Spreadsheet for your iPhone

Spreadsheet for your iPhone

Summary: Online spreadsheet vendor EditGrid will be announcing its iPhone Edition during Office 2.0.



Online spreadsheet vendor EditGrid will be announcing its iPhone Edition during Office 2.0. It is still in beta, which means EditGrid runs a tad slow, text overflow is an issue and both sharing and remote data features are not available for this edition. EditGrid takes advantage of iPhone's 'finger tip' scrolling navigation features and offers three modes of operation:

  • Edit - Optimized for editing smaller spreadsheets
  • View - Optimized for browsing larger spreadsheets
  • Hybrid - Optimized for browsing and editing larger spreadsheets

If Apple can persuade corporate buyers to use the iPhone (and that's a big if) having this capability means for example that salespeople can access and update information like their personal spreadsheet based expense sheets in real time.

I've been a fan of EditGrid for a while (see disclosure). While it doesn't have pivot table capability, loved by accountants around the world, it has enough functionality to meet most day to day needs, is sharable in its online version and has plenty of functions currently absent in Google Spreadsheets.

Although not well know in the US, EditGrid has drawn attention elsewhere. It has been integrated into Blogtronix the 'Swiss Army knife' of commercial blog platforms and is in use on ReutersInteractive. At the time of writing, there was no news whether this edition will work on the iPod touch.

Disclosure: EditGrid sponsors my personal weblog.

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