Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

Summary: Out of 500 million users on the world's largest social network, you cannot block CEO Mark Zuckerberg. If you can't block him, can he see everything you are doing?


An interesting find by Jack McKenna at TechCrunch is the inability to block Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the social networking site.

With 500 million users and growing, it is the largest collection of people in 'one place' that the world has ever seen. Yet the one person immune to being blocked by a user appears to be the founder and chief executive.

If a user goes to Zuckerberg's Facebook profile page and hits the "Report/block" button at the bottom of the left hand side, when attempting to block Zuckerberg the user will find that the action cannot be completed through a "general block failure error". This occurs on no other profile.

It's a nondescript message which gives no information as to why this is the case. Though many TechCrunch readers believe it to be an Easter egg or a way of Facebook "adding personality to the site", I would not be surprised if this was indeed by design.

While many of us are concerned with individual's privacy settings and the access rights to 'everyone', many appear to overlook the fact that ordinary people are employed to run, develop, continue and maintain the site. These are ordinary people with the same feelings, emotions, curiosities and psychological urges as we all posses.

Given half the chance, wouldn't you want to read the inbox of a celebrity or world leader if you knew they had an account?

I'm not saying for one minute that Facebook employees do, and one can only presume, let alone hope that internal policies are there to prevent staff from accessing accounts and in doing so, maintain the highest level of privacy possible.

But we as ordinary users and in some case consumers of the site, we will never have a straight, definitive answer.

When Facebook gets a report through from a user concerning abuse, bullying, harassment or suchlike, there will be carefully selected employees which are trusted to investigate such infringements. This will undertake case-by-case investigations by searching the appropriate areas of a person's profile to detect whether a user is in fact in breach of the site rules or even the law. The more specific information a victim can give, the less likelihood of an investigator stepping over the privacy line by being directed exactly where to look and nowhere else.

Law enforcement however can be granted read-only access to a person's profile, settings, private messages and similar if it is deemed necessary to identify a suspect or indeed a victim. Missing or vulnerable people, or even those who have absconded from prison for example can be assisted by Facebook to gather evidence or intelligence as to their whereabouts.

So this brings me onto Zuckerberg. While it isn't far fetched to suggest that the chief executive and public figure of the world's largest social network has a 'God' account, which allows him unlimited or unrestricted access to any area of the site, it probably isn't one hundred percent the case.

If he was, he probably wouldn't have it tied into his personal profile's login and password - just to be on the safe side. There will always be a paper trail somewhere, and if the contents of the privacy dumpbucket was to hit the fan, it would probably not work so well in his favour to be directly linked to such infringements.

Do you think Zuckerberg has a 'God' account?

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  • I doubt it

    Just because there are enterprise active directory admins who can grant access to someones email box doesn't mean that the CIO is reading your emails or even has an enterprise admin account.
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?


      Yeah, but in this case.... it sure appears that Zuckerberg does.
    • Damon Runyon said...

      "The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong ...

      "But that's the way to bet."
    • Agreed...

      The so called "Red Phone" between the U.S. and Russia was setup up by the—then—Bell System (a monopoly by the way), and no case of Whitehouse nor Kremlin eavesdropping was reported by neither side.

      I would be more wary of the CIA or the NSF had access to my account, although I don't post instructions to create WMD on my site. I prefer Google Docs for that matter. They say "don't be evil" so I don't think they will use them to do any harm. LOL!!!
  • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

    Best to not let God know what you're doing !

    Now you can use Facebook but still preserve your privacy, by CLOAKing those parts of your messages you want to keep private. Neither Facebook nor its advertising partners know what you're writing about.

    Pick a keyword, select the message you want to keep private, and CLOAK it and send. Only people you've shared your keyword with can then read your CLOAKed Facebook messages.

    Try the free CloakGuard plugin or online tool to CLOAK your message.
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  • 500,000,000

    Not even Zuckerberg has the time to peruse them all! This is overblown.
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      It isn't that he does - it's that he can. Duh?

      Just one more for the dozens of reasons I don't 'Face'.
  • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

    I'm sure he could read anyone's account but it comes down to why would he want to? We get the same thing here at work, the employees think we are spying on them and I have to reassure them we don't have the time or interest to do it. Besides, if you go to most people's pages its not worth reading anyway.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      @Loverock Davidson exactly. but this isn't just some company, this is facebook. EVERYONE is on it, and there are some pages that would be worth reading for sure. That's Zach's point.
      • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

        Errrmmmmmm....not EVERYone.

        Never had.....never will.
        Have always thought in the long run, it's a really really really really really really really really really dumb thing to do.
      • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?


        It's no good explaining it to him. I suspect he wears blinkers and bottle end glasses in case he sees the real world for what it is.

        Tomorrow, I intend to announce my campaign against the Lateral Thinking By-pass being operated by what appears to be an unhealthy majority of my fellow humans.
        Graham Ellison
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      @Loverock Davidson
      So.....what you're saying is, even tho you don't, you have.

      -1 cred
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      @Loverock Davidson

      Why would he want to? WHY WOULD HE WANT TO?? Does your naivet? know no bounds?

      All we need to do is study the origins of Farsebook to discover the reason Zuckerberg would want to read other people's pages.

      It's in the boy's nature. Doh! And anyone who's used the site knows it's the work of a very special breed of antisocial personality bordering on sociopathy.

      The only surprise is that it's taken this long for someone to discover this particular detail.
      Graham Ellison
      • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

        @Graham Ellison : What do you know about his nature? As much as you know about any stranger on the street. You know about as much as you can see at first glance, only your opinions are distorted according to whatever the most popular media opinion is. In any case, refer back to my comment below (or anyone else's comment on admin rights). Zuckerberg's personal character should not be in question. If you don't trust him, don't give him information. If you want to tell others not to trust him, go right ahead. To say you know "the boy's nature," however, is slightly absurd.
  • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

    Yeah Mr. Zack, Zuckerberg's real occupation is to check out 500 million profiles on Facebook, isn't it?
    Rahul Mulchandani
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      @Rahul Mulchandani
      That 'whizz-o-o-o-o-o-m-m-m' noise you just heard?
      The point....flying over your head.
  • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

    Obviously some employees at FaceBook have the ability to look at the details of anyone's profile. The issue here is that Zuckerberg is so cavalier about privacy that he doesn't care what people think. That attitude permeates FaceBook.
    Kerry from BC
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      @Kerry from BC


      Makes every Bond villain we all thought to be a ludicrous exaggerated figment of a script writer's imagination, look like a pussy!

      "No Mr Bond, I expect you to willingly accept the idea of multibillionaire personality disordered megalomanic reading your private messages!"
      Graham Ellison
  • Stay away from Facebook and alleviate any concerns

    Delete your Facebook account/profile and sleep easier.
    • RE: Does Zuckerberg have a Facebook 'God' account?

      Or like me, never have one in the first place & sleep the bestest! ~;)

      WHO KNEW?!? Me.
      If there's a potential for abuse, there will BE abuse.
      Human Nature 101.