HANA is here...innit?

HANA is here...innit?

Summary: SAP releases HANA without documentation. Which genius thought of that?


So to massive fanfare, arm waving by the CEO on Bloomberg, enthusiastic webinars by board members and a PR snowstorm, SAP has announced the general availability of HANA, the mother of all in-memory appliances that will change the world. So they say. Except for one tiny detail.

None of my SAP Mentor buddies can find any official documentation. The Twitter stream tells it all. These from John Appleby of Bluefin Solutions.

Real men don't need HANA documentation, they need software. I can't find that on sap.com either though.

Am penning the unofficial HANA FAQ. Can't believe there isn't a good one yet. Hoping you guys will keep me honest once it's up.

FAQ can only be as good as the information available to go in it - think there is enough to have a useful article

My HANA 1.0 FAQ is a bit like HANA 1.0 - a work in progress :) - penned and sent to be put on our website tomorrow.

This for a solution that is rumored to be selling like hot cakes as in a pipeline of €10 million a week. You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can? But in all seriousness, if these folk can't find documentation then there's a problem.

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  • There is documentation...

    Documentation is available to HANA 1.0 customers via http://help.sap.com/hana. It's just not public (yet).
    • RE: HANA is here...innit?

      @luxxor - not much good then eh?
  • RE: HANA is here...innit?

    I normally enjoy reading your blogs. Not this one. I agree with John Appleby's tweet. I also would say why doc is so critical. If you don't have s/w to play with, how doc is going to be helpful. Do People need doc to speculate aggressively or complain about incosistencies in doc or ....??? I'm sorry but wish SAP community focuses on more important, critical stuff. or if they felt doc was important, they could've worked with SAP leadership in the background.
    Remember SAP still doesn't know whether HANA is "Application" or DB or both. Scenario: An auto maker manufactures/innovates something. After that, they try to figure out what they manufactured: engine, or body or wheel or car. Should I give more time for them to figure that out? Come on... SAP community should be discussing more critical stuff not doc.

    Bala Prabahar
  • RE: HANA is here...innit?

    Good catch, Dennis. It is up to the analyst community to keep SAP honest. It is surprising how little information is available about HANA. It only means a few things - SAP is afraid to really open the Kimono on HANA or SAP does not know what general availability means or both. You and analyst community can do us (customers) a huge favor by providing a comparative analysis of HANA, Vertica, Netezza, AsterData, ExaData, Sybase IQ, QlikView, Spotfire, VoltDB, Hadoop/Hive....and provide some recommendations - cost, value, good/bad...Heck, we would be willing to pay for this analysis. It would be even better if you can provide a full stack analysis (storage, raw analysis, ETL, statistical/predictive/data mining add-ons, visualization, etc..)