Facebook starts rolling out initially 'prototyped' features

Facebook starts rolling out initially 'prototyped' features

Summary: Leaked Facebook features which were accidentally published late last year, are at last slowly rolling out across the social network.


More Facebook news today.

Late last year, Facebook attributed supposedly new features leaked to the social network to a developer who accidentally published pre-release code. This time around, it appears the features are ready to begin rolling out.

Only yesterday, the instant personalisation feature was activated. While some accounts still do not have the option available to fully opt-out, many have begun to disable the feature which shares your 'everyone' available data to third-party partner sites.

Facebook suffered its worst downtime in years after the code was accidentally published. Facebook apologised in a tweet, and said that the only mitigation it had was to pull the entire site down for over half an hour, leaving 500 million people without their social network.

Though some features have been out for some time, such as the 'relationship viewer', allowing you to see the Facebook contact between yourself and friends, some are not yet visible. One feature which was seen briefly, 'Places' and 'Memories' is yet to be seen.

However the 'photo theatre viewer', which displays the top row of photos on your profile and other thumbnails on the news feed, is available. Facebook is currently asking for feedback on the new feature.

(Yes, this is a ladybug on my hand. I thought it was awesome at the time).

Do you see the new features yet?

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  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out initially 'prototyped' features

    Unfortunately the "instant personalization feature" default is set to ON. If you go to one of the partner sites, http://www.facebook.com/instantpersonalization/ - and you have not disabled this feature on Facebook, the partner site can learn your identity simply by connecting with Facebook.

    If the partner site has a bug and an attacker exploits it, this could de-anonymize the visitor. At the same time, Facebook gets your clickstream - very creepy. I have serious reservations with this ?new feature? and the fact that it has such strong potential to violate privacy...
    • Thanks For The Warning!

      @GetCocoon---It's hard to believe that anyone could be so brazenly irresponsible to set the Default to On. Thanks for the tip. If it remains so, it needs to be broadcast widely to warn Users.
  • 'Edit' Still Doesn't Work Right!

    The 'Edit' feature still needs fixing. I Edited my post, only to have it rejected as Spam.
    A number of Sites I frequent have half baked Revisions foisted on their public. ZDNet is one of the worst offenders for glitches that are slow in the fix. And it being a Tech Site yet!