My Apple TV reads the shared list and plays them on my main TV and wirelessly shares those files to some of our laptops, iPod touches and my iPad. Its very liberating in many ways. I don't have to store the content on all the devices and we can be anywhere on the property and enjoy our media.
      • Apple broke most NAS iTues servers with iTunes 10

        Shame Apple broke most NAS's iTunes server functions with iTunes 10. Many still don't work. like my ZyXEL NSA310.

        Polkast is going in the right direction, but's it's supported media formats sucks. Compared to my WDTVLive, it's pants.
  • tg

    MS do not force us to your products!
  • Apple TV thoughts

    I have been an owner of the AppleTv (original and now black) both since they came out. I stream all my movie/TV content from the iTunes library and now use NetFlix from the AppleTV a lot. I also use other features like Youtube, Photos, etc., but not often. I think the AppleTV is a great device and think the 1080p will help increase its sales moving it out of Hobby status, but that alone will probably not be enough. I think it needs to have apps and be able to play games like its competition can. If it can have access to all or a subset of the iTunes Store apps, and have a subscription model to access content at a reasonable price, now you have a major item that I think could really increase sales and help compel people to buy the unit over for example the Roku and have a reason to buy this and drop cable. I have been wanting to drop cable for years, but the content my wife watches is too expensive without going the cable tv route. On the Roku Front, I have seen many of my coworkers buy Roku's in the last few years and I was hard pressed to convince why they should go with an AppleTV instead. Of course the price of the AppleTv has to stay low (<$99 and who knows maybe free with a subscription). The AppleTV-TV is another thing. I can't imagine spending a major premium to buy a an Apple branded television for the cool features, especially if most of those same features are available via the AppleTV box. It will be interesting to see how things play out. Best Regards,
  • zasew

    Who wants a subwoofer that vibrates the delicate bits inside their TV? I don't know about now.