Soundbites from SuiteWorld

Soundbites from SuiteWorld

Summary: NetSuite is always good for sound bites. Here is a selection from Day 1 of SuiteWorld


NetSuite is always good for ear catching sound bites and SuiteWorld didn't disappoint. As always, Zach Nelson, CEO NetSuite provides top value:

"In 1996 I organised Oracle Open World. IT was such a traumatic experience I vowed never to do a user conference ever again. Well, here we are."

"When I was at Oracle I made million dollar mistakes and got promoted."

"SAP has this clone of NetSuite called Business ByDesign - good luck with that one."

On's Chatter: "...requiring everyone in the organisation to adopt is actually anti-social."

"No-one wants to do accounting online, they want to run business processes"

"Cloud has become a dangerous term."

Quote of the day has to go to Mark Hurd, president of Oracle talking about the announcement that NetSuite is an Exadata customer: "If you're buying NetSuite, you're buying Oracle, and you are very important to us." There was a sharp intake of breath among media and analysts at that one. My take? Be afraid, be very afraid. -;)

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