LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV will cost $8,000 when introduced in May

LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV will cost $8,000 when introduced in May

Summary: The 55EM9600 will be rolled out during the Cannes Film Festival in May, with a price tag that equals the glitz of that event.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

Details have emerged about LG's forthcoming launch of the 55-inch OLED HDTV it introduced at CES in January. It appears that the set will be rolled out during the Cannes Film Festival in May, with a price tag that equals the glitz of that event.

LG is apparently pricing the 55EM9600 at 9 million Korean Won, or around $8,000. While that is far more than the average buyer would pay for a new set, it wouldn't have surprised people if the LG was priced at $10,000 at launch. It's also a better "deal" (if you can call it that) than the first consumer OLED TV, an 11-inch model that Sony sold for $2,500.

The launch will set off a small arms war with Samsung, which is also rolling out its own Super OLED TV later this year. LG says it will determine in July whether it will invest more resources in OLED TV production, presumably based on initial consumer demand for the 55EM9600.

Do you have any interest in buying the 55-inch OLED when (and if) it makes it to the U.S. at its launch price?

[OLED-Info.com via The Verge]

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • If you haven't seen OLED . . . .

    While $8 large limits its appeal to well-heeled early adopters, OLED picture quality is unbelievable even after you see it. It's like looking out a window.

    I won't be buying one at that price, but this is the Next Big Thing in displays. I hope they do well and work hard to bring the price down to mass market level.
    R Harris
    • That's the same exact description I heard about the plasma TVs

      when they first came out about 14/15 years ago.

      Yet, when I investigate the plasma TVs back then, I was less than impressed. Hopefully, this LG OLED will really be like "looking out a window".
      • @adornae ... i'm with you on that call

        Can we get someone that's seen the 55EM9600 operating - and who doesn't wear glasses ... who has 20/20 vision ... and that doesn't work for LG ... that doesn't have shares, or family in LG ... and that isn't a retail stockist for LG ... comment on the thing.

        Even with all that said (and done), if it's only marginally better than current HDMI/HDTV offerings from any LCD/LED television OEM, i think i'll pass. I mean *No TV's* worth $8K ... unless maybe if they throw in a free, long term cable subscription with a live TV, receiver-recorder. ;)
  • Oh how easily we forget ...

    $8,000 is pretty cheap for brand new, ground breaking technology.

    Not too long ago (6, maybe 7 years), Samsung had a 40" rear projection, DLP Television for just under $5000 - it was big, clunky, didn't do 1080 (i or p), and you'd have a hell of a time mounting it on your wall - and that was at the end of the era for Rear Projection TVs.

    Not too long before that, the first Plasma TV,s came out, while still significantly slimmer than any TV before it, it was still kind of clunky (I don't believe they did 1080i, but I may be wrong), and the price tag was in excess of $15,000 for about 50 inches.

    This is new, amazing technology that is the closest to CRT we may ever get, while being the most power efficient yet ... and the damn thing is thinner than your pinky finger and lighter than your head ... I had $8,000 not already earmarked for bills, I'd pay that, it's cheap for cutting edge technology.

  • This really isn't that bad of a price

    I was expecting it to be far far worse. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling on OLED development, because they're quite frankly, cool as hell.
  • I'd have to see one...

    It being OLED means zero to me. Yes, I understand the technology and its potential, but potential is rarely fully-realized. The bottom line is, I want picture quality, not the latest buzz word. Case in point: My iPhone 4S Retina display looks MUCH better than the OLED smartphone screens I've seen. In other words, you don't need OLED to make a better display.

    So, I'd have to see it running alongside the best of the LED backlit LCD displays. There would have to be a significant visual difference for me to pay double the price for an OLED. That said, if they actually are noticeably better, I definitely would pay the price. Watching perfectly-displayed movies is important to me.
  • And by Dec...

    And by Decemeber the same tv will be under $3000 and by next year round $1500 so why buy now? That would put you into the realm os Apple stupidity or just a rich guy with money to burn.
    • There is no such thing as "Apple" stupidity...

      People buy Apple products because they want the better user experience, quality, huge selection of apps, etc... There is a ton of value in that... And the comparisons have been done on TCO and like for like and Apple products are very reasonably priced... You are letting your hate show Fletchy...

      But this is just an OLED HDTV... Anyone paying 8 large (or more) for any TV (past or present) is compensating for some seriously short comings. In other words, someone has a tiny, tiny, tiny... er.... bit of self esteem.
  • Rich guys with money to burn....

    Make the prices drop to affordable levels, let's not disparage them! Nor the 'apple stupid' ho have to have it first, flashiest or fastest!


    I like toys too, just affordable ones!
  • Better than the only other viable OLED on the market which is 25" @ $14,000

  • It's not about the price..

    I used to think the same, it is very expensive but once you see the product in person, you'll understand why it's so pricey and start to really admire it.
  • Samsung Will Cost More

    OLED TVs will be expensive when they first come out just like when the first plasma TV came out. From CES, it is said that Samsung will cost more than LG OLED.