I'm sick to death of Windows 7

I'm sick to death of Windows 7

Summary: I feel a bit of a hypocrite to be writing this, but it's got to a point where this just has to stop. I know people are excited about the next version of Windows, but when will you, the international audience, wake up and smell the coffee?


I feel a bit of a hypocrite to be writing this, but it's got to a point where this just has to stop. I know people are excited about the next version of Windows, but when will you, the international audience, wake up and smell the coffee?

I've royally had enough of "Windows 7 this" and "Windows 7 that". It's constantly in the news, it never goes away and I'm sick of hearing about people's dull opinions on slight differences in user interface, mediocre problems with a security feature which nobody likes anyway, and the occasional Linux fanboy.

Everywhere I look at the moment, it's concentrated on the next version of Windows. But let's get a grip people; we've seen pretty much all we're going to see in the beta version, and yes, there are some exciting things in there, but nothing to get too excited about.

A colleague of mine told me something which puts this perfectly into perspective.

"People will read about Britney Spears, more than they will read about Darfur."

I couldn't agree more, and Windows 7 is the Britney Spears of the moment. Wow, someone found a slight flaw in the operating system which completely nullifies an entire feature. Well done to the person who discovered Ultimate Extras would not be part of the Ultimate edition. Congratulations to the person who posted a screenshot of a leaked version which looks exactly like the beta version.

The news, the media and every low-down blogger the world has ever seen keeps on writing more and more about Windows 7, and it's just getting a little boring. As a next-generation student, someone who's keen to try out the newest technology, I'm sure I'm not the only person to be bored stiff by anything relating to Windows 7 at the moment.

If you used Windows 7 as a production operating system every minute of every day you use a computer, which I have, you'll soon get sick of the fact it's brand new. It should do exactly this - blend into your everyday life and not impart itself upon you like a crying baby or an unfinished tax return form.

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  • Zack, Zack, Zack.....

    Go lay down with a cold cloth on your head. You'll feel better in
    just a little while.
    • ...and then smell the Folgers

      And then, Zack, after you recover your breath, realize that 95% of Windows users are not in it to be wowed by the newness or the totally cool features. We want to get work done. The more ZDNet focuses on that, the more it will serve the audience.
      • EXACTLY ZACK'S POINT! (nt)

    • Windows 7 opinions are just filler for slow news days

      much like this blog...

      Head to the pub. Have a pint and some chips.

      Take a deep breath.

  • that's why you need Linux!

    The cure is just a few clicks away.
    Linux Geek
    • I'm sick to death

      of hearing about Linux. Linux. Linux. Linux. Blah blah blah. Linux certainly isn't a cure. A cure to what?

      Its people like you that turn me [i]away[/i] from using Linux.

      What is it with you people?
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Will you promise

        to never use Linux if I hound you about it?
        • Im just

          tired of coming here to talk Windows when theres always some idiot who is just going to troll around and throw linux up on everyone acting like its a cure all or God's gift to man when it isn't. It isn't even close to that. They also act as if they're sticking it to someone (I dunno who) and rebelling.

          When in reality Linux is just another operating system (designed by 1337's [i]for[/i] 1337's, not the general public).

          What amuses me more is when they see that the masses still prefer Windows, they complain like no other and seem to like to point out Windows' flaws from years past. Why?

          Now along comes Windows 7, which seems to have them even more on edge...
          The one and only, Cylon Centurion
          • Your complaint goes both ways....

            On a Linux thread, Windows users can troll with the best of them. It goes both ways. If you can't handle the critisism, leave!
          • That's it, you're on my "hound list".

            Your first paragraph wasn't bad. Then you blew it by doing precisely what you accuse us of doing. Linux for geeks only? Yeah, in the last century. I won't bother to mention any more because you've heard it all before and you are sure as hell going to hear it again.
          • ..."God's gift to man..."

            Why that would have to be The Obama, who came from the planet Hopey-Changey. Come to think of it, The Obama is not God's gift because The Obama is God, The Messiah. What was I thinking?
          • Well, if Obama's God...

            ..Then Bush was the devil himself, risen from hell after all that Texas oil drilling accidentally punched a hole into his underground dwelling...

            It would then follow that the only person more evil than the devil goes by the name of....


          • Someone's glad...

            ...we're now a Socialist country. You libs finally believe in God now that The Obama is among us.
          • I laugh

            every time i read posts from members of the Grand Oil Party. It's last year's list of intellectually bankrupt campaign slogans all over again....

            Republicans are always dishing out the label but are never intellectually able. Sticking to broken ideology to the bitter end, rather than being flexible and pragmatic - a sure path to cultural, political and economic [i]extinction[/i]. Give 'em 8 years and they take out the whole global economy. Worst of all, they haven't even learned anything from it....and that's why they're passing into obsolescence.

            I'm a Catholic and an Independent by the way.
          • Linux not for l337's

            You're right, it doesn't belong in this discussion, but please have an open mind (despite the fanboys). It is a stable, easy to use and install alternative to Windows even as OS X.

            Until you use it (and I mean really use it and not like 3 years ago) statements like yours just show that you really don't know.
          • "on edge"...

            "On edge"...the same as when Windows 95, 2000, XP ,etc. was going to put everything else to shame. Windows is competing with itself and will only be its own worst enemy....hmmm like IBM PCs and so on.

            By the way, I am not a Windows or Linux bigot, but rather can appreciate each OS for what they are and have to offer.

            If you cannot stand the heat(ed controversy), then maybe it's time to get out of the kitchen...

            Oh, you should get to know God better, then you would know that neither Windows nor Linux is God's gift, but rather His one and only Son[i](ref. John 3:16)[/i]. Then you probably won't take it so offensive.

            Enjoy and shalom!
      • Maybe ex Appleheads ?

        If and when the LINUX community gets its collective act together and makes it a non-techie also product, maybe we would all get the joke.

        As it stands, you should be more than the average computer user to install LINUX , because other wise you won't know how to support and solve problems on the system you own.

        It probably has merits over others, but it is too confusing for a novice to use. Crow all you want, but until average computer user guy can use it, its a novelty.
        • Newsflash: Most people don't know how to maintain Windows either!

          I don't understand why a computer can't maintain itself, mostly at least, but this is certainly something that *has* to be solved on all platforms. Macs are the most userfriendly but are not perfect.

          Windows is the worst I think, especially considering the very weak security, and a less than consistent UI, to say the least.
      • Linux really IS that much better

        [i]"Linux certainly isn't a cure. A cure to what?"[/i]

        A cure to getting virusinfections all the time perhaps? A silent promise of higher productivity instead of wrestling with a dysfunctional platform?

        You shouldn't be so obsessed by the Next Big Thing from Microsoft. How about being productive instead?
        • Virus infections all the time...?

          [b]A cure to getting virusinfections all the time perhaps? A silent promise of higher productivity instead of wrestling with a dysfunctional platform? [/b]

          What's with this ALL the time nonsense?

          Maybe if you did stupid things every day - like open ever email you ever get and click on every link in them - regardless of where it came from including spam.

          Maybe if you surfed the web for porn. Porn sites are notorious for harboring malware.

          Maybe if you turn off automatic updates, never run Windows Update.

          Maybe if you ran your Windows computer as Admin, without antivirus or antimalware, without a firewall, and without any bleeding common sense.

          Then, yes, maybe you might get infected. But if you don't do any of the above, amazingly, your odds of getting infected are quite slim...