Fight cyberbullies, play Angry Birds

Fight cyberbullies, play Angry Birds

Summary: Can Angry Birds help a digital rights movement?


In a new attempt to raise awareness concerning the issue of cyberbullying, Rovio and MTV have teamed up in order to promote the fight -- through the use of Angry Birds.

Under the Twitter hashtag #ihavearight, MTV's 'A Thin Line' campaign is aimed at fighting elements of digital misbehaviour -- including sexting, constant messaging, spying, cyberbullying and abuse.

The campaign's slogan is:

Online and on my cell, I have the right to..

  • Live without pressure or abuse.
  • Step in and help if I see someone getting harassed.
  • End unhealthy relationships.
  • Take control of my decisions.
  • Disconnect whenever I want.

Angry Birds fans have the option of unlocking a secret 'Golden Egg' level if they choose to sign up and support the online campaign.  Jason Rzepka, MTV vice president of public affairs told Mashable:

"We know how big the game has become and the ways people are engaging with it. We saw this as a place we could really connect with young people."

MTV's campaign includes a free Draw Your Line app that is designed for users to post a 'positive action' they have completed or intend in order to promote the digital rights movement.

These actions are not limited -- it could be a pledge to help if you witness or suspect cyberbullying, offering support, or taking personal action if you are a victim, such as changing your number or privatizing your social media accounts.

Actions can also be posted across social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Once a positive action is posted on the platform, it is integrated within an interactive map available on the campaign website. This map, apart from revealing the most active campaign areas, also allows viewers to see and potentially join events that are close by.

The campaign will be promoted by Rovio through Angry Bird mobile advertisements and banners.

(via Mashable)

Screenshot: C.Osborne/ZDNet


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  • Does it have to be Angry Birds?

    Does it have to be Angry Birds?

    First of all, that game isn't really that good. It's just overhyped.

    Second of all, those birds really are bullies themselves! The premise of the game is basically revenge and anger . . .
    • Really?

      Dunno CobraA1, have you ever noticed how angry real birds get when predators encroach on their nesting area? Doubt you can call birds bullies.
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