Internet Firechrome Safari: A browsing identity crisis

Internet Firechrome Safari: A browsing identity crisis

Summary: Forget your web browser preference for a moment. Could you go a full working day without using at least a mix of two web browsers - your default one, and one which you must use to run a web application?

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

The importance of the web browser in our everyday lives has become a focal point of conversation to many. But to throw an interesting slant on browsers, can the average user just get away with using one?

There have been times when I have waded into the browser-battle debate (most notably here). But now I think that the world has it wrong. It shouldn't matter which browser you use. For me and many of those I work with, it is not a case of "Internet Explorer or Firefox"; it is a case of "Internet Explorer and Firefox".

(Well, first and foremost, forget the Safari element because running that browser on Windows is like being voted the most attractive person in the burns unit. It sounds all good and well but if you put them into comparison, it really isn't as good as you would have hoped for. It just sounded like a good headline.)

I play FarmVille but my Firefox browser it gets slow and sluggish, and the Flash element automatically downgrades the quality to try and compensate for all of the things going on within that session. After a search around, I discovered that Google's Chrome browser was great for FarmVille. While at first Chrome was a "dedicated FarmVille browser", I have since expanded by browsing to Facebook then and other interconnecting sites.

I am pretty much forced into using Internet Explorer - which may I add, still suffers from frozen tab syndrome - when using Outlook Web Access on campus. But there are times when I will open up a few tabs in Internet Explorer and leave them as they are; my email, the staff directory (global address list) and a status window which is my welfare switchboard for the entire set of buildings under my umbrella.

The point is, is that now I not only use Internet Explorer for email, I also use Firefox primarily for the tab-saving element to bookmark items for later, and Chrome as well initially for gaming but now for broader use.

So in this day and age with multiple sites and online services requiring certain prerequisites or browsers to function, most of us cannot go through a single working or studying day without having to change browsers at some point.

Perhaps a more liberal attitude towards browsers should be considered by the consumer. Whether I would still call Firefox my primary browser, I don't know because in all honesty I use at least three because there is no browser which offers the full functionality that I need in all circumstances.

Do you use multiple browsers and if so, why?

Topics: Browser, Microsoft

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  • Chrome + Extensions = ^_^

    I am glad this article was written. I managed to
    rid myself of Internet Explorer 9 months ago,
    and haven't needed it since. My college campus
    has firefox pre-loaded onto every machine, and
    with Windows 7 "udpates" being handled within
    explorer instead of the IE browser, I officially
    kissed it goodbye.

    I mained Firefox for the last several years,
    noticed Chrome, gave it a chance, but that
    didn't work out at first. I couldn't block ads,
    I couldn't stop flash, I wanted some smooth
    scrolling, and the password manager left me
    hanging WIDE open for an attacker (or a laptop
    robber). Using newly created extensions for
    Chrome, however, all of these are solved, and I
    have now made the "switch" to Chrome only. I
    still miss my Xmarks plugin, which managed my
    bookmarks AND passwords - but I'm sure Chrome
    will come up with their own soon.
  • FF, Opera, and the odd Epiphany

    FF for most sites. But it's slow. Opera when I want speed. Also, for some reason Opera's display is sharper, but that's a small point.

    Sometimes, sometimes a website doesn't display correctly in FF/Opera. Epiphany always gets it right then.

    IE - not needed anymore. Archaic peace of unusable junk.
  • RE: Internet Firechrome Safari: A browsing identity crisis

    I only use FireFox to test performance issues on websites I build. Otherwise, I stick to IE 8 at home and IE 7 at work. I have found no real need to switch. I drink to Kool-aid, but I never run into the problems others have with IE. Maybe I don't surf enough porn sites or online games. I don't know what it is, but I have never had a problem with IE 7 or IE 8. It might have something to do with 26 years of experience on a computer. It might be that Darwin is at work with dumbasses who respond to widows of Nigerian millionaires. I don't know. All I know is that I love the look, feel, and performance of IE. I turn off most plugins so that I don't have those attack vectors available, which is what I see in the future for FireFox and Chrome. They make all of these malware happy plugins that can have very detremental outcomes.
  • FF & Opera for Home, Chrome & IE for work.

    FF 3.5 (and as of tonight FF 3.6b1) is my main browser, with Opera as my Linux based IE alternative for those pesky IE only pages.

    At work I use Chrome because it is faster and the sites I visit aren't flash heavy so no need to block adds etc. I use IE7 for one site that is the web app for our SPAM filter and only works in IE, but most of the time I can live with just one browser.
  • RE: Internet Firechrome Safari: A browsing identity crisis

    FF with the IE Tab and IE View add-ons. It drives me crazy how many websites still require broken IE6. I like Chrome, but I really haven't had to go there yet and 3 is just too many browsers...
  • IE is the only one I have...

    I have not had a need to use anything other than IE8..I work in IT, and have at least 10-15 browser each with multip-tab sessions open at any given time.....No freezing here. Maybe when some us stop using junks on PCs, only then it would be fair to criticise MS products.
  • Only IE please

    No tab freezes. Best looking and easiest to use browser.

    Recently had to implement a cross platform app on multiple browsers with audio and video. IE was easy, Firefox and Chrome were much harder and we almost gave up on Safari on the Mac. I'm sure there's no difference with simple HTML, but we found it much easier to develop complex apps in IE.
  • I've used IE6 only for years!

    When Microsoft made IE6, there has never been any need to ever use any other browser at all.

    It's a PERFECT product. It's just all the so-called "standards" that make it look bad.

    Microsoft sets the standards with marketshare... PERIOD!
    Lovesock Robinson
    • Nice

      [giggle] Of course you use Linux and Firefox exclusively, so how would you know?[/giggle]