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Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

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Gartner comments on Oracle reorg, misses golden opportunity

Gartner has released a research note covering the departure of John Wookey and the subsequent reorganization of the Fusion team. In our Irregulars Google Group, Josh Greenbaum said that whatever happens at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld event, the company would likely spin the story.

October 29, 2007 by Dennis Howlett

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Business application UIs users

Last week I posted a link from a blog by Khoi Vinh of the New York Times about design to the Irregulars Google Group. The basic premise of Khoi's post is that enterprise apps suck in large measure because the UIs are horrible:Enterprise software, it can hardly be debated, is pretty bad stuff.

October 29, 2007 by Dennis Howlett


Microsoft embedding social media in Dynamics

Earlier today I spent time with Craig Dewar and Julio de Villasante, both of whom are working on social media style applications at Microsoft for the business applications divisions. Microsoft is no stranger to communities having operated MSDN and Channel 9 for some years.

October 24, 2007 by Dennis Howlett


Microsoft Dynamics: 8 questions for Kirill Tatarinov

After 100 days in the job of leading Microsoft's business systems division, Kirill Tatarinov is getting his feet firmly under the table. I caught up with him at this year's EMEA Convergence, Microsoft's customer conference with eight questions:1.

October 23, 2007 by Dennis Howlett

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SAP loves Eclipse and widgets (and Flex)

SAP's DemoJam is a competition for SAP customers, partners and employees to show off their whacky 'stuff.' Entries to DemoJam only have to abide by four simple rules:No PowerPointMust be live running codeHave business valueSix minutes in lengthA highly secretive panel of alpha geeks decides which of the many entrants are whittled down to the last six and get to demonstrate in front of 2,500 peers at TechEd.

October 17, 2007 by Dennis Howlett


Microsoft does the Atlassian pogo dance

Continuing from Dan Farber's news post regarding Atlassian, the enterprise wiki space just changed. Speaking with Jeffrey Walker, president of Atlassian and the software industry's Lance Armstrong, it is clear today's partnership between Atlassian and Microsoft is a big deal:The curious thing is they came to us.

October 17, 2007 by Dennis Howlett


Oracle re-org confirmed, Fusion leader ousted

Sources have confirmed that as Vinnie Mirchandani correctly predicted, John Wookey, who spearheaded Oracle's Fusion project is out. A company wide email was sent by CEO Larry Ellison detailing the organizational changes that will now take place.

October 15, 2007 by Dennis Howlett