Campus security: protecting our assets and asses

Campus security: protecting our assets and asses

Summary: Whichever campus you are at in the world, there will be a fair share of security issues. Where you have thousands of students all in one place, there's going to be crime, disorder and issues which eat away at our overall security.

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Virginia Tech mourningWhichever campus you are at in the world, there will be a fair share of security issues. Where you have thousands of students all in one place, there's going to be crime, disorder and issues which eat away at our overall security. In the UK, because of our stringent firearm and knife laws, there's little gun and knife crime on university campuses, whereas in the US, because of the semi-relaxed firearm laws, they have unfortunately been some tragic incidents over the years.

Whilst politics probably won't change, and the US still feel they have the right to bear arms and still have a huge gun crime rate, preventative measures such as university campus security is on the increase - simply because that and education about violent crimes and general disorder is all the university's can do.

For me, and those in the UK, we'll have two major incidents which can be planned for. One is fire, and the other is much more rare, and that's a bomb threat. We had one only a few months ago, but nothing was destroyed... except a bag full of exam revision. Harsh.

For the US and other universities, using technology developed over the last decade, campus officials and security officers on and off campus can lock down entire sections of the campus with a single button click. The San Mateo County Community College District which has over 40,000 people, students and staff, can be protected in this way by a system developed by TEECOM.

If an alert is triggered, the system brings up CCTV and live imagery of the alarm site, and can lock down a classroom, an entire floor, a wing of a building, a whole building, or the entire campus if necessary. This enables on-site campus or state police to keep people safe and contained within their area, stopping a gunman reaching people, for example.

Reverse-911 is a highly publicised system which communicates a campus warning from a central point to the entire community of students and staff, working as a reverse to letting the emergency services known about an issue. With cell phones called, text messages sent, emails sent in bulk and landlines dialled, it's a comprehensive and instantaneous solution to letting people on campus know about an event to allow them to effectively evacuate or avoid certain areas.

Whilst good old fashioned policing is still highly effective, having technologies which assist and ensure our safety can seriously increase overall security of our university campuses. Do you feel safe on your campus? Is there technology in place to allow you to study without worrying about crime and serious events? Let me and others know.

Topic: Security

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  • Text messaging not to be trusted

    Cellphone text messaging alerts look good on paper but may take hours to be received, partly due to a reported lack of priority given to the transfer of data using this method by the cellphone industry.
    Steve Stone
    • Twink?

      You wish.
  • Cherry Picking Stats

    Your choice of words belies your intent. Stating that the US has a huge gun crime rate and then linking to a an out of date Gun crime report is deceptive at best.

    The gun crime rate in the link you provided comes out to 2.3 per 100,000 people(that includes administrative crimes not just violent). Browsing the FBI stats for other crimes during the same period yields:
    150.2 Robberies per 100,000
    336.1 Aggravated Assaults per 100,000
    32.7 Forcible rapes per 100,000

    So gun crime is NOT "huge" in the US as you stated. There are more pressing problems and one of the best courses of action is to enforce existing laws with almost no plea bargaining and forcing people to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Re. firearms, rights, & violent crime...

    "...whereas in the US, because of the semi-relaxed firearm laws, they have unfortunately been some tragic incidents over the years."

    No! Because of lax character development and decline in morals. Excessive gun & knife control is a band-aid...not addressing the root problem!

    "Whilst politics probably won???t change, and the US still feel they have the right to bear arms and still have a huge gun crime rate..."

    Hey, it's not that we *feel* we have the right...we *DO* have the right. And noone, but taking that away.

    You would do well to think about "freedom" as related to "license", and as related to having personal character and virtue...we only need imposed laws when we can't exercise self-restraint where we ought, without threat of punishment or intervention. The truth is objective: right and wrong need to be taught once again...virtues need to be stressed. Go compare the old McGuffy Readers used in schools 100 years ago...and compare the content to that in our texts today. It is striking how much character-related content has been removed. It's also striking the difference in reading levels. And it becomes obvious why we are in the spot we are, currently.
  • RE: Campus security: protecting our assets and asses

    First off your prose that we have a high gun crime rate fails. Where there is high gun crime there are strict gun laws. This is proven time and time again. The research has shown that anti-gun laws work great at increasing violent crime.

    [url=]Point One[/url]
    [url=]Point Two[/url]
    [url=]From the UK[/url]
    [url=]Opinion piece[/url]
    [url=]Chicago Sun TImes[/url]
    [url=]Dated but valid[/url]

    [url=]Now some facts[/url]

    [url=]More info...[/url]

    [url=]Last bit that has the best links and info...[/url]

    Bottom line is security is an illusion and to think that locking down a class room is sufficient, then you don't understand ballistics. If someone is armed and determined to do harm they will. So what, you get a great CCTV video for YouTube but the UNARMED people are still at risk.

    Had some of the students been armed or even some of the teachers at Virginia Tech the shooter would have been stopped. And as has been shown by stats all over the US, had a more real CCW law been available the likelihood of the shooter even contemplating his actions would have been reduced. Why? Risk would be too great that he would fail to meet his objective.

    The facts are out there and you country is riddled with violent gun crime. The data is there to support gun control doesn't work. So get off your British high horse. ]:)
    Linux User 147560
    • RE: Linux User 147560

      You honestly think allowing a bunch of kids to carry firearms is a good idea? They're not even old enough to drink yet. I had a compulsory firearms training course with work, and I hate the bloody things. I never used one afterwards and never intend to.

      What if there's a minor disagreement between two people? Instead of punching one of them in the face, they'll draw a gun and shoot them. Having weapons around causes these issues. If firearms were made illegal, Cho Seung-Hui wouldn't have been able to get a bloody gun in the first place.

      So don't tell me to get off my British high horse when I know the damage firearms can do, and at least we have the sense to make them illegal, thus bringing down the gun crime rate to a level where it's never been lower. Sure there's the odd isolated case, but it's no where near as bad as yours.

      Right to bear arms, my arse. All you do is shoot first and ask questions later. Civilised society? You lot still electrocute people for crying out loud.
      • Can't stand the truth?

        Sorry but you have a lot of growing up to do. Your unsubstantiated position is weak at best. The data is out there and it points out that gun control doesn't work as intended.

        You can wail and whine all you want about it, but it comes down to raw facts.

        1. Disarming the public allows for more violent crime - This is supported by crime statistics in areas that were disarmed.

        2. Disarming the public leaves them open to abuse by their government - History has proven this one. And the Poms tried to disarm the American colonists, hence the shot heard round the world.

        Like I said, 31 years of firearms ownership and none of my personal owned weapons have ever been pulled on anyone let alone shot them. Also for the record I carry a side arm daily, it's called a [B]C[/B]arry [B]C[/B]oncealed [B]W[/B]eapons permit. I have been carrying for about 10 years now.

        My children all know how to and do use firearms on a regular basis as well. And they have never shot anyone nor do they plan to.

        Gun control does not work and you don't know a damn thing about the second amendment or the United States other than what you have gleaned off of the web.

        So get off your pom high horse already. ]:)
        Linux User 147560
        • Gun Control

          Amen brother.

          You forgot to mention: "An armed society is a polite society". That, Zack, is not a joke, it's a fact. I for one try very hard to stay away from arguments or confrontations whenever I carry.

          P.S. I'm all for Gun Control: Use both hands!

          P.P.S. Armed peoples are citizens. Unarmed peoples are subjects.