Oracle is "evil": that's official

Oracle is "evil": that's official

Summary: At least, the company's financial reports seem to confirm the fact.


You cannot make this stuff up. Earlier today I thought I'd take a peek at Oracle's latest financials especially as it is crowing about having installed 1,000 Exadata Database Machines.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the above image. Could it be some sort of weirdness? Not at all it seems. Some bright spark has confirmed what we've all known for a long time. If you cannot see it too well then here's a close up.

I wonder when the re-branding exercise starts? In the meantime I am hoping that the anal-ysts will be able to get an explanation at Oracle's up coming secret analysts day sessions tomorrow and Wednesday.

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Dennis Howlett

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Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

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  • Why I like Oracle

    Unlike like so many companies, whom profess to do no evil, Oracle doesn't beat around the bush. They run their plays straight out of the Art of War and it's ice cold business tactics that will wipe out their competitors at any cost.

    The difference between Oracle and everyone else, is Oracle is honest about doing it.
    General C#
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      @General C# Oracle sucks!
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        @timspublic1@... Wow, that was insightful. Did you write that all by yourself?
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      AGREED! I actually admire Oracle/Ellison in some ways for it. I would rather someone tell me flat out what their intentions are rather than beat around the bush and trying to wrap it up in a pretty "look at how nice/hip/benevolent we are."

      I've always thought Ellison made Gates and Jobs look like pussycats in comparison. Still they are all brilliant and ruthless which is why they're billionaires and the great vast majority of us are not.
      • What a pity their greed mutes their achievements

        @Yensi717 .... they just turn out looking like psychopathic kleptomaniacs... oh that's right.. that's what they are.
        Reality Bites
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        @Yensi717 Based on personal experience, Oracle has always used negative marketing ("their product sucks!") rather than positive marketing ("our product is great because of A, B, and C"). Both are uber-competitive, but there's the "high road" and the "low road".
    • They do a pretty good job...

      @General C# ... of wiping out their customers too. Don't want to leave you with too much financial leeway!
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      @General C# the nazi's were hung 4 waging total war and genocide. in WW2 we waged total war to beat them and the japanese 4 good reason. i.e., we don't wage total war anymore?. how about Korea, Vietnam, Kosoval w/ (genoside), Iraq, Afganistan, Libya (Just a little bit)!. to the victors go the spoils; to the losers; annialitation or the Hangmans Knot ask Saddam! O'h, I Forgot! (They Hung Him).
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        @flybyknight4.0 Wow. You can't be this dumb. This has to be a joke. Tell me it's a joke. Tell me that you are not a complete lunatic. Cheeezzus. Nazis. Get a grip. Take your medications. Tell your mum to warm you some milk. Find a blanket. Get to bed. Come back when you have finished your teens.
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      @General C# Hitler was the epitome of EVIL, and where is he today? The whole world was out to destroy him and finally did. The same as the body's immune system on bacteria and virus, destroy evil. Evil being that which is contrary to the GOOD OF THE WHOLE. The WHOLE will protect itself by destroying evil, just by the natural order of things, in the end Google will prevail. Take Bets?
  • to get redemption, Oracle needs to

    stop the lawsuit against Google and contribute more to FOSS.
    Linux Geek
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      Yeah, that'll happen... not.

      Why would they? They're set to make a lot of money off somebody else's work. Besides, if Google did blatantly rip code? I love Android, but that doesn't make Google above the law.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        Oracle has no case and acting like a greedy patent troll.
        Just read groklaw.
        Linux Geek
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        If Oracle has no case, then Google will win.

        Isn't that the way legal matters work?
        Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        @goff256 "If Oracle has no case, then Google will win."

        Sure, and money has no influence on elections either!

        Dude, if you believe the "right man wins" over the side with the best pawyers, then I pity you if you ever get taken to court. Even if google can prove they are right, it will have cost them a bundle of cash to do it, and an incalculable sum of market share while their partners dither as the case grinds on.
      • There's a difference between Google and me

        I am poor, I cannot fight off a lawsuit even if I am right. Google has money. More important than that, Google has good lawyers. I don't see there being any problem with Google winning this case.
        Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

      @Linux Geek,

      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        @YaBaby <br>to get the community behind it.
        Competing with M$ for the most evile company spot is not the way to go!
        Linux Geek
      • RE: Oracle is evil: that's official

        Microsoft doesn't need to fear competition from Oracle in this spot. They're small-time evil. Now, Apple, they're gunning for it.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • I wonder...

    What exactly is contained in that? I would love to see that pdf and all of its containments. Interesting share!