'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

Summary: A French researcher claims that the 'Generation Y don't exist'. Really? Because we are here, driving the next generation of technology practices and filling the social networks still.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

A study carried out by French researcher, Prof. Jean Pralong claims that the Generation Y doesn't exist, claiming that the characteristics of those born between the late 1970's and the mid-'90's are 'not verified' in comparison to their older Generation X counterparts.

"For economists, a generation is constituted of people who confront the same conditions at work. The study showed that no difference exists between 25-year-olds and 45-year-olds at work. This shows that on a scientific level, Generation Y doesn’t exist".

The characteristics expected to be found during this study include that of a 'cynical, self-centered and technologically savvy' employee, but were found in both older and younger generations, negating the Generation Y term altogether.

But this researcher missed the mark in the initial differentiation between the non-mutually exclusive 'Generation Y' and the 'iGeneration'. Had he performed a quick Goolge search, he would have found this SEO-bombshell of a post, describing exactly the worth of overlapping demographics.

Nevertheless, the Generation Y still stands as a major investment to future economies and the upcoming workplace. To share just a few examples:

Social media is huge, there is no doubt about it. But people are quick to forget that it was one member of the Generation Y who not only created Facebook, one of the world's most popular sites, but it's the under 30's Generation Y who perpetuate its use.

Though the researcher can find many similarities between the older and younger generation, I can also. The Baby Boomers may well be famed for being the 'the Beatles generation' but now that the albums are available on iTunes, their children are snapping up the downloads like hotcakes.

And as we still recover from economic recession, younger people with fresh ideas, especially those which involve viral marketing and social media are being targeted to help fix economies. US adult millennials may have been the hardest hit in the global financial crisis but their continuing spending is rejuvenating the market.

So even though in practice the Generation X and the Generation Y, combining the efforts with the technologically-minded iGeneration demographics may not appear to be too dissimilar, there are still a wide range of factors which differentiate today's youth as the next-generation of politicians, economists, teachers, lawyers and possibly most importantly, technology drivers.

Adults, don't try and negate us. We are far more worthy to the future of society than you give us credit for. Do you not think?

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Generation Y: Dumber than a box of hammers......

    Yes, you're geeky, but unfortunately you lack the common sense needed to make it in reality.

    Case in point, the recent collapse on stage of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He's in front of a bunch of students at USC, (Gen Yers), collapses, and instead of immediately administering aid to him, everyone starts taking pictures and tweeting about it.

    Makes me wonder if Gen Yers had been in the WTC on 9/11 would they have fled the buildings or just stood there and tweeted "ZOMG a plane hit! FIRST!!!".
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here


      Essentially arseholes are arseholes, generation doesn't matter. I've never been worried about your generation, for example ;-)
  • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

    @cyberslammer2 The first time Billy Nye fell down the students thought it was part of the act. The second time is when they realized something was wrong.

    Common sense? From my perspective (I was born in '86) the most destructive generation has been the baby boomers. It sort of feels like us and the Xers will spend the rest of our lives fixing what they broke.
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

      @gplex86 If you think blaming previous generations for the problems faced by your generation is the answer, then you haven't learned squat from the baby boomers (who, in turn, blamed their parents). There's good and bad in every generation (and pretty much every group of people). Let's see how things turn out when you're old.
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

        I think what gplex86 is referring to is that the Boomers were in charge when a whole bunch of overspending (on many things) was done by the government, a bunch of overspending and lack of personal savings was done for retirement, and a whole bunch of jobs were shipped overseas, potentially never to be seen from again.

        Just a guess.
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here


        The WWII generation (the baby boomer's parents) did the following:

        1. Faught and won WWII
        2. Re-built much of the world (Germany? Japan?)
        3. Made the US into a world leader in education, science, & technology
        4. Built the modern US infrastructure
        5. Paid high taxes instead of accumulating debt (see #3, 4, 5, and 6)
        6. Landed on the moon (see #3)
        7. Won the Cold War
        8. Kept the finances and the economy in check, having learned from their childhoods in the great despression

        What are the baby boomers accomplishments?

        We have had three baby boomer presidents. All the ones from 1960 to 1992 (Eisenhower was too old) were WWII generation. And I believe they all faught in the war. Baby boomers have been running the show for about 20 years now. They're the old establishment. The result: our infrastructure is crumbling. We're a joke in education. We're financially bankrupt. Manufacturing is getting shipped away. And you refuse to age or die... this is a spoiled generation with a very short list of accomplishments.
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

      @gplex86 ...I saw my generation sell out when they realized that money is sweet and when they became parents themselves and panicked about their kids doing all of the things that they themselves did in their youth. I suppose that is why they wanted to fill the prisons with young people who did nothing worse than what they themselves had done when they were young.

      From my perspective, everything good about the boomers happened when they were young and idealistic (were "Peace, Love, and Brotherhood" such bad ideals to have?). Since then, they have created a world of war, hatred, and division.

      And yes, I feel very bad about the world that we boomers are going to leave you.
      sissy sue
      • Peace Love and Brotherhood

        @sissy sue
        Did not win the day the war pigs did and have been busy to this very day using Americans as wage slaves to support well you will have to guess as to what exactly as you have never and will never be told, but if you watch TV and read the histories you will never know, go back to sleep. You think generation do something eh?
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

    • Generations experiance they do not do they are used

      The forces that made this country what it is are still at work unmaking America and its values. That does not change under any generation.
  • Media labels &amp; demographics

    sigh. The guy who started the whole "Gen Whatever" thing is exactly my age, and created "Gen X" to describe those of us who were lumped in with Baby Boomers yet had none of the same experiences. They had the 50s for their youth, the 60's for their coming of age. We had the Brady Bunch in our youth, metal and disco in high school, punk in college. YAY! I thought. Someone recognizes us!

    Five years later the media and demographers lumped us back in with the BB-ers. Christ, my demo group can't even keep a label.

    Get over what your label is, 'cuz it ain't gonna stick beyond its perceived usefulness to advertisers.
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

      @dawnwendt Yeah, Coupland was a boomer (late boomer) but he exhibited the behavior of and thus defined xers. But I think a lot of what he defined is no longer valid. Xers grew up and continued to be boring. Boomers became boring because they are old. Now we are similar. Millenials don't know squat but they think they do (like this writer). They also don't have two nickels to rub together ("the old men have all the money").

      Really, the generalizations don't work well. There is a lot of irrationality out there in all generations.

      Some people may blame us boomers for screwing everything up, but like the generations before us, we didn't screw anything up, we just tried to make the world into what we wanted. Some things work, some things are really stupid (like this comment).
      Schoolboy Bob
  • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

    Idont see the point of caring for those generation names! we should just concentrate on being better citizens and/or parents, sons and daughters...
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

      @ozl@... Whoa - you're making too much sense to be posting on this site. Out with you - now!
  • Shared losses can define a generation

    Kennedy, MLk Jr shot - Baby Boomer<br>Cobain and Tupac murdered - Gen X<br>Somebody you identify with must die! - Gen Y
    • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

      @zmud Fingers crossed for Justin Bieber.
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

        @zwhittaker Zack, your mission if you choose to accept it....
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

        @cyberslammer2 Don't tempt me...
      • RE: 'Generation Y doesn't exist': Really? We're definitely here

        @zwhittaker Isn't it only GenZ that identifies with Justin Bieber? You may need to pick someone else.
        Rohan Jayasekera