Instagram registration opens for Android

Instagram registration opens for Android

Summary: Android users are one step closer to downloading Instagram on their devices.

TOPICS: Apps, Android

Due to popular demand, Instagram was bound to come to Android -- but when was the question.

However, now registration has officially opened for Android users to sign up with their email address, in order to be 'first in line' when the Android-enabled application is released.

Instagram fans can now input their email addresses on the Instagram website to sign up for the expected beta release before it hits the Android market -- now known as Google Play.

The photograph-based app has become a hit for iOS devices, and has amassed a cult following of millions of users and over 150 million photo uploads. One only has to view a Facebook or Twitter news feed in order to see uploaded and shared images through the Instagram app -- taken, manipulated, edited and shared across social media networks.

There are alternatives to this free app that are currently available on Android devices; such as Lightbox, Vignette and Camera360 -- but Android users are still keen to try out the app that iOS users enjoy.

Upon registering, the Instagram team says it will be 'in touch soon' with registrants.

You must be 13 years or older in order to sign up for the beta release.

Screenshot: C.Osborne/ZDNet

Topics: Apps, Android

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  • Ha?

    Wait a minute.. so were supposed to get excited and even have a countdown for photo app? No wonder all these articles I been reading on this app has hardly any comments on them. Don't they know Android users are not like iOS users we don't get excited and have countdowns or wait in long lines every time a new gadget or even worse a new app is released. We have other things on our minds more important then worrying about an "App" release date. This is getting ridiculous that they even have anticipation articles on an App.. give me a break! I live int he worse time in history of man kind.
    • I figured it out..

      Read the title on top of the Authors name.. it says "iGeneration" that explains it all. So sad.
      • Instagram is all there is...

        for iPhone...
    • Instead, Android users like to spend theirs $$$s just to get a fresh OS

      This is their choice, or they are left to lag forever, or even live without updates at all.
  • Never understood Instagram

    What does it do that you cannot do by having your phone's internal functions post the picture to your social media account? I mean other than attaching links to get me to install Instagram myself.
    Michael Kelly