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Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

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A surprise conversation with Larry Ellison

Late last evening I received an invitation to attend Oracle's Collaborate08 conference in Denver. I had to decline, living some 5,144 miles away from this year's venue and, being a blogger, barely have two red cents to rub together.

March 31, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


A fresh Firefox install: drastic but cathartic

Following last weekend's mea culpa I thought I'd make amends this weekend with a post about how I nearly ditched Firefox but decided instead to do some housecleaning with a fresh install on my MacBookPro. The results were astonishing.

March 28, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Google for enterprise: my $500 bet

Robert Scoble believes that Google is making a run for the enterprise and that over the next five years will grab at least some share of that market, specifically in email. He might be right but I'm willing to bet $500 that he's wrong.

March 26, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


The CIO's innovation dilemma

The often uncomfortable relationship between IT and business is nothing new but has taken on fresh piquancy. The visibility achieved by the impact coming from the use of socialprise I have seen among major brands fuels that debate.

March 24, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Social networking, IBM, Microsoft etc: the Twitterverse debates

Charles Cooper's article noting the rise of Twitter as part of the media fabric is a cue for surfacing a long conversation I had yesterday with some of my 800 Twitter followers. The pretext was my post about the end of software and the number of thanks folk posted on Twitter.

March 21, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


The end of software... you know it. Right now I'm falling over startup vendors vying for attention in the so-called 'social software' space.

March 18, 2008 by Dennis Howlett

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Intel: no social networking here

Last evening I met with a group of well known companies that are doing interesting things in the social networking space - except that's not what they call it. Intel for instance prefers to think in terms of participative marketing.

March 13, 2008 by Dennis Howlett