Gartner wins in ZL lawsuit: but is it a pyrrhic victory?

Gartner wins in ZL lawsuit: but is it a pyrrhic victory?

Summary: Just in. ZL lost in its lawsuit over Gartner Magic Quadrants.

TOPICS: Legal, CXO, IT Priorities

Just in. ZL lost in its lawsuit over Gartner Magic Quadrants. It has issued this statement:

"ZL believes that Gartner’s overwhelming influence on large corporations’ purchasing decisions, and its inaccurate ratings, including its bias in favor of large vendors, combine to pose major competitive hurdles that hurt smaller innovative vendors across all technology sectors.  The harm falls not only on new and innovative companies like ZL, but on the enterprise customers who receive faulty purchasing advice, and as a result overspend on inferior technology.

While we are disappointed that the court has dismissed our lawsuit as filed, we are pleased that it has given us leave to amend our complaint, over Gartner opposition. We believe the market should take note that the defense on which Gartner prevailed was its argument that its reports contain “pure opinions,” namely, opinions which are not based on objective facts.  In ZL’s view, that is directly contrary to the statements Gartner makes to its customers when selling its allegedly sound research. ZL intends to amend its complaint and refile within 30 days."

It looks as though this one has at least one more round to go.

Topics: Legal, CXO, IT Priorities

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  • I try to act the opposite...

    of what Gartner recommends. I truly believe they do not have a clue about real world IT. Their recommendations are based on personal opinions and ideas that are not backed up by hard data and research. Sometimes it sounds as though they feel like they have the ability to influence the future of IT based on where they want to see it go rather than where the technology is going to lead it. Then their predictions look totally foolish and prove to be wrong more times than right.

    You do not gain insight about a subject by simply reading and then making some decision based on whether you like one way or the other. True insight can only be gained by spending time in the trenches with those that actually work with and understand the issue at hand. Without this type of insight predictions are wild guesses at best. And they will be wrong most of the time.

    And what is the worse thing about all of this is there are actually companies out there that are listening to Gartner and basing decision on their predictions.

    Some might call Gartner analysts. But I don't believe that Gartner analyzes much at all. I think they make a lot of guesses based on personal preferences. And those that are doing the guessing are probably ones that do not have the ability to cut it in the trenches. So they set back and try to impress those that are out there taking the technology in one direction or another.

    If there are any of you out there that are impressed by Gartner I would surely love to hear your take on the subject. Even better, if you have taken their analytics and applied them to something resulting in success, let me know.
  • RE: Gartner wins in ZL lawsuit: but is it a pyrrhic victory?

    Doesn't sound like a win to me. My first impression in reading the headline was that they beat them in court. The court simple dismissed the cased based on the original filing. This is normal and doesn't mean they won, just that ZL didn't present a compelling argument for a case.