SAP cans SAPPHIRE Europe

SAP cans SAPPHIRE Europe

Summary: Reports coming out of Europe confirm that SAP has canceled its showcase SAPPHIRE event, scheduled for May.According to: NetShelter, SAP is canceling SAPPHIRE in favor of a series of smaller events -  World 1,000 Tour.


Reports coming out of Europe confirm that SAP has canceled its showcase SAPPHIRE event, scheduled for May.

According to: NetShelter, SAP is canceling SAPPHIRE in favor of a series of smaller events -  World 1,000 Tour.

I asked James Governor  of Redmonk for his reaction: "This sends all the wrong messages to customers. Sure, money is tight but this is the premier event for SAP."

Fellow Irregular Vinnie Mirchandani added: "Such events generate huge goodwill, by all means scale back but don't cancel."

Representatives among my contacts at SAP were not available for comment.

UPDATE: Michael Prosceno from SAP updated me on the situation over email as follows: "It is true that SAP will hold a series of customer events across Europe beginning in May rather than a single large event. These events will provide customers with what they have told us they want; a closer-to-home experience, in local language, one that is more intimate, and provides better opportunities for networking with peers, but that also continues to deliver SAP executive insight, partner participation and, where possible, user group participation so that the greater sense of "Good Will" which Vinnie was referring to continues.

We also continue to plan to hold the SAPPHIRE in Orlando, Florida, as customer feedback showed a strong preference in the Americas for this approach. We have not yet taken final decision on the city locations for EMEA but, we hope to announce the full schedule shortly.  Those plans are nearly complete, but not yet ready to fully announce.  Finally, with respect to James' reaction, we are not sending the wrong messages to our customers -- on the contrary, we are listening to our customers and trying to give them what they are asking for. "

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  • Sapphire

    More accurately, it is SAP's premier sales event. SAP runs that whole conference at a loss so that it can invite Execs and close deals. They must think that the market is going to be so tight that not even a flashy conference will help open wallets.

  • RE: SAP cans SAPPHIRE Europe

    I agree with "scale back not cancel". It sends completely the wrong message to current and potential customers.

    Lots of illogical actions at SAP these days - SAP's current hiring freeze is paralyzing progress, for example. Instead of freezing, they should be replacing the bottom performers with new talent.

    SAP should also be eliminating expensive, questionable programs with ambiguous results - much of what is being done in Palo Alto could fall into this category - and scale back efforts in areas like Business By Design which will take much longer to hit its stride than originally expected.
  • SAP - It is time to use more virtual events and Video...

    SAP is experimenting with 'virtual events' for few years now.
    I remember working on this back in the SDN days, and some of my fiends (as Craig Cmehil - is very active in this domain.

    SAP has the opportunity to use enterprise video services, such as the one offered by Veodia ( to deliver its message and to collect feedback as well.
    Etay Gafni
    • Virtual = virtual useless

      Virtual events are crap. If you're trying to sell enterprise software, you need to make eye contact with your client. How many times on a "virtual event" have you gotten up and left for a while without the other person knowing? Exactly. There's no substitute for a one-on-one dialog and "reading" the body language of a person you are trying to do business with.