Web 2.0 asks parents and teens, who uploads? Answer: everyone

Web 2.0 asks parents and teens, who uploads? Answer: everyone

Summary: Web 2.0 is a conclave of technology industry insiders, but a panel of laypeople talking about their online habits stole the show.

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Safa Rashtchy, managing director of Piper Jaffray and a senior research analyst focused on internet media and marketing, is interviewing a panel of 5 teens and 4 parents about their Internet habits.  The whole thing has been full of gems and laughs at the expense of one company or another, but from the standpoint of significance and participation, this stood out and surprised me.  After first making sure they all knew what "uploading" was, Safa asked who on the panel regularly uploaded things to the 'Net.  Answer?  Everyone.  The two way Web has arrived. 

Most if not all were blog readers and fans, and two or three actively write them.  Finally, in response to a question about how they'd like to see the Web change, one of the teens said in essence, "When I'm online for an hour, I want to be paid for that hour."  A great candidate for the GestureBank beta!

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  • THAT is precisiely the problem with today's youth...

    Today's youth through either CRACK use or Un-divine intervention, is of the FALSE belief that they are ENTITLED to everything in life for free or better yet they should be PAID just for their existence in the universe.

    No wonder we have drive-by shootings, armed robberies at PS3 releases, a drug epidemic, uncontrolled theft, aka Piracy, etc. These young people are not only clueless they are pompous fools taking all they can from society and contributing nothing!