Hasso on Hasso

Hasso on Hasso

Summary: There I was in my last post slamming SAP for SAPPHIRE Now and what pops up in my Twitterstream?@normanmarks RT @timoelliott: Funky.


There I was in my last post slamming SAP for SAPPHIRE Now and what pops up in my Twitterstream?

@normanmarks RT @timoelliott: Funky. Hasso interviewing himself on why in-memory is important, with dig at Larry http://bit.ly/bCxzTg

It's a terrific piece of classic Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP showmanship and clever use of cinematography where Hasso is seen interviewing himself. I particularly like the slightly out of focus hat tip to Andy Warhol. You can see a Marilyn Monroe-esque frieze of Warhol inspired pictures of Plattner decorating the back wall.

At about 6 mins and 15 secs, we see Hasso the interviewer playing around solving a Rubik's Cube. Was he feigning boredom as Hasso the scientist blahs on about in-memory databases in language only an uber geek could understand?

It's all great juxtaposition between the past, present and possible future. Brilliantly done.

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  • RE: Hasso on Hasso

    Brilliant, but late! His own customers have been leveraging this for years, I guess without his knowledge. It's taken us close to 2 million hours of R&D to do it, but today, many of SAP's largest customers use the Kinaxis in-memory model to compute what it takes SAP, or Oracle for that matter, hours in seconds!
  • Hasso on Hasso

    The interview is further indication of Plattner's arrogance and what is wrong with SAP today. All hype, no substance.
    Plattner is, once again, repeating the idea's of others and passing them on as his own 'discovery'. The only problem is that now the time to market (of his presentation) is now measured in 5 year increments. Slowed to a snail's pace to keep in synch with SAP's development cycles.
    Too little and too late.
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