Charlie Osborne

London-based Charlie Osborne is a journalist, freelance photographer and former teacher. She holds a degree in Medical Anthropology.

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Researchers use Half Life to simulate fire evacuations

People normally associate Half Life with running around after aliens or terrorists, a Glock in one hand and a grenade in the other; all in first-person shooter form.The Half Life engine has enabled hundreds if not thousands of people to develop into and around it, providing new experiences, new games, features and maps for many.

February 6, 2009 by


Microsoft Semblio makes its debut; it won't take off

For around a year now, Microsoft has been turning over a beta program, codename "Grava", which has formally been announced today with a new name. Microsoft Semblio is a set of software applications and design tools which will make learning content easier to make, and have better applications for students.

February 3, 2009 by


I've been tagged: 25 tech things about me

I saw this and didn't realise the consequences of my actions; now as a result, I feel I must carry on with the burden that this "super-ultra-mega dare" has in the natural law contract of life, the Universe and everything. Plus, it'll make a semi-interesting post.

January 31, 2009 by