Dennis Howlett

Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

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Workday Rising: the analysts' take

Analysts attending Workday Rising 2012 broadly give the company a thumbs up. There's plenty to note but what strikes me is the nuance that's getting us all fired up.

November 7, 2012 by Dennis Howlett


Workday goes for Big Data, eyes Windows 8 and recruiting

Workday's 'mobile first' theme continues only this time its analytics that's getting the Big Data treatment. And yes, the have Windows 8 mobile UI in their labs. Looking forward, the company is committed to building a recruitment app.

November 6, 2012 by Dennis Howlett


Reality check: Big Data BS

Big Data is the latest fashionista buzz expression hitting enterprise buyers. But is it new and does it matter? I sense we're focusing on the wrong things.

November 4, 2012 by Dennis Howlett